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fromhari Motwani,,
dateJan 21, 2008 11:44 PM
subjectRE: [gita-talk] Why Disturb God's Plans ?
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my master is verily a great scientist. The whole creation, HIS SKILL only, so perfectly planned that no alteration have ever been needed. Look at your own body (everyone's the same is) and see how perfectly acomplished it is! Has any doctor ever said, no this limb would have been fitted there and that one over here? Imagine the shape of embryo in the womb, who plans, where to fit and why,everything remarkable.

Chapter 15 of GITA "PURSHOUTAM YOG", Lord have clearly mentioned the Prikrti like the inverted Banyan three having roots in the plans of the CREATOR. Who can disturb HIS plans, no body. Let's all pray, O my Lord, all your plans be fulfilled, me and we all shall understand thou Leela and be happy with it. PHOOL BHI TERAY--KANTEY BHI TERAY. We are your ignorant child, Bless us with your love & Blessings. Let's bow to his LEELA. Hari Motwani


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