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As I had promised, I am giving below some of the major points of the discourse of Shri Dharam Bandhuji at Andheri under the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha's " Swami Shraddhanand Balidaan Diwas " Celebrations on December ,the 30th December, 2007 which was organized with the coutesy of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Mumbai .
"(Shri DharamBandhuji is a dedicated independent Arya Bandhu ,himself running a Gowshala rearing about 1,000 cows & thousands of Brahamcharies in his ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. He is said to be a highly learned person with pretty sharp memory, specially of Historical facts . He receives large donations & fundings for his devoted social works from a reasonably large followings. He speaks well with statistics & dates etc.putting the facts before us for our guidance for the future & to caution us of the present state affairs in India.)
"( I am trying to recollect & Translate his lecture in Hindi into English to the best of my abilities with just a few points I had made during his discourse.) :
1. Muslims, from Mohd. Bin Kassim have been invading India from 712 to 1830 A.D.
2. In 1601 , East India Comapany came to India fr business but ended up as rulers after the 1st war of Plassy in 1757.
3. Thomas Carlyle, the English writer , on India, writes on his observations on page 68 as : To destroy any nation: destroy its True History, its culture , its Language, its Traditions , its religious beliefs.
4. Italy, which has its oldest culture in Europe , still survived in spite of 100's years of Muslim Rule , called Ottoman Empire & other foreign rules because it maintained its ancient Culture & traditions whereas Russia, a mighty nation at a time just disintegrated into several pieces , 15 to be precise , on filmsy grounds as it had no cultural background.
5.John Williams , again an English Educationist, used to emphasise & preach that in India , education be through the medium of SANSKRIT only; but Raja Ram Mohan Roy, wanted it in English.
6. In 1813, first Education System Policy was framed in India by the British rulers , thereby, it was thrust upon us with a deep rooted conspiracy that from the body we may remain Indians ,but by our mind & heart we would be British & perpetual British Slaves with English thinking & English ways, traditions & culture, forgetting our own.
7. By 1854, East India Company of Gt. Britain had firmly Controlled the entire Indian Economy, killing the Domestic Artisans, Expertise etc mercilessly & forcing the Indian Labour to work for them almost at "Without any wages at all " & forcing the poor Indian farmers to pay very Heavy "LAGAAN" or levies as were imposed on them arbitrarily by the East India Company.
They had also taken millions of Indian labourers /workers/ skilled & semi-skilled to far away islands & places like Mauritius, Fiji, Surinam, Guinea etc & forced our poor Indians to toil for them at the cost of just peanuts & they were beaten up almost daily if they failed to complete the given impossible tasks by the evenings....and so.
8. Unfortunately , in those days, there was NO Womens' Education till Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati ,founder of Arya Samaj came on the Indian Scene; women's education in colleges were unheard of . In 1883, just two girls had passed the college education, then the FIRST Womens' University, S.N.D.T. was first established in Gujrat in the same year of 1883.
9. A British Thinker & philosopher , Mr. Mozep, born 1500 years after Jesus, who had earlier promoted a thought that it is the mind alone which makes a man , changed his version after studying Vedas that mind is Nothing but it is heart that matters.
10. Karl Marx, a German Philosopher announced another theory of Wealth & Money only.
11. Another philosopher of the same period, Dr Professor Saini, said about human psychology & emphasized that a man's : "man hee shanti aur ashanti ka kendra hai " , that is human heart is the Centre of Perpetual peace , Happiness & Unhappiness .
12. Albert Einstein gave a new philosophy of mind, heart & matter .
13. For 1600 years Jews had been wandering with No land of their own .
14. Then on May 14, 1948 , Israel came into existence for them . The first thing they did, inspite of NOT knowing Hebrew (just 2% of jews knew Hebrew ) their mother tongue ,adopted & promoted sincerely as their National Language , which alone strongly bonded them together thereafter.
15. Swami Dayanand Saraswati tried to explain to our nation, the importance of Sanskrit & National Language : Hindi , revived Vedas & Upnishads & REFORMS in the worst effected orthodox Hindu Society , which were sincerely followed by & preached by Swami Shradhanand . Swami Shraddhanand introduced the " Vichaar & Shuddhi Andolan " ( Thoughts & gave momnetum to reconversion back to Hindus ).
16. It may please be noted wherever the population of Muslims reach 26% , then that country becomes almost 100% Islamic country under the threat of Sword.
17. In 12th Century, king Philips of Spain , forced his Muslim people to embrace Christianity, thereby saved his country from turning into an Islamic nation.
18. In 1916, Swami Shradhanand taught the lessons of living together & enhance the feelings of togetherness ( "Saath rehna seekho aur aapas mein sadbhaav badhao.")
19. UNESCO has 122 member countries , trying to teach how to live together , but miserably failed till date in its mission .
20. UNO, has 192 counties as its members , still all the countries fight & can not agree on one agenda and failed to check Islamisation & Terrorism in the world .
21. But Swami Shradhanad checked Islamisation of India by his Shuddhi Prachar by Following sincerely the teachings of Maharishi Dayanad.
22. Swami Shradhanad challanged the Greatest of Muslim Scholars to come & have religious discussions ( SHAASHTRATHA ) & EVEN HIS JUNIOR'S, sWAMI DARSHANAND'S SIMPLE QUESTIONS , MUSLIM SCHOLARS COULD not be answered by Muslim Scholars : LIKE : " KHUDA BADAA HAI KI MASJID , YADEE KHUDA BADAA HAI TO MASJID MEIN GHUSA KAISE " OR " AAJ DIN KAUN SAA HAI ? " " JUMMERAAT " , HE ASKS FURTHER, I AM NOT ASKING FOR THE NIGHT BUT FOR THE DAY : "DIN POOCH RAHAA HOON , RAAT NAHIN " ........... ( No answers from Islamic Scholars. )
23. We are ever grateful to Maharishi Dayanand & Swami Shradhanand for propagationg the Gurukul Education System & establishing Gurukul Kangri by Swami Shradhanand .
24. The people of the world, if You want peace , please look towards Swami Shradhanad, Gurukul Educational System & our Vedas & its Unity Mantras ( Sangathan Sutra Mantras ) which haveNo parallel in any of the world's religious scriptures.
25. Though Swami Shradhanand was killed by the Muslim , Abdul Rashid , but if we want to save ourselves from Islamic onslought , we have to create good selfless dedicated & sincere people like Swami Shradhanand with immense thinking power ( with Vaicharic Shakti ).
Concised, Compiled & translated by S C Gupta,
Vice-President , Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Mumbai, an humble truly dedicated
soldier of Moving & Live Arya Samajs around the globe.
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