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What Did Pakistan Achieve After Being Constituted As An Islamic Nation?- Would It Not Be Worth & Fortunate Had It Stayed Within Bharat?- Shall It Help Pakistan Play With Bharat? -By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi
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Objective: Is Pakistan really a successful nation? An analysis.
1 Pakistan failed in attaining its basic objectives.

2 Just making an Islamic state cannot help the people.

3 Pakistan has no bright future. Its people are unfortunate.

4 Public of Pakistan is indecisive. Army is overambitious.
Happy 2008 To All Citizens Of The World
Let 2008 Being Light & Hope To The World. Terrorism May Go.
Jai Bharat Vande Matram

1 Pakistan is burning to an extent not acceptable to the international society. The objectives & aims for which Pakistan was created by Jinah did not result to meet the requirements to live in peace as an Islamic nation avoiding the domination by Hindus had it been integrated within Bharat. Pakistan was not a consensus nation by the whole Muslims that were living in Bharat in the pre independence era. Pakistan was generated based on a philosophy of Islamic rule & the area in Bharat having majority population of Muslims had been decided to be a part of Pakistan. It was also unfortunate that the whole community of Muslims at that time did not positively respond to leave Bharat to join the newly borne nation as East & West Pakistan. I think lucky were those Bharat Muslims who did not prefer to join Pakistan on a permanent basis.

2 Had they joined Pakistan that time, they would have met the same fate of existing nowhere. Even after being a separated nation, Pakistan always had a grudge type feeling on the hearts of Pakistan people as well as the government against Bharat. All prime ministers & the presidents of Pakistan included having the grudge that is out of Bharat’s understanding. In fact, Pakistan has not contented its ambitions just by being separated as an independent small nation but always tried to equalize it with Bharat on all the national as well international forums throughout. All leaders in Pakistan had a feeling to rule Bharat as is evident by the statements of few leaders to wage a continuous war with Bharat for one thousand years that is never possible but the fear contents are expressed by such statements. Pakistan is like a separated brother in a family where none of the member of the smaller family is ever satisfied but keeps an eye on the continuous development of the parent family. Pakistan after being separated never considered itself even as apart of extended family of the previous clan but isolated itself as an equal power that was evident by its waging wars against Bharat for the gains of nothing but giving Bharat problems about Kashmir that has nothing to do with Pakistan.

3 Pakistan could neither develop as an Islamic nation nor as a successful democratic republic. It tried to achieve many a status but all in vain. It never thought constructively for the progress of its people. It always tried to play with Bharat negatively in general throughout its history after 1947. Pakistan has been a failure as a nation. Just imagine had all Muslims left Bharat in 1947 which was the real circumstances’ requirement according to the decisions for the formation of an Islamic nation, in case an option not being allowed to stay back permanently was included, what would have been the status of Pakistan then? The population of Pakistan would be 300 million people & multitude of problems as it is now. On the other hands in that case, there would have been no problems in Bharat about the community frictions & talks of prevailing fake secularism minus Hindus. All Bharat residents would have stayed peaceful & all Muslims in Pakistan also do so. The Pakistan used to claim that it represents Bharat Muslim. It looks ridiculous really. Why do you only represent them, integrate them within yourself if you can? It shall be the best for the humanity.

4 Pakistan never believed in its potential & the capacity of its people. It is evident that during history, Pakistan has never been a stabilised nation. It had always allowed a grudge about Bharat & simultaneously, it tried to draw benefits from us as well. It always looked to the face of US for its help as well as for its military build up. It never regarded Bharat as a friendly nation. A gulf had been drawn between Hindus & Muslims virtually due to its involvement. All students were taught in Pakistan that Hindus are Kafirs & they had to remain concerned about that religious state for ever. I have experienced that Pakistanis know nothing about Bharat’s culture. Even the name of Ram is not known to them. Ramayana & Mahabharata are something like alien world to them. Such a high degree of arrogance has been developed in their minds about us. It was always taught that Bharat is an enemy of Pakistan. It is also unfortunate that a section of Muslims in Bharat also follows the same policy about the Pakistan particularly, belonging to uneducated class. That section of the Muslims have been collaborated with the Pakistan’s designs in spreading terrorism all over Bharat.

5 Pakistan did not succeed in wars as well as by other means of internationalizing various issues consequently, it adopted the policy of attacking Bharat utilising indirectly imposed wars by the use of terrorism as a weapon. That has really brought a success to Pakistan wherein Bangladesh is also involved. Bangladesh is another example of another brother of Pakistan having no respect for those who helped it when there was a need. A friend in need is a friend indeed does not hold good in case of Bangladesh. It appears that Pakistan & Bangladesh have now in a connivance to create as many problems as possible for within Bharat so that they may be able to rule over Bharat in coming decades as directly it is not possible to win a war against Bharat, while nuclear weapons’ use may not be feasible due to the existing circumstances around the world. In fact, there is no future for Pakistan as is evident from the existing crisis currently in 2007/2008. Presently, Pakistan is a virtual Kingdom of Musaraf who shall never like to give it up. Even if the democratic elections are successful, that lawmakers shall work only for the namesake. Ultimate ruling shall be ordered by the King Musaraf exclusively. Pakistan has since beginning of its inception talked of Kashmir intentionally on whatever possible platform & left no stone unturned to avoid it. It tried to show its concern as if Kashmir is one of its own problems. It has waged three full wars against Bharat & lost them. Even then, it did not also learn from its failures & now has been waging terrorism war on Bharat that has also turned on its own in natural reciprocation by its own people.

6 It does not matter whether or not, the democratic process continues or it does not. The important question is whether or not, the Pakistan people believe in republican democracy or they do not? First of all, they have to believe in that they belong to Pakistan as a nation founded on strong foundations as well as their hearts lie in that state. Until, a sense of belongingness develops, the situation is not going to improve. Pakistanis who have got their own nation, do not care for the first right on the natural resources for the Muslims as is being done by Bharat government. Nobody knows whose right it is in Pakistan? Till now, they could not find the objectives for which the nation was separated. They do not know where they have to go with the exception of having a thought of ruling Bharat by destabilizing Bharat using the weapon of terrorism. So far, Pakistan has been a successful nation to create many problems in Bharat such as sending terrorists into the territory of Bharat, floating counterfeit currency in the Bharat financial markets to the tune of hundreds of thousands of crores, shooting into Bharat crores of Bangladeshis & execution of many other hidden schemes. Pakistan has seen very little so far replication of what it has been doing using its efforts to destabilise Bharat.

7 Those persons who do not have their own thoughts, concepts as well as do not help themselves for progress, even the god cannot help them that being the situation of Pakistan. Pakistan does not know what is good for its people? Its people are hapless as they believe in no other than Islamic existence. Similar, is the situation in most of the Bharat Muslims that have the same type of orthodox thoughts. We are not interested to criticize Pakistan or its affairs but it is always better to analyse the issues to learn about & from the mistakes. We as a nation Bharat have to learn a lot from such mistakes. Our Muslim population should also learn a lot from the effects of being such a state as Pakistan, They should analyse what has been achieved by Pakistan & what has been lost during 60 years? The nation was separated based on the religious considerations exclusively & the results are available. The consideration was based on jealously only & not on the real requirement. The both communities had lived for centuries in Bharat & it is not understood what caused sudden requirement for a national partition? Just for the sake of becoming the premiers, the two cannons Nehru & Jinah broke a peaceful living society. Despite being created as an Islamic state, it is not a state. Despite being created a Bharat state, it is not a Bharat state exclusively. Here lies the danger of an imminent emergence of a gradual generating Muslim state within a secular state. But Bharat is not at all interested to find itself in the same state of burning as is happening in Pakistan. To avoid such replication in future from its neighbours, Bharat has to be very strict from all aspects & try to suppress the devil of terrorism as well as the infiltration from all its borders with Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal should stop immediately. Not even a single person should be allowed to enter without given any legal authority while all staying illegally, should be searched & deported. Even those who have been awarded citizenship for the sake of creating vote bank politics, should face deportation. Bharat cannot trust the people who migrated into its territories as there is no other requirement for them except the spread or promotion of terrorism. Bharat cannot afford to keep on allowing the lack of its existing controls that have not been successful on combating the ill designs of Pakistan & Bangladesh. Bharat has to control it willfully without involving any politics. Muslims in Bharat must cooperate with the nation in eliminating the evil of terrorism in their own interest. UPA & Left have to open their relaxing eyes.

Happy 2008 To All Global Citizens. Enjoy A Very Pleasing Lucky & Prosperous New Year. All The Best.
Bharat First-Everything Else Later
Jai Bharat

By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi


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