Thursday, December 27, 2007


Now that Modi ji,

Now that you have come back to the power in Gujrat which is a sign of faith posed the the masses in you.

There were broadly one issue which was supported by masses in addition to the developmental work done by you. The issue was encounter of anti-national Sohrabbudin.

The honest officers I G Vanzara and other officers languishing in jail and getting the harrassement for killing a terrorist and anti-national Sohrabuddin and his fellows, should be brought out of the jail with all the might possible at your end !

I would again like to highlight a fact which was forwarded by Mr.Govindan Menon, that Sohrabbudin was a aide of the well known underworld don and anti-national of Gujrat - Latif. He was a pain for the nation and the police of gujrat and entire country.

A humble request is to come to the rescue of these real Heros of our society. No one will other-wise dare to shoot the anti nationalists in future.

Let us fight against the effort of giving this a communal color.

Please forward this request to everyone and make sure that honest officers are out of Jail Immediately. That'll be the real celeberation of Victory !!

With Regards,
Rajat Krishan


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