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PM Man Muslim Allows 15% Funds For The Development Of Muslims- This Means Funds Shall Amount To Popu Post Your
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PM Man Muslim Allows 15% Funds For The Development Of Muslims- This Means Funds Shall Amount To Population Proportion In Future- Encouragement To Population Growth- By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi
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Declaration-Blog is based on personal observations & thoughts exclusively
Objective: Excellent Population Control to maintain Muslim votes bank. Secularism has been very well defined now by the PM Man Muslim.
1 Thanks to UPA for defining the facilities to Muslims exclusively as secularism update. Muslims Secular. Hindus Communal.

2 Muslims, do not worry. Multiply your population to get more funds allotted. Do not worry for your future.

3 Congress & UPA being too nice for you. Do not forget to cast your votes in the favour of Secular Congress.

4 You struggle or do not struggle, you shall get all facilities. Muslims are the pride of Bharat as without them Bharat does not exist.
Merry Chrismas To All
Id Al Adha Mubarak To All
Jai Bharat Vande Matram

1 PM Man Muslim announced during the National Development Council meeting that 15 % funds shall be exclusively allocated for the development of Muslims, their areas & all kinds of works in relevance to them. What a nice schedule of the government of Bharat? UPA government & the PM have been focusing the Muslims absolutely with one eye to keep this community votes in to the UPA ballot box. They do not intend to take any risk to loosen these votes. Muslims shall fall prey to UPA designs. Why are Muslims not understanding such illogic designs?

2 15 % Muslim votes & 25+15 % SC/ST votes make more than 50% votes giving a safe landing for the UPA into the parliament based on the next general elections possibly to be schedule in 2008. Go to hell all others. UPA does not need your votes. You may talk anything about yourself or could expose your problems. UPA/Congress least bothers about you & your votes for the future politics is in the hands of the foregoing communities. Dear others, do not waste your time even to go to polling stations as your votes shall not work as UPA is already in the parliament. UPA is safe & shall remain safe by resorting to such tactics.

3 Muslims do not study well. They are not dedicated for the national development. They are exclusively interested to increase the population to any level so that they become a major community to get into the realm of ruling. They may not believe in the cleanliness. They may not believe in the quality of life. They may not believe in the social uplift. They may not believe in one wife as a spouse. They need not believe in all above since they shall be given cooked food. Why should they cook? UPA/Congress is cooking for them. They are the in laws of the nation. We do not know whether Muslims are using the Congress or the Congress is using the Muslims.

4 Similarly, the reserved classes have been put on an avarice of social uplift by allowing them jobs & studies reservations. Out of all STs 70 % are Muslims who have already been enjoying reservations. In facts, those who are dedicated to their developments are not in the reach of reservations. The past 60 years have proved that reservations in the name of casts did not work efficiently yet, it is a number one political game. We are sure that the benefits of reserved classes have in fact gone to very few people & that too in lower classes jobs. Since, these classes were not allowed real benefits at the school levels, there is no use of allowing higher level benefits.

5 Of course, on the lower cadres, these people have got lakhs of jobs. Shall this policy work in a positive way as it is being done? Government has to forget its vote bank politics & come to the line to do real work for these communities. Muslims can never progress in Bharat by keeping the doctrine of more children as Al Lah’s desire & gift the human being. I have talked to many very well educated class of Muslims both from Bharat & Pakistan who believe in the same doctrine & do not believe that the birth control is in the hands of parenthood. The Muslim minds are full of this school of thought. How can a community who do not trust in family planning progress? The government could give them not 15 but 50%. The result shall be mere more population & nothing else. Man Muslim is lacking sense & has no caliber politically to solve the problems except that he is interested to win the parliament based on Muslim votes.

6 Moreover, the secularism policy of the UPA/Congress is exposed now openly. They care only for the Muslims as a preference & others have to eat the remains left out of Muslims food. Sonia & Man are very clever in safeguarding their political prospects. They know well that Hindus cannot do anything against them till the vote banks are safeguarded. Even if the reserved classes go for third front, the UPA shall remain politically safe. The fact is that Hindus in general do not believe in causing social fraction or about no welfare of Muslims. Major portion of Hindus do not even go for casting votes. Particularly educated class of Hindus hardly ever cast the votes. All such statistics are well known to UPA/Congress. At the cost of others hard work & taxation funds, the Muslim community is being extended special privilege. It is sure that those Muslims who migrated to Pakistan must be repenting on their decisions to leave this land in 1947 as they have missed a lot prospects that they would have enjoyed while staying in Bharat as a citizen.

7 We should not forget that Muslims have done an obligation on the people of Bharat by promoting Islam in Bharat. All Hindus should be thankful for all those Mughal & Muslim invaders in the past who looted Bharat & ruled their ancestors. Hindus should be thankful to them as they demolished thousands of temples & slaughtered lakhs of Hindus from Bharat land. For the compensation of those obligations caused on Hindus, the current schemes are being designed & implemented by the government of Bharat that are their agents.

8 All Hindus are rich & well developed according to the tacit statement by Congress. In one speech few months back, Man Muslim had stated that Jains & Sikhs are well to the mark & do not need any assistance. MM knows all such people & all details are available with him that no one is poor among such communities. He does not know that there are much more poor people in all communities who also need preference in assistance as the Muslims do. All should be treated at par & the facilities should be extended based on the economic backward criteria & not based on community tag. Nation cannot allow the comforts to those who do no intend to be advanced. They must join the mainstream for progress.

9 Any way UPA/Congress knows very well how to keep the society divided based on caste & community lines. They are the experts for that classification & social divisions. As for the last 60 years they carried out successfully that kind of work. Those who do not believe in Haj subsidy to be made to Muslims are not patriots. Those who do not believe in madarsas supports to Muslims are not patriots. Those who do not believe in various concessions to Muslims areas are not patriots. Those who believe in welfare of Hindus are communal. Those who talk of Ram or Krishan or Ram Setu are communal. Such people are the anti social elements. Congress moves taking with it all communities together & this all communities definition is confined to the welfare of Muslims. When there is no problem among Muslims, means there is no problem in the society.

10 Bharat has to prove on the international stage that we are a secular nation as there is no major nation in the world that has such a beautiful credential. Bharat shies in calling itself a country of Hindus society as by such calling, Bharat is entitled a communal state. Al Arabs are Islamic & they entitle that very decoratively. All Christians call themselves in the world sphere with high eminence. It is the Hindus who down their heads when they are asked to be defined about their religion. Actually, other nationality people make fun of Bharat Sanskrity.

11 I have read many books about Geeta & yoga written by US Christian scholars who interpret the Sanskrit stangas according to their own thoughts. They could be scholars but are unable to understand the soul of the Bharat culture. It is not simply knowing the subject being necessary, important issue is the acceptance of the culture by heart. I read in one such book about the interpretation of the Yoni yoga by one US scholar. In fact I was shocked. His interpretation is that one who practices Yoni yoga & by doing so does any crime in his life for example kills thousand Bhramins, shall not be punished. Similarly, the interpretation has been done as if such yogi sleeps with the wife of his guru, does not earn any sin. Do you agree with such meanings? These Christian scholars after getting degrees in Sanskrit are spreading messages like above to our youth making them change their religion to Christianity.

12 The scholar does not understand the meaning of reference to the Bhramand & the provision of such part in Samha/Hat Yoga that was taught by Bhagwan Shiva. Practising Yogis exercises, one can penetrate to thousands of creations of the god through spirit & also after preserving immense energy, develops so much soul energy that can become more powerful than ones guru. Here is the meaning of wife is not physical wife but the job of a person is also equaled to the wife in essence. It is a possibility that the disciple could achieve a job of yogic practice more than the level of guru. There is no harm in that status of a disciple. Simply translating a work of Geeta or of other documents does not amount to the status of a scholar. One should have pious & pure soul prior to present construction meaning of such religious contents.

13 It is considered on the same footing as Jain Munis do not wear any clothes to maintain their religious positions. Does it mean that they are doing so for the sexual representation? Actually, those who know about the theology of Jains must know that there is no term as Jain religion. In fact Jain means a person who is capable to sacrifice all comforts of life such as all wealth, all family relations & the body should be so strong that no temperature of water or snow or any other adverse environment could harm it. The body should be capable of resisting hunger. The desire of delicious food should extinguish. Such sacrificing person are called real Jains. If you consider on this basis, to some extent, you shall not find many Jains in the world. I just explained above to let the Bharat people particularly youth not be misled by such half educated scholars. Bharat culture is the oldest & an exclusive. All others have copied out the contents & put on their books. It is unfortunate that in Bharat education system, Bharat culture is not included just to maintain the status of fictitious secularism.

Bharat First-Everything Else Later
Jai Bharat

By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi


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