Sunday, December 30, 2007


:Shree Hari:

30th December, 2007, Sunday
Paush Krishna Shasti, Vikram Samvat 2064, Ravivar

Best of all and the easiest of all spiritual practices, and one of great importance is "sharanagati" (taking refuge in God). It is only difficult, as long as there is egoism about anything in us. Egoism about our strength, our organization / group, our position, or wealth, our family, our properties, our abilities, our knowledge, our wealth, etc. If there is no egoism about anything, then surrendering to God will be very simple. When we hold on to anything e.g. we are very capable in this and that, then that is considered egoism. But when there is no egoism, then the task is simple.

Just like when you fall asleep, you gently and effortlessly ease into sleep. There is no effort at all. So is God Realization as easy for one who has surrendered to God. Also, if there is dependence on something else, then realization will take time. Therefore the Lord has declared in the Gita -

"Ananyachetaah satatam yo maam smriti nityasha.
Tasyaaham sulabh paarth nityayuktasya yoginah." (Gita 8:14)

"O Partha (son of Kunti)! The Yogi who perpetually thinks of Me and
undividedly remains absorbed in Me, to him, I am easily attainable." (Gita 8:14)"

A great Soul "Mahatmaa" is rare to attain, but God is easily attainable "sulabh."

When there is no dependence on anything else besides God, then realization is very simple. God has clearly said in Gita 8:14, that He is "sulabh", very simple to attain Me. God is present every where, therefore God is even easier to attain than a saint / a great soul. The only thing needed is "ananya bhaava" "exclusivity in inner expression."

Ram Ram ram

From "Sharanagati CD Series - 1" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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