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Benajeer Bhutto is now "Allah Pyari".

This must be the umpteenth gruesome assassination in the history of the 60 year old Terrorist State of Pakistan -a state carved out of Bharat & created purely for the chosen followers of Allah's Islam...the religion of "Peace, Tolerance” & yes, of course, that oft repeated word "COMASSIONATE".

The long list of political assassinations in Pakistan is well known to all who have cared to follow its history. However, I have always contended that the country whose very soil & foundation are drenched with the blood of hundreds & thousands of innocent & defenseless Hindu men, women & children slaughtered during the partition will never see peace and prosperity in its existence.

Down every water well and river of Pakistan flows the blood of innocent Hindus. In fact, blood of the dead Hindus runs in the very veins of this rogue nation often called the Epicenter of Global Terrorism. Facts about the brutal manner in which the Hindus were butchered in Pakistan have been surreptiously suppressed by not only the world media and the wily British but also by the power hungry knave - Jawaharlal Nehru who did not wish ANYTHING to mar his lust to be the PM of India. The Brits had conveyed to the world that the transfer of power was a smooth one and thus, the greatest holocaust in Human history, one far greater than perhaps the Jewish holocaust has remained an untold story. Too bad that the current generation of Indians are clueless about their own history.

The fact that Pakistan today serves as the source of Global Terror needs no elaboration. However, apart from terrorism, the Pakis have their finger in almost every possible crime committed on a global scale against humanity such as A Q Khan giving the deadly nuclear technology to other rogue countries, a crime for which he has remained unpunished. Pakistan is also the clearinghouse for the opium harvested in Afghanistan. It is believed that most of the top politicians in Pakistan are major players in this illicit business and have amassed unfathomable amounts of wealth in its export. Their frequent & ostentatious trips to foreign countries provide ample evidence to this fact. Just take a look at some of the real estate owned by Pakis in Pakistan the UK (another Pakistan in the making)!

Now, to the topic of the day...the assassination of Benajeer Bhutto. Upon getting the news some two hours after it had happened, I called my friend in Pakistan. She was furious - not at the perpetrators of the heinous killings but at the dead Benajeer who she blamed for the recent unrest in Pakistan. She further added that Benajeer Bhutto knew she would be eliminated and would also cause death & destruction of several others but continued her "Martyr like" behavior and now "see what happened?"

What has happened is nothing new in that hellhole. Like other Prime Ministers & Presidents, including her own father before her, Benajeer too got plucked by Allah Mian by means of the bullet.

May she rest in peace.


December 27, 2007.


Very rightly you said, "the foundation stone of Pakistan is the bones and blood of the innocent Hindus and Sikhs who were massacred in 1947."

Pakistan is purely British creation or mischief. An old parliamentary democracy, boasting of secularism and Magna Carta, misused her absolute power over the natives, gave vast territories of India to Islamic beast that, ironically, has now dug its teeth into the soft flesh of mainland United Kingdom itself in order to bleed her to death in the manner of the death of United India.

Britain at that time did not think it relevant to hold REFERENDUM over the issue of BOGUS partition that was to retain the Muslims in India while wiping out the Hindus in Pakistan.

Someone has called Pakistan an illegitimate "bastard child" of India born as a result of her rape by indigenous Muslims, encouraged by the British rulers at the time.

The act of creating the artificial Muslim State called Pakistan was High Treason against enslaved India without example in history. It was imposition of ALIEN Koran written in ARABIC from another beastly wild world upon the subservient, soft and gentle natives of sub continent.

Today the intellectual and cultural wilderness of Islamic Pakistan, where assassinations, murder, rape, prostitution and killings are daily routine, is the same soil upon which centuries ago great Rishis and genuine Mahatmas composed Vedas and Scriptures, where Guru Nanak was born who went around the known world with his gentle message of universal peace and love, where Guru Arjun Dev compiled Sri Guru Granth Sahib that contrasts sharply with the blood curdling message in the "Kafir killer" Koran, and where the Guru himself was tortured to death, and where in our own time brave patriots like Bhagat Singh were hanged to death in Lahore for the sake of a united, secular, civilised India, not for the sake of savage Islamic Pakistan.

It is the same soil where once renowned universities stood at Nalanda and Taxila that turned out scholars and thinkers, where in our own time Madrassas of Indoctrination & Brainwashing have sprung up to produce the Taliban and the suicide bombers.

One could also add:

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Rawalpindi, the very city where bloodthirsty Muslim mobs went on rampage, killing men and women, dragging out girls to be raped, wiping out village after village, removing any trace of Hindu and Sikh life.

In March 1947 reporters accompanying Viceroy Mountbatten in somes towns in that area saw "charred bodies covering the streets like the pheasants after the shoot." Those reports and photos were never shown to the nation and those journalists who accompanied the Viceroy on that trip kept silence.

The faint semblance of a Sikh Holocaust Museum is seen INDOORS in several Gurdwaras where the massacre of Gurus, their followers and even minor children is well depicted, but nothing OUTDOORS to tell the world of the great massacres that took place in Rawalpindi during 1947.

Benazir was a first cousin of Rajiv Khan who perished in the same way on May 21, 1991. Benazir tried to bring democracy to military dictatorship while "dirty" Rajiv depicted himself as Mr Clean in the midst of all that filth of rampant corruption.

There is an ironic angle to the current fate of Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf is INDIAN by birth. Like Zia Ul Haq he was born on the soil that is still India. Both these men brought to Pakistan an agony of death from the land of their birth. It is the subconscious wish to take revenge, to punish the Pakistanis, to put them all in Hell on earth.

General Zia ul Haq used the stick of ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM while General Pervez Musharraf, allied to the USA, is wiping out Al Qaida and the Taliban. Both of them are doing to Pakistan what the silent anguish of the land of their birth would have wished them to do- beat the Pakistani traitors on their heads, on their backs, on their buttocks and on their legs, not sparing even the barristers, the advocates, the lawyers and the teachers, for the crime of ATTACKING the integrity and unity of their own Motherland (India) in order to break her up into three parts.

In other words it is the revenge by the Combined Spirit of Sri Ram, Krishna, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh ji that these unworthy "children" of India drowned in the QUAGMIRE of Islam that flowed out of the rough tough brutal ARABIA like Tsunami, covering free and intellectual green pastures of genuine democracy and secularism like the Lava that covered the city of Pompeii in 79 AD. Gentle sons of soil who respected girls, calling them “devi”, and women, honouring them as mothers, became woman oppressors & beaters- Taliban style.

In the morning Benazir met Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan to discuss Pak-Afghan relations. Within a few hours she was gone to God. The question is, How long will Karzai survive if the American Infidels pull out? And, how long will Pervez Musharraf survive without his Kafir backers in Washington?

We will go on watching the mounting chaos and political convulsions in Pakistan till it reaches the logical conclusion when not one but several civil wars will break out and the five states, Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab and Swat (North Kashmir) break away and become sovereign like Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Albania and East Bengal (now Bogusdesh).

The Hindus need not be complacent if the treacherous "Hindu bashing" Nehru Dynasty, and the bogus Gandhis, continue indefinitely to suffocate the FREE HINDU SPIRIT & SPIRITUALITY in Bharat, holding them tightly in their ideological grip.



Dec 27, 2007.



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