Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BY Premendra Agrawal, some comments

Now I read the statement of Sonia "Save the Gandhian ideals'

`Diary of a madman', begins like this…………..
Tonight the moon is very bright.
I have not seen it for over thirty years, so today when I saw it I
felt in unusually high spirits. I begin to
realize that during the past thirty-odd years I have been in the
dark; but now I must be extremely careful.
Otherwise why should the Zhao's' dog have looked at me twice?
I have reason for my fear.
Tonight there is no moon at all; I know that this is a bad omen.
This morning when I went out cautiously, Mr. Zhao
had a strange look in his eyes, as if he were afraid of me, as if he
wanted to murder me. There were seven or
eight others who discussed me in a whisper.,,,,,,,,
……………………………… They eat human beings, so they may eat me.

The most extraordinary thing was that woman on the street yesterday
who was spanking her son. "Little devil!" she
cried. "I'm so angry I could eat you!" Yet all the time it was me
she was looking at. I gave a start, unable to hide my alarm.
……………….. "
………………………….. The eater of human flesh is my elder brother!
I am the younger brother of an eater of human flesh!
I, who will be eaten by others, am the younger brother of an eater
of human flesh!

Story is going like that and at the end

Perhaps there are still children who haven't eaten men?
Save the children ...

April 2, 1918

Now on Nov. 17, 07, I read the statement of Sonia "Save the Gandhian


Short story of Russian Nikolai Gogol

Lu Xun's deliberately took the title of "Diary of a Madman" from
Russian novelist Nikolai Gogol (1809-1852) whose story deals with an
office worker who comes to believe he is the king of Spain.

Congress in India as Hitler Mussolini democratic dictators
Congress rules India with 140 to below 150 MPs on the parliament of
525 MPs. It means Congress rules with around 27% MPs. Majority
should be more than 263. It means `give and take' formula is adopted
to deceive the people.
Bush Vs Osama Sonia Pope in Times 100

Sonia's father Stefano Maino gave her Russian name
Sonia's father Stefano Maino was a follower of Mussolini. When he
was in the prison of Russia, he fell in love with Russian culture
and literature, government-run RIA Novosti reported pointing that
all his daughters including Sonia (Antonio Maino) have Russian names
and Sonia can also speak a little Russian.
Quattrocchi Flied: India's Sovereignty is mortgaged to Italy

India has too much to learn from China -Sonia Gandhi
Does China follow Gandhism? Sonia "Gandhi has learnt too much in her
tour of China with her child as shown in a poster (`Congress supremo
not only Durga in posters but also became Jhansi ki Rani Laxmibai
riding the horse to bind her child Rahul on her back. This is done
by a former legislator and a leader of Jabalpur Congress. Jhansi ki
Rani fought against British Rule but Congress supremo fights against
Indianness with the sword of Indianless.)
In the praise of China Sonia said at that time that India has too
much to learn from China.
Cowardly lion of US Movie & Crow walks to be swan in Rashtrapati

Was Gandhi in the support of Dictators?
Fauji General Musharraf may be called big brother of Indira to
declare emergency in Pakistan! …… What type of democracy is in China
which Sonia wants to learn?
Dictator Neighbors & Warning bells

By Premendra Agrawal

Article (2)

Was Gandhi drinker and smoker? Is Gandhi gram-Swaraj in Nandigram?

Chacha Nehru was follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Romantic Nehru and lady
Mountbetton lighted cigarette of each other! Is gun shooting or gram
swaraj film shooting in Nandigram? Does Liquor on flights mean

Eyes see opposite sights: Does Congress see opposite for that?

Congress invented and distriuted goggle to see `ulta-puta' means
Anti-Indianness. People should throw those dececive goggles. Eyes
see opposite sight. Congress mistakenly or knowingly sees every
thing opposite to the Indianness.

"Night vision goggles with lights?" What does that mean? Here's the
fine print: "The Spy Vision Goggles can see in the dark up to 25
feet away with two powerful beams of light!" So basically they just
have little flashlights on the sides. If you're in the dark, you can
turn on the light.
Like that we should develop Indianness vision goggles with

Does `Wine on Flights' mean Liquor prohibition?
TOI reported on Nov 15, 07: 'Liquor on flights will promote local
wine industry' MPs say. Gandh-Govt Praful Patel said that the
ministry fully shared this view. A group consisting of the finance
and civil aviation ministers and deputy chairman of the Planning
Commission had been set up to see how to take this process further.
Video Catch: `Drunk' Congress MP with women! Nudy reveler MP in
train: Oct 2 in UNO

Gandhis Govt follows above to follow following cheering news


Beer better than water

The research has shown that a glass of beer is far better at
rehydrating the body after exercise than water. Researchers suspect
that the sugars, salts and bubbles in a pint may help people absorb
fluids more quickly.
The finding, which comes from a study at Granada University in
Spain, will be welcome news for the legions of evening and weekend
sports enthusiasts who enjoy a postmatch pint.


Sexual violence sponsored by governments

"....While the resolution does not mention any countries by name,
the Bush administration has cited accusations that rape was being
employed by soldiers and militia members as a tactic for
intimidation and warfare, notably in Sudan and Myanmar.

Speaking in a telephone interview from Washington, Ms. Silverberg,
the assistant secretary of state for international organization
affairs, said that the South Africans were demanding watered-down
language that would make the resolution one about sexual violence in
general rather than one about sexual violence sponsored by
governments. "We think there is a real difference between
governments that fail to prevent rape and governments that actively
promote it, and we do not want the resolution to blur that
difference," she said.

Should Nehru be called `Chacha Nehru'?

Subhash Bose could not be political heir of Mahatma Gandhi because
he wanted to see pistol instead of cigarette in the hands of
students. Nehru became heir of Mahatma Gandhi because he was smoker
and romantic with western culture.
CIA on Romantic Nehru

``cigarette smoking is injurious to health'', but liquor is

An NGO on Oct 26, 07 issued a legal notice to film actor Shah Rukh
Khan, for smoking in public during the two recent events, that is,
the Twenty20 cricket match in Mumbai and a media event in Delhi.
Before one year society, National Organisation for Tobacco
Eradication (NOTE), had filed a complaint against Big B. According
to the complaint, from December 25, 2005 till January I, 2006, a
multicolour hoarding styled as Family showing Amitabh smoking a
cigar and endorsing electrical appliances of a company was displayed
alongside NH-17, in Goa. Salkar claimed that Bachchan had apologised
for the hoardings.
Why does above awareness not for liquor prohibition as desired by
Mahatma Gandhi?

Partition: Gandhi vs. Nehru

I heard Mahatma Gandhi's sound on Nov 12 at All India Radio. We are
lucky to hear the voice of Swami Vivikanand also.
Hear 100-year-old speech of Saffron Vivekanand delivered in Chicago:

The first and only time Gandhi visited the Broadcasting house, Delhi
was on 12 November, 1947, the Diwali Day. He arrived at the
Broadcasting House ans showed his sorrow on the partition. He said
that no one would light deep. We celebrate best deepavali to serve
the refugees.
On the day of Deepavali, when she is lighting deep Thoughts comes in
my mind, moon bowed on earth

Except Nehurs with Jinnahs no one wanted the partition of united
India. Mahatma Gandhi said that partition would be on HIS DEAD BODY.

After partition only Nehruwadis pleased in India and made hay on it and still prospering.

Even after the 60 years of Independence of India, Kashmiri Pandits
sons and daughters of Kashmiri Pandit Nehru are in the streets of
Delhi around 10 Janpath where Gandhis are consuming luxurious life.
Why has `Nehru' surname replaced by `Gandhi' surname? This is a good
barter system and secular politics of India.
OBC Quota Vs Resolution of 1994 that PoK is an integral part of India

Gandhi Gram Swaraj: Saffron flg in Karnatak vs. Bloody flag in

TUMKUR, Nov 12, 07: "My dream is to transform the State by
fulfilling the dream of `Gandhi-Gram Swaraj'. More programmes will
be introduced for the uplift of dalit communities," said newly
elected Karnatak Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa.

Blood bath in Nandigram: Law of lland is in the hands of armed CPI-M
cadres. They are bulldozering the villagers to overlook the Cenral
Reseve Police force and State police. W B Govt is totally failed to
make peace in the village. Left forced Central Govt to take advice
on the International Matter but Left avoid others to seek advice on
the matter of Nandigram!

Why is UPA govt dumb, blind and unable to hear cried Nandigram? Why
is Central Govt not interfering there?

What is the hidden deal between UPA Govt and its outside supporter
Left? Why Left bowed on Nuke deal? What is the assurance which they
get from the Central government? Is this `give take' Gandhism?

Gandhigiri kills Gandhism to support dictastor neighbors: Fauji
General Musharraf may be called big brother of Indira to declare
emergency in Pakitan! Congress has now no words to oppose this.
Indian government is cool cool and calm calm. What happended in
Thailand and Bangladesh ? Who supports Maoist in Nepal? Junta of
Myanmar gunned down monks! What type of democracy is in China which
Sonia wants to learn?
Dictator Neighbors & Warning bells

Row over Godse statue in Andhra to overlook above all facts
Activists of Gandhi Mandali Abhibrudhi Committee protesting against
the glorification of the Mahatma's killer damaged the statue with
axes and shovels and brought it down. They threatened to intensify
the agitation if the statue was allowed to be installed. Why this
mandali is silent on the killing of Gandhism by Gandhis led Congress
led UPA government?

Is installing Gadse statue in his/her owned premises greater crime
than the promoting alls over world with the help of Indian Govt
ambassadors the nude paintings of Bharatmata and Hindu god goddesses
by MF Hussain?
Is MF Hussain ambassador of Gandhis Govt abroad as Quattrocchi?

The man behind the statue, appropriately named Shyama Prasad
Mukherjee, is unapologetic. He insists he has the right to go ahead
with installing the statue. "I have made the statue with my own
money and I am installing it in my own land, not in any public
place. What objections do they have," he asked.

Mukherjee, a lawyer, wanted to unveil the statue on Wednesday to
commemorate Godse's death anniversary. On Mukherjee's complaint,
police has booked a case and started investigations.
He killed body; they kill soul of Gandhi: Open letter to Arun Gandhi

By Premendra AGrawal

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One strong Hindu can change the thought-current of the whole world...
Hindus should have fearlessness,the first prerequisite of a spiritual life.

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