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Modern Technique of Malthus Population Theory

Malthus included in his population theory infanticide, murder, contraception and homosexuality also. Sonu Nigam accuses for Homosexuality, Conception of Political Bolly-Hollywoody hugs and kisses, US invasion on Iraq, Dinosaur of Jehad, and opposite to this Europe needs more babies, Tax on Bachelors,
IIM Guru Lalu and Ishaq a father of 23 children.

Population control is such issue on which not a single vote bankers want to discuss. I am not a politician even though I want to discuss this in a different way. Now we are 100 crores. Estimation is that we will be 150 croes. Are secularism and vote bank politics not suicide bombers more dangerous than earthquake? Ram Sethu saved so many from the death waves of Tsunami. Is destroying Ram Sethu (Adam’s bridge) holy work in democracy?

We increase but terrorism decrease the population
So our PM was sleepless to hear the involvement of Indian Muslim doctors in Glasgow terror plot instead of 7/11.

Population control is going on though Jehad and ‘ War against Terror’. As per Malthus theory natural and man made disaster could check excessive population growth. We got independence due to Non-Violence only. Now we control growth of population to allow Naxal and Jehadi violence. Beyond Taj secular terrorism, caste religion based reservation and vote bank politics can be included in wonders of the world.

This Principle of Population was based on the idea that population if
unchecked increases at a geometric rate (i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, etc.) whereas the food supply grows at an arithmetic rate (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).

As per Malthus theory only natural causes (eg. accidents and old age), misery (war, pestilence, and above all famine) and man made causes (infanticide, murder, moral restraint, war etc) could check excessive population growth.

Malthus included infanticide, murder, contraception and homosexuality in his population theory.

Homosexuality: Latest example of it is the latest news ob Bollywood.
Singer Sonu Nigam accuses journalist Subhash K Jha of retaliation after the writer's sexual advances were rejected

Contraception: Political Bolly-Hollywoody hugs and kisses
Renuka Chowdhury, Union Women and Child Development Minister, is all for sex education and she is not shying away from expressing her opinion. "We have a one billion population and we don't want to talk about sex. We have to be vocal on such issues. If we don't then it will effect the generations to come," she said.

The Minister's comments come after senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said that sex education would create an "immoral society" and lead to a collapse of the education system.

Love affairs of Nehru with lady Edwina Mountbetton, Shilpa’s hug and kiss wee with Gray. Bipasha Basu's 'kiss' with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo made headlines around the world.

Infanticide: Noida Nithari serial killing is not alone. After it there were Beer Cane Serial Killing, serial killing of 250 in Meerut, finding of the bones of infants illegally aborted are few more examples to follow Molthus theory.

Terrorism Naxalism Secular Terrorism in India
War decreases population in one stroke. Indo Pak Wars were boon for both countries to follow Malthus theory. After that Pakistan changed its strategy.
Terrorism in India can be attributed to India's many low intensity conflicts within its borders. If terrorism can be defined as "peacetime equivalent of war crime", then these sites of low intensity conflicts are crossed the prime spots J & K for terrorism in India.

Hug of economist with the ghost of economist
Malthus was a great economist of UK. Dr. Manmohan Singh is a great economist of India. Population theory of both is the same.
The regions with long term terrorist activities today are Jammu and Kashmir to Suthern states. Naxal Masoism in Central India is active to control the population.

Al Qaeda Taliban to control the population
It is wrong to say that War in Afghnistan was to control the influence of Russia. They did holy act to control the unholy increase in the population. US marriage with Pakistan gave the birth to International terrorism. Taliban and Al Qaeda were their products.

Bin Laden, which appears only for 50 seconds in the video, glorified the dead al-Qaidafighters and wished himself the status of a martyr, according to the CNN translation of his remarks from Arabic. "The Happy (man) is the one who was chosen by God as a martyr," bin Laden said

The US invasion on Iraq
The US invasion converted Iraq into a battlefield for international terrorism and Shia-Sunni sectarian strife. The US mismanagement included the dissolution of the defeated Iraqi army, dismissal of all Baathists from government and plunging the country into deliberate chaos.

Dinosaur of Jehad
In the name of Islam dinosaur of jehad is eating the population of all religions and nationals. Earth is unable to bear the load of the population. So Al Qaeda Jehad embraced the American terror. Sex of opposite sex adds he population. But these two enemies of each other fight to follow the Malthus theory. Jane Felix-Browne, a 51-year-old grandmother from Moulton, Cheshire, in northwest England, married 27-year-old Omar bin Laden. Will
51-year-old lady produce some one? Iranian President and Al Qaeda Video invited Bush for adopting Islam. Their invitations are for decreasing the population.

Monotheism is characteristic of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Monotheism is characteristic of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Islam is clear in confessing one, eternal, unbigoted, unequaled God, while Christianity holds that a single God is reflected in the three persons of the Holy Trinity. Monotheism of Israel, Western and Islamic countries are in the forefront to control the population.

IIM Guru Lalu and Ishaq a father of 23 children
MidDay newspaper reporter met the couple and their products. Residential of village Mewat of Haryana Mohammad Ishaq of 50 and Bismillah of 40 married in 1976 and since then they produced 23 children. They are all set to welcome their 24th child next year. The couples perhaps follow the IIM Guru Lalu Yadav. But unfortunate Guru remained jiggery and chela student became sugar. As tainted ministry and now tainted Rashtrapati are the compulsion of alliance government, for getting votes more population of reservation policy is also necessary.

Europe needs more babies
In the most countries of the average continental family has a mere 1.37 children. Cutting back non-EU immigration to limit pressure on housing stock would help. So would state cash handouts. In Portugal, where the birthrate has fallen to 1.7 children per couple, the Government has considered giving tax breaks to people who have more than two children and levying higher taxes on those who have fewer. Germany is similarly concerned – it could lose the equivalent of the population of the former East Germany within 50 years. Russia’s population is contracting at the rate of three quarters of a million a year: the resourceful Mr Putin is paying mothers to have a second child.

Tax on Bechlors
You know, Augustus Caesar had a tax on Roman bachelors. With due allowances for gay men and professional celibates, there’s lots to be said for the idea. "There was an ancient law among the Romans," says Dion Cassius, lib. xliii, "which forbade bachelors, after the age of twenty-five, to enjoy equal political rights with married men.
Hindu organizations have more bechlors such as Atal of BJP, Sudrshan of RSS and Ashok Singhl of VHP. Sonia Ganchi is originally Roman. May
UPA government follow Casesar?

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By Premendra Agrawal
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