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Ultimately, Bharat Lands Being Used For International Terrorism Connections Under Soft Corner Of UPA Post Your
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Ultimately, Bharat Lands Being Used For International Terrorism Connections Under Soft Corner Of UPA Whilst PM Could Not Sleep-Who Is The Patron??? - By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi

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Bharat is ashamed of in the eyes of the global community due to its having inadequate potential as well as having inefficiency of remaining unaware about intellectual based terrorism operations being conducted from our lands by certain highly professionally educated rare Muslim incumbents. Dr MM could not sleep throughout night at knowing the facts. What an emotional & a concerned PM!!!!
Should Bharat government keep its minds, ears & eyes closed intentionally considering the vote bank not to be lost then who can help the PM? Even god cannot.

PM stated that he could not sleep that night. Yes, dear PM, you could not sleep because you were & you are nervous due to your lacking in power of competency to handle the responsibilities expected of a Bharat PM. You are nowhere near to the required levels. You are a puppet in the hands of someone & representing not the people of Bharat but exclusively one community & on top of that undefined super PM. Better, you leave in the interest of both, the nation & the public. Then you as well as the public shall sleep sound.

1 You were warned by the public as well as the opposition about the possibility of such developments. The very achievement by you is the abrogation of POTA as one of the first job your government executed after oath administration that created a feeling & impression in the hearts of radical Muslims of future inactions by the government as your total attitude is Pro Muslims.

2 You have demonstrated a degree of inefficiency in executing punishment to the terrorists according to the Supreme Court Orders that explicitly exhibits your Pro Muslim credential based agenda. In fact that inaction on the part of your government has caused others to go ahead with certain terrorists linked activities uncalled for in Bharat knowing that the government shall support them indirectly if sentenced.

3 It is definite that certain network of international terrorists is not limited to these discovered Muslims professionals only but now, it is getting clearer that there could be a nationwide follow up of such heinous criminal activities going on massive integrated media. Under your regime, soft corner these activities has been condoned by the vested interests keeping you misinformed & you continued trusted your untrustworthy sources.

4 We wish to know why you did not act seriously to destroy the nationwide terrorists spread hub causing danger to national & international integrity. When shall you decide on the inclemency petition to let the others, working on the similar patterns of terror plots, to learn advance lessons of the degree of punishment waiting for them on cards?

5 Or, we should know that you would be with them while these persons do anything in the name of their religion & we all should be targets to their future terror attacks.

6 Do you have any responsibility to maintain the safety & security of the national & the international public?

7 Please tell us the reasons that caused you to promptly annul POTA. What harm could it have caused to the nation if continued for its term of 3 years?

8 Are you going to re introduce such a similar new law in the national interest or you are still opting to be religious protection minded blindly?

9 Do you respect the public opinion or heed only one community demands?

10 Do you respect the opposition opinion or only your supports’ opinions?

11 Are you waiting for instructions from US in this regard?

12 Are you waiting for instructions from you UPA chair person in this regard?

13 Have you now been sleeping sound throughout nights or you have been a patient of insomnia? Please have a medical examination.

14 Should the nation rely on your possible fast actions that you might be thinking to resort to? Public have been awaiting keenly your declarations.

15 Do you respect the reliability of security forces & intelligence any more?

16 Do you remember the terrorists who attacked the public hundreds of times? Do you remember that hundreds of thousand persons have died?

17 Does it pain to you when the innocents die during these attacks or your condolence messages + compensation benefits though hardly payable to the survivors amount to staging a stereotype drama?

18 Shall you take care to stop all infiltrations going on from every border of the nation? Shall you reinforce the areas from where the forces were withdrawn based on you ally partners? Have you stopped thinking about the national security?

19 In case your government & the home ministry are Saints/Sadhus in actions then shall you suggest that the other sections should care for themselves to throw out of lands the evil of terrorism? Please remember that Saints or Sadhus are also authorized according to the provisions of Vedas or Dharama to use weapons provided the rulers fail so to do.

20 Why were you not informed from time to time about the terrorists linking activities of these doctors & engineer for years? It is almost impossible to believe that intelligence or the security forces might not have been aware about such anti national activities. It can only be an involvement of politics oriented persons that can overlook or condone such a delicate information.

21 Tell the people about your estimate of the existence of the number of youth & their classes involved presently within such activities all over the nation. In case there is no record or information, how shall you tackle the terrorism as a whole?

22 Professor, look Gandhi Giri does not work during all life times. So kindly in the name of god, forget Gadhi Giri & use your Subhash Giri. If you do not know how to use it, ask the public who knows it very well but for Bharat sake, do not favour certain community to suppress such terror crimes & then let the terrorists go scot-free. We are stating this to an honest person.

23 Do you know that we too feel bad at all times criticizing you, our PM on international websites as it ultimately, gives an international bad name to ourselves? We do not at all intend to do so but to say that our PM is too good, it requires on your & the government parts to prove demonstrating competency.

24 Why are you not dynamic? You are lacking in a capability to arouse the general public to guide them & lead them to a forceful direction.

25 Like you, your ministers in general are incompetent & in fact, all are spoons of UPA Chair person.

26 OK, you have removed an excellent peoples’ president but control all these acts of international terrors being affected from Bharat land. What does worry you actually?

27 Why have you not checked about the counterfeit currency inflow? What steps have you taken to curb its adverse effects on the national economy?

28 Do your messengers read these messages or we are wasting our time? If you are unable to even read the public desires, why are you in the government? Why do you not think yourself first be an ordinary citizen & then a minister or part of the government?

29 Or, you have decided to take no actions against the terrorists belonging to Islam society so that your vote bank is protected for ever. Is it too difficult for you to decide? Or, deciding to have no decision is also a decision.

30 People of the nation intend to know about these issues for their future safe existence. We cannot let our future lives move into the Will of the terrorists & the adverse results due to the inactions by the present government just because they support certain section of the society. People have to lead a peaceful life that is their national rights. You have got SPG but the people don’t. How shall you secure the people?

Shall we answer the following rational queries to ourselves “We The People”?

1 Is this government interested to curb terrorism or they intend to keep it moving?

2 Have we as people done enough to awaken the state mechanism?

3 Shall we check our neighbourhood regularly to check about the activities by such radical people of Islam?

4 Shall we be able to communicate to police all such activities suspected?

5 Shall we be able to keep an eye on the activities on Islamic Madarsas that are the heavens for learning terrorism?

6 Shall we keep a close watch about the movement of Pakistanis & Bangle Deshis coming to Bharat & not going back or their intended actions during their stay in Bharat?

7 Shall we also keep a watch on the possibility of terrorism connections/ involvement by non Muslims due to their avarice of short time earnings?

8 Shall we be able to avoid the use of unaccounted black money that has been assisting the operations of terrorism in Bharat?

9 Shall we be able to boycott the films produced by the industry on underworld supports? Shall we decide not to buy any real estate from such companies of promoters or builders who have been suspected to be involved as such with terrorism connections?

10 Shall we be able to think to install next government of a party whose agenda is not to be pro Muslims at least?

11 At this stage, we shall have to think to keep the nation’s responsibility in safe hands who are capable to secure the national security & not this senseless government or like them others, who have left no doors closed for the criminals to avoid their entry to the nation.

12 We have to rise from sleep to keep our future safe in reliable & responsible hands otherwise, these terrorists shall put us in trouble by destabilizing the nation.

13 As far as Congress is concerned, for us it is of no quality & should be discarded. The party has failed in protecting the respect of the nation despite warnings by the people. This party has openly favoured exclusively one community just for the safeguard of its vote bank.

14 Other parties too are in the same boat particularly lefts & certain regional parties that should also be disregarded as they too believe in their vote bank protection. This is the best suitable time of thinking & contemplation.

15 Bharat is in having no more stamina to keep on tolerating & converting to Mughal empire again if such worst state of nation continues. Are we ready to implement this criteria?

16 In case the public loosen the patience, they shall loose minds also & there could be danger of social unrest everywhere that has to be checked from now. It is not in the national interest to reach to such an awkward situation because of the inaction of the UPA. We intend to live in terror free nation but it is not happening that way due to some powerful incumbents.

17 Shall we decide our priorities whether it be suppressing terrorism or promotion of reservations? I think suppressing terrorism shall dictate.

18 Are we capable to think on the aforesaid contemplations & then apply for the effects in the interest of nation & for the protection of general innocent public that believe in peaceful livings?

Bharat First-Everything Else Later
By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi
Jai Bharat


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