Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Spell Chekker

My spelling is sometimes atrocious. I used to be an excellent
speller. What happened? Spell checker.

As I type on the computer now, if I misspell a word, the spell
checking feature automatically puts a red line under the
misspelled word. I simply right-click on the word and several
options appear for the correct spelling.

It's a great feature, but it has made me a bad speller. I no
longer need to think or remember how to properly spell words.
The spell checker does that for me.

I understand why life can't have a spell checker. It makes us
weak and dependent on the machine instead of the mind.
The easier life gets, often the weaker we get.

Just look at what cars, elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks,
power windows, automatic doors, dishwashers, washing machines,
television, video games and yes, computers have done for the
majority of our bodies. We are rounder and softer than ever and
as a result, often quite unhealthy.

Just go to the mall and watch as people circle the parking lot
looking for the closest spot to the door that involves the least
amount of walking. Usually, they NEED the exercise.

Sometimes easy street and the path of least resistance is a dead
end. We need hills and mountains in life just to help keep us
in shape. They help our bodies; they help develop our spirits.

Ocaisionally we need to turn the spell chekker off and think and
purhaps park at the farr end of the lot.

~A MountainWings Original~


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