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I agree with you completely. Hindus have been plundered and looted and killed and murdered since time immemorial or since the phoren cults/religions have attacked India and they have all succeeded. Moreover now is the worst time for Hindus and there is little chance that India will survive as a majority Hindu nation and will soon be divided between Moslems and Christians and if someone doesn't agree to convert to those religions he will be slaughtered or kicked out!

Even our devtas do not help Hindus in any way; we can keep going worshipping them for money and other gifts; but how many Hindus worship the devtas for savings Hinduism from being obliterated from the face of the earth. No Hindus are pepared to risk their lives or property for the sake of saving Hinduism. It is very clear! Only talk, talk and more talk and lots of emails which cost nothing and which are useless to have any impact excepting that we can keep lamenting the Hindus lot!

Looking back at history and the way religions come up or go down, perhaps it is all in God's hand. He makes and remakes or destroys. whoever he wants to survive, thrive, or go away. Hindus always look to other nations, like America or England or Europe that they will punish the Islamis for the terrorism done against them or will try to stop them from spreading Islam to whatever countries are left in the world who are not Islamic yet, but then these countries have their own game and they don't care in how many pieces India is divided or plundered or which religion it follows and if Islam takes over here too! More so, so long as they can be part of the loot for converting these Hindus to christianity!

So, let us continue on our talk, talk and more talk and all the emails we can write to each other!



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Namastey all devtas,

You all miss the point that too much of sahishnuta and ahinsa and dheeraj has lost grounds of Hindu influence. Hindus did not learn tactics of fast advancing religions and even today rushing hand and foot tied into mouth of such aggressive religions !!`

See revenge of Gods..devtas..destiny..PAKISTAN,,LOSS OF TIBET..LOSS OF NEPAL,..VICTORY OF STONE PELTERS IN KASHMIR..no navaratri in Deganga-west bengal..etc

CARRY ON WITH SELF DESTRUCTIVE attitude and very soon Hindu will be at mercy of agrressive religions just as has happened in Muslim a mjority..Indonesia..

Ramesh Jhalla

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I very much agree with Trehanji. The term “33 cror Devatas” is very much misunderstood, and also there are some who deliberately misinterpret it.
The word “devata” means a spark. Paramatmanam is “Fire” and soul is a spark from the Fire. The soul in human body has the capability to sparkle. In Ved kaal every human being was considered a “devata”, presumably because the standards were high, as seen in Vedic literature. There is a beautiful dialogue between the Rishis Bhrigu and Bharadwaj in MahaBharata subtly touching this aspect.

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It is the will of Hindus that works but not the 33 crores Devi-Devta. You are misquoting them. Once upon a time there were 33 crores people of this country that were living as good as a person gives( jo dave wo davta) his comforts to others. Therefore, they were devi-devtas.
Each and every noun has its meaning in Hindi, unlike in English, you call God or goddesses. Draw the right meaning with the correct word.
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What nonsense U R talking..Hindus had patience for 600odd years BUT look at the price of patience?? Muslims got a toe hold in exclusive Hindu site n spite of your 1000 Rambhagvans.

Thus God has taken revenge upon Hindus for indolence under excuse of patience, sahishnuta and sama adar, ahinsa stupidity.

Stone pelting fanatics should have been replied with similar..that was the only way to solve the crisis and will be if Supreme Court rules in favour of stone pelting fanatics !!

By the way are your 33crore devtas HELPLESS against mere handful of judges??

earlier U dump them in Indian Ocean, better for all the fish..there..



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