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Fw: Do you want to know your Future?

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Subject: Do you want to know your Future?

Do you want to know your future?

So many people are awed by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, and even Madame Auring (yes, her!) because they claim to predict the future.

Friend, I have a big announcement to make:
You can predict the future.

You don’t have to look for a prophet, a seer, or
a fortune-teller to know your future. You don’t have to consult the horoscope, the crystal ball, your palm, tea leaves, or fortune cookies to know your future.
You can predict your future.

How? All you have to do is listen to your words.
By examining the words that come out of your mouth, you’ll know your future. Guaranteed.
Let me share with you three people…

Where Do You Want To Go?
Nineteen years ago, I had a friend who was always miserable.
Constantly, I heard “Glenda” say, “Life sucks,” and “Life is terrible”, “I’m doomed,” and “I’m a looser.” I heard her always sigh with heaviness, “Hay buhay, parang life…” We lost touch for 11 years. But I met Glenda recently
Guess what. Her life is still miserable.
Her words created her reality.

My other friend, “Marcel”, liked talking negatively about his health. Ever since I can remember, he kept saying, “I’ll die when I reach fifty.”
I would tell him, “Fifty? My gosh. Don’t say that!”
He’d say, “My father died in his fifties. My grandfather died in his fifties too. So I’m sure I’ll die when I reach fifty.”
True enough, at the exact age of fifty years old, Marcel was walking in the sidewalk. All of a sudden, he fell like a log. Wham. He died of a heart attack.
His words created his reality.

The Bible says that your tongue is like a rudder of a big ship. Like a rudder, your tongue directs your life.

So let me ask you: What kind of future do you want to have?
Don’t use your words to describe your reality. Use your words to create your desired reality.
Another way of putting it: Don’t just talk about where you are. Talk about where you want to go.

Use Your Words To Direct Your Future
My third example is my 84-year old mother.
Last Sunday, Mom was limping.
By Monday, she couldn’t get out of bed. She said her leg was so painful, she couldn’t move it. She couldn’t even walk to the bathroom by herself.
By Tuesday, she was so depressed because we had to put her on a wheelchair. She hated the idea. “I don’t want to be paralyzed!” she said. The entire time, she was moaning and groaning, complaining about the pain and her condition.
That day, I visited her and spoke words of faith. I said, “Mom, this is temporary. You’ll get better.” I prayed for her and taught her a simple healing exercise. I also told her, “Mom, you’ve got to change your words. I know you’re discouraged, but you’ve got to say, “I’m getting better and better everyday.”
She laughed and asked, “How could I say those words when I had so much pain and could barely move my leg?”
“You’ve got to try!” I said.
But I called her Wednesday and she was better.
I called her Thursday and she began walking.
I called her Friday and she went down the stairs already.
And Sunday? She was at the Feast, walking around like nothing happened.

Perhaps you’re sick like my mother today.
Say, “I feel better and better everyday.”
Echo Joel 3:10, where it says, “Let the weak say I am strong…” So even if you feel weak, believe that God will heal you.
Let me tell you how this works…

Why Faith Words Work
I can explain it in many ways:
· Faith Words affect your emotions in a positive way.
· Faith Words—repeated again and again—create new neural pathways in your brain.
· Faith Words also train your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to be attentive to see the blessings you desire.
All that is true.

But here’s my favorite explanation:
Faith Words aren’t just mere positive affirmations; They open your life up to the supernatural power of God.
In Biblical thinking, words aren’t just sounds or noise. Words are imbued with God’s creative power.

In Genesis, God created the world by His words. He didn’t create light by mixing up stuff with His hands. He simply said, “Let there be light” and there was light.

The Bible also says that death and life are in the power of our tongue. (Proverbs 18:21).
Pretty awesome, right?

God Will Provide
In 2009, my friend Rey Ortega felt God was calling him to rescue babies from abortion. He discussed this with me and passed this dream to my heart. I told him, “Let’s start a ministry.”
Rey then told me, “But I have a problem. How can we raise money for this new work? I’ve exhausted all my friends already for our other work. They all now donate to our Tahanan orphanage and Pagasa scholarship for poor children.”

That’s when I told Rey my Faith Words. Just three words. I said, “God will provide.”
He said, “Wow, I’m impressed by your faith!”
Actually, I was hiding my fear. I was actually scared! In my mind, I said, “Oh no, here I go again, getting myself into another ministry…”
When I said, “God will provide,” we had nothing. Zero. But soon, blessings began to flow like a waterfall.

That month, out of the blue, My Ninang called up my office because she needed a speaker for her little prayer group. Specifically, she wanted a speaker to share about the topic, “The Sanctity of Life”.

Obviously, the best speaker on the topic was Rey Ortega. He was the one who had this dream of rescuing babies from abortion in his heart. So I told Rey, “Give the talk. And share our dream to my Ninang. She’s rich!”
And that night, he did.

My Ninang heard Rey’s story and invited him for lunch the next day. When they met, my Ninang said, “You can use my building for your ministry. You have 300 square meters for your halfway house.” Not only that, she spent two million pesos of her own money to remodel it for our use.
We didn’t even call her. She called us.

Was that coincidence?
No. That’s synchronicity of grace. That’s the universe conspiring to bless us. We were no longer chasing after blessings. The blessings were chasing after us. Resources were rolling at our feet, begging that we take them.
“God will provide,” is a powerful Faith Word.

In May 2009, we began Grace To Be Born, a halfway house for pregnant womenin crisis and an orphanage for babies. In 6 months, we’ve rescued 15 babies from abortion.

Friend, are you praying for God to provide for you?
Here’s my belief: Sooner or later, your outside world will match your inside world. What does your inside world say?

Remember, your faith is more powerful than your sight.
Your sight can only describe your situation, your faith can direct your situation.

Let me tell you the story of Elijah…

I Hear The Sound Of Heavy Rain
Even When There Is No Rain

I love this incredible story.
For 3 years, there was a drought in Israel . Absolutely no rain in the whole land. In our language, a very bad El Nino.

But one day, the prophet Elijah told King Ahab, “Your problems are over. Go, eat and drink, for I hear the sound of heavy rain.” King Ahab was relieved and followed Elijah’s orders.
But was there actually rain?
None. Not a drop.

In fact, there was not a single cloud in the sky.
That was when Elijah prayed very hard. The Bible says he went up to Mount Carmel , bent over, and placed his head between his knees. If you pray in that posture, that means Elijah was desperate. I should know. That was how I prayed when I was courting my wife. (It worked!)

Elijah then told his servant, “Look towards the sea and check for clouds.”
The servant looked and said, “No clouds.”
You can imagine how worried Elijah must have felt. So Elijah prayed one more time and told his servant, “Check again.” The servant looked and shook his head, “Nope, no clouds.”

The Bible says this scene was repeated 7 times.
By the seventh time, I can imagine what the poor servant was thinking. I bet he wanted to say, “Elijah, I told you 6 times already, the sky is empty. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilcho. When are you going to quit? When are you going to tell King Ahab that you made a big booboo?”
But Elijah didn’t quit. He asked him, “Check again.”

Big Clouds Come From Little Clouds
When the servant looked a seventh time, he said, “I saw a little cloud no bigger than a man’s hand, coming up from the sea.”
In other words, he was saying, “Uh, there’s a tiny cloud. But don’t get your hopes up too much. It’s so itsy bitsy tiny, I can cover it with my hand. See? I don’t see it no more.”
But that little cloud was enough for Elijah. He said, “Tell King Ahab to hurry home as he might be caught by the downpour.”

Wow. That’s faith.
And the Bible says the wind began to blow and the heavy rain began to fall.

Friend, it’s your turn to create your miracles.
Do you see an empty sky or a little cloud?
When you focus on emptiness, more emptiness will come. But when you focus on the blessings—no matter how small—more blessings will come.

Speak Blessing Into Your Future
Here’s my message: There’s a connection between what you say and what will happen.
You have a choice: You can say, “There’s not a cloud in the sky” or you can say, “I hear the sound of heavy rain.”

Perhaps today, you don’t see the healing happening yet in your body. But you can confess, “I’m being healed by God right now. Health and healing are flowing into my body. I’m getting better and better everyday.”

Perhaps today, you don’t see your child changing yet. He’s still making bad choices. He’s still hanging out with bad company. He’s still taking drugs. But you can confess, “My child is coming closer to God. As I speak, God is working in his life.”

Perhaps today, you don’t see your financial situation getting better. But you can confess, “I’m getting rich and richer everyday. God is prospering the work of my hands.”

Perhaps today, you don’t see yourself free from addictions yet. But you can confess, “I may have had addictions in the past, but God is starting a new chapter in my life. I may feel weak right now but I declare that God is making me strong.”

Like Elijah, you need to hear the sound of heavy rain even when there’s not a cloud in the sky. You need to hear the heavy rain of blessings into your life even when you don’t see anything yet.

Start speaking words of faith into your future.
Because your words create your reality.
Let me tell you my last story.

Use Your Words To Direct Your Future
Last year, one of my small businesses collapsed.
In a snap, it simply sunk.
Circumstances beyond my control pulled the rug beneath it and it came crashing down.
My small business was almost one year old. All of a sudden, in one day, I lost all my customers.

I wish I could tell you that because I’m a preacher, I smiled and sang, “Give thanks with a grateful heart…”
That’s not true. At least, not right away.
Believe me, I was so discouraged. I was so frustrated, I wanted to say, “This business is dead,” and “I’m a failure,” and “Why did I let this happen? I’m so foolish.”

But I didn’t say those words.
Because I knew words have power.
Instead of using my words to describe my reality, I decided to use my words to create my desired reality.
Every time I wanted to say those negative words, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and proclaimed with faith, “My business will rise up stronger than ever. This failure is temporary. This failure will make my business even better.”

For three months, I tried to resurrect my business. And I couldn’t do it. I felt like I was hitting my head on a brick wall. But no matter how discouraged I felt, I kept saying these faith statements, “My business will rise up stronger than ever.” And I didn’t stop trying to fix it. And soon, I discovered the blessing within the problem. Because I had to start from scratch, I was able to change my business model.

Today, that small business is doing so much better. Today, I have more customers, more sales, and more profits!
You know what? Today, I thank God my business collapsed. Because it gave me the chance to transform it and make it better.

What happened?
My words—my Faith Words—created my desired reality.

Proclaim Those Faith Words
Look, I’m not saying that speaking Faith Words is all that you need to do to succeed in life. This isn’t magic.
To succeed in life, you need love, wisdom, mentors, action…
But speaking words of faith is incredibly important too!

May I suggest something?
I want you to take five minutes everyday declaring Faith Words. I guarantee that it can change your life. Five minutes in the morning, declare God’s word, including your positive beliefs about your life.
Here’s why. In Mark 11:23, Jesus said something incredible. He said, I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.

Friend, what is your mountain?
It may be sickness. It may be a troublesome relationship.
It may be a lack of money.
Don’t just pray about the mountain. Don’t just talk about the mountain. Instead, speak to the mountain.
That’s what I did to my failed business. I told it to resurrect.

My message again: Don’t use your words to describe your reality. Use your words to create your reality.

Below, you’ll find God’s Word combined with my own positive words. I wrote these Faith Words so that you can speak them everyday. In fact, depending on your particular “mountain”, I want you to say these Faith Words not just once, but many times during the day.

Talk to the mountain of sickness:
“With long life, He satisfies me and shows me His salvation. I’m getting better and better everyday. I am getting stronger and stronger everyday. The power of healing is flowing through my body, mind, and spirit. New health, new joy, new peace, new hope is increasing within me.”

Talk to the mountain of a loved one going astray: “My child (husband, brother, etc.) is growing closer to God. Deep inside his heart, the Holy Spirit is busy working, changing, and transforming him. He is set free from all his addictions. He will fulfill God’s purpose for his life. I declare that as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

Talk to the mountain of addictions:
“I may have had addictions in the past, but God is starting a new chapter in my life. I may feel weak now but I declare that God is making me strong. God is setting me free.”

Talk to the mountain of relationship conflicts:
“God is blessing my relationships. Love is increasing. Service for one another is growing. Forgiveness, humility, and understanding flow like a river in my relationships. Old wounds are being healed. Bonds between us are getting stronger and deeper.”

Talk to the mountain of confusion in decision-making:
“The steps of the good person are ordered by the Lord. God directs my steps. God helps me to distinguish what is right from wrong. God shows me the paths to abundance.”

Talk to the mountain of financial difficulty:
“I’m rich and getting richer. I’m generous and getting more generous. God’s abundance is supplying my every need. Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. New doors will open before me. The right people will walk into my life. God will prosper the work of my hands. As I use my core gifts to serve others, I will be richly rewarded.”

Friend, there’s a miracle in your mouth waiting to be released.
Release it today.


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