Thursday, June 18, 2009

election fraud

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Express News Service First Published : 17 Jun 2009 11:45:00 PM ISTLast Updated : 17 Jun 2009 08:21:50 AM IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The honeymoon is over. Barely a month after he was elected to the Lok Sabha, Shashi Tharoor has become unacceptable to the party leadership in the district. The rift has gone to such an extent that a complaint against Tharoor has been registered with the party high command.

It all began with a dinner party hosted by a businessman in the city for Tharoor, on his first visit to the state capital after becoming a Central Minister. Congress leaders from the district had appealed to Tharoor to cancel the party as the businessman - who is not in the good books of the Congress - is said to be very close to a CPM minister.

It is learnt that even the District Congress Committee president appealed to Tharoor to avoid the party. But Tharoor was not ready to agree since he had already made a commitment. According to sources, the who’s who of the bureaucracy and police attended the dinner.

A humiliated district Congress leadership was not ready to sit back and accept this. They went ahead and complained to the KPCC leadership and a copy was sent to the party high command.

It did not stop there. A section of the leaders have declared an ‘unofficial boycott’ of Tharoor’s functions.

The constituency tour by Tharoor on Monday was boycotted by this section of the district leadership.

Even the assessment meeting convened by the Vattiyoorkkavu Block Committee, where Tharoor had secured a big margin in the elections, witnessed an uproar against him.

There were also complaints against a dinner party attended by Tharoor in a city hotel, that was attended by a large number of fund managers of Left parties.

Congress leaders have complained that Tharoor is proceeding according to his whims without a care for the concerns of party men. The issue will be raised in the next DCC meeting.

Email PrintDelicious Digg Google Facebook Yahoo Reddit Stumble Comments Taroor is a close of friend of Prakash Karat too. So no wonder. But he should submit his personal likes and dislikes to a certain extent to the party booses of the DCC too. After all he was elected on a party ticket. Decorum demands that. At the same time, the local party bosses who are envious or jeleaous of Taroor's nomination by the High Command (!) should not pick up quarrel with him on all matters. If he attends a party of somebody, which heaven is going to fall? If a CPM man invites Oommen Chandry or Ramesh Chennithala to his home for some function, will they reject the invitation? No.
By Jacky
6/18/2009 6:40:00 PM Keralites are known for their bickerings and groupisms are over the world. It is time they start looking broadly at life, particularly a man like Tharoor who has reached great heights and has come back to serve the country. Kerala belongs to India and keralites are firstly Indians. Tharoor needs time and space to understand the local behavioural complusions after serving for the International community for a long time. Can the keralites get the best out of Tharoor for India and for Kerala too during his tenure?. These kind of comments and behaviour will only drive him away from Politics and the result, firstly the country is bound to lose out of a decent politician, forget Kerala, if keralites do not care for him and support who else can. You never know as other states might want to adopt him as their own.
By suresh
6/18/2009 5:18:00 PM Tharoor is just a UN reject who probably never won the election, but for electronic voting machine. He lost, he won, lost won. EVM give one answer. But to the fools, EC dismantled the EVM and counted some extra electrons in tharoors favour.
By Amit
6/18/2009 2:41:00 PM Correction.His wife is of bengali/kashmiri descent. Tshen it is a non issue. Kerala was the original melting pot not even America. Tharoor was politically correct. Kerala's tantric hinduism is and has been unscathed and will survive all other beliefs.Just wait and it will continue to outlive all these monsoons. Collateral damages included
By Vivek
6/18/2009 12:36:00 PM Tharoor has a white Christian wife who pushes a stick in his ass everytime Tharoor says Jai Shri Ram or Jai Hind. I hope they get rid of this moron who said Indians being discriminated in Australia is an internal matter of Australia. He just 'forgot' that the Indians there have Indian passports, so it's also a matter of India. Also he's supporting the Muslim harami MF Hussein. He's even planning to bring him back in India and hail him. I hope his wife pushes the stick so strongly that he cannot breath anymore.
By Renuka-Teesta-Arundhati
6/18/2009 2:22:00 AM Abhekhischal Ubhekhiskarathu is a malayali parambarayam.It is the person and character that supercedes all party affliations. Then the party is on the right course. So if your own party man plunder and rape yet go scot free but you are willing to break bead with him.It is time this home grown mundu mandan parasites to make way for maru nadan malayalees to take the mantle. Let them show decorum and dignity to fellowcountryman.Give time for Shasi's vision for the city and let him seek support across party line,irrespective of creed,religion or party mudras. Your enemy is not his enemy. I never thought that the swine fever is inherited by birth by some of these free loaders.
By Vivek
6/17/2009 8:01:00 PM Congratulations to Hon Minister Dr. Tharoor. The way of controlling a minister by a local level representative is a harassing one. Let him do some thing for Trivandrum. The non political votes to win with a good margin is an evidence of the quality of Dr. Tharoor. Dr. Tharoor is the representative of the people of Trivandrum constituency not for DCC & KPCC. The people of Trivandrum is with Dr. Tharoor for Developments.
By keralafarmer
6/17/2009 11:39:00 AM Whatever said and done there would be hidden agenda behind the dinner party hosted by CPM sympathisisers. They would have realised that there would be a rift between him and party and they can take him for a ride. The district committee may have at fault during his campaign but Dr.Tharoor should always keep in mind he can never work without his partys support as our CM if finding at this point. No person is above party he should realise it and should realise it fast
6/17/2009 11:39:00 AM Congratulations to Hon Minister Dr. Tharoor. The way of controlling a minister by a local level representative is a harassing one. Let him do some thing for Trivandrum. The non political votes to win with a good margin is an evidence of the quality of Dr. Tharoor. Dr. Tharoor is the representative of the people of Trivandrum constituency not for DCC & KPCC. The people of Trivandrum is with Dr. Tharoor for Developments.
By keralafarmer
6/17/2009 11:37:00 AM Perfect u said it Ramesh.We need to have a new political outlook and work towards development of kerala.
By kiran
6/17/2009 11:18:00 AM It was crystal clear that the district leadership of Congress party had never taken kindly to Tharoor's candidature in the recent parliament elections. Some of those in the party hierarchy may have felt that Tharoor would have lost at the hustings had they stayed away from campaigning. However, the candidate could attract a considerable number of non-political votes and thus stun the district Congress party leaders in a big way. It is high time such leaders realised that common folks never look at one's political affiliations if they believe that he or she is capable of delivering goods. It is immaterial if Tthe said dinner was hosted by a businessman or others.The celebrity union minister has realised the practical politics better. It is high time Tvm Congress leaders understood this reality.
By Ramesh Mathew
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