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Re: [Shakti-L: 8667] "Don't come to this country. I was lucky to have escaped''

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"Don't come to this country. I was lucky to have escaped!''

So long as we have HINDU HATING ruling top in Bharat, there will be more and more attacks on Indians AT HOME and ABROAD.

Why are only INDIANS chosen for such treatment everywhere on earth? Why not Koreans or the Germans or the Japanese OR THE ISRAELIS?

BECAUSE NONE OF THEM HAS RULERS WHO HATE THEM and look at them contemptuously.

In NO Christian country is a Christian described as "thief" in dictionary. In NO Islamic Republic is a Muslim called a "Negro". But see some of the URDU/ENGLISH dictionaries published in BHARAT where the HINDU is described as "Black", "Negro" and "Thief."

NO other country embraces the ENEMY who took away one third of its area but was allowed to stay put, too.

In NO other country does the entire Parliament sit at the feet of a worthless White Elephant from abroad.

Honestly, If we do not feel INSULT and DEGRADATION at home over PARTITION or the presence of Muslims in PARTITONED India, or the Perpetual RULE OF ONE DYNASTY, then we may as well ignore such treatment ABROAD.

So why not worship SONIA, ITALY & ISLAM in PARTITIONED India and why not keep on getting this treatment?

Luckily in Australia it is not SO bad as it was for the TAMILS of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka and also not so bad as we had in Uganda and Fiji and Malaysia and South Kashmir, and East Bengal, and even in LAHORE and RAWALPINDI and KARAHI and ....................

What a pathetic cry in anguish of the Hindu youth: "I was lucky to have escaped.'' Like a mirror he reflects the pathetic state of the ENTIRE HINDU NATION.

This promising young man has most certainly ruined the IMAGE of Bharat abroad and damaged his own career at home, but will the "Rashtramata" or the "Rashtrapatni" of India care a damn for a MILLION such young men, including the Hindu REFUGEES thrown out of South Kashmir?

Indian people are too servile and docile (true to the definition in that dictionary!) to "gherao" the President or the Prime Minister and beat them up in the same manner as this young man was, in Australia.

Let the PEOPLE of India beat them up so that they (the Supreme Commander and the Prime Minister) tell the reporters, "We were lucky to have escaped."

Such a scenario is not far fetched. Think of all the useless Presidents and Prime Ministers who were BEATEN UP or even BEHEADED by their own people- foremost among them MUSSOLINI from the Land of our Rashtramata SONIA.

16.06 .09

In a message dated 15/06/2009 21:35:36 GMT Standard Time, ahvenkitesh@gmail.com writes:
"Don't come to this country. I was lucky to have escaped''


16 Jun 2009, 0113 hrs IST, Manash Pratim Gohain, TNN
NEW DELHI: Twenty-year-old Sunny Bajaj has made up his mind. He will leave Australia for good. The Shalimar Bagh boy, who studied at Sachdeva

Public School in west Delhi and is pursuing accounting at Deakins University for the past one-and-a-half years now, has been left badly shaken by the attack on him at Melbourne on Friday night when he was racially abused and bashed up, leaving him with bruises and a fractured finger.

He was so traumatised by the incident that he skipped his exams on Monday. Speaking to TOI from Melbourne, he said: ``If Indian students really think they can cope with such abuses, they should come here. But my suggestion is don't come to this country. I was lucky to have escaped - otherwise I would have been in coma now.''

Bajaj is the latest victim of the racial attacks that have been unleashed in Australia in the past two months and seem to be continuing unabated.

It was on Friday night, around 8.15 pm local time, that he was assaulted by two men in Boronia, Melbourne.
``I was returning to my car after shopping when two men accosted me and asked for money. When I said I didn't have any, they began abusing me and then attacked me without any provocation. One of them was white and the other seemed to be of African origin.''

Bajaj said the men clearly knew he was an Indian because ``they abused me saying ``f****** Indian c***. They slammed the car door on my hand, fracturing my finger, hit me on my head and punched me in the stomach and face.'' He said he had reported the matter to the police and given them a description of the two men.

Bajaj was preparing for his exams before going back to India for his vacations. He says racial abuse is very common in Australia and students are used to it. ``Things are coming out into the open only now. I personally know of so many cases of racial abuse, which may not have resulted in physical assault like it has been happening of late. All kind of dirty things are said to us. Even after the protests, things have not changed at all,'' he said.

Asked whether he would like to continue staying in Australia, Bajaj said: ``I can't do much right now as I have my exams. In fact, I missed one today. But the first thing I really want to do now is to get back to India as soon as possible. My parents have been worried ever since these things started coming out into the open and now they don't want me to be here any longer. They want me to return or to go to some place like Singapore.''

Bajaj said he was yet to get over his trauma. ``I am completely out of my wits at present thinking that it could have been much worse. I was plain lucky with a few bruises, a broken finger and these injuries. I was saved because of an approaching car; otherwise, I would have been in hospital,'' he recalled with a shudder.

The Federation of Indian Students of Australia (FISA) is alleging that no help has come their way, accusing the Indian consulate of not taking the issue seriously and playing politics with the life of students.

Media coordinator of FISA Gautam Gupta told TOI: ``Indian students have been spending millions and this is what they get in return. We have been in touch with the consulate but they are simply not interested in mediation. Why is there no visit by any ministry of external affairs team to see how the consulate is working?'' He alleged that the Indian government wasn't exerting any pressure.

Bajaj, however, feels that the Australian government is doing its bit to bring the situation under control and so are the cops. ``They can't assign a policeman to each student. But believe me, things are bad on the ground and it is not safe at all. First the attacks were happening late at night and in desolate locations, but now the incidents are taking place in the evening hours.''

``Australia is a beautiful country, but I am really scared and want to go home,'' he says.




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