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Please read this piece of informatiom. I do not blame Jesus. His followers are Barbarians. If the condition of nuns are like this what about ordinary christians.

Cardinal says nuns harassed in convents

Ananthakrishnan G | TNN

Thiruvananthapuram: Early last year, a study by the Catholic church found that 25% of the nuns in Kerala were unhappy with life inside the four walls of a convent. More recently, a former nun dropped a bombshell revealing in a book about sexual abuse and mental harassment she suffered in the order. Now, there’s further confirmation of their misery and it comes from the leader of India’s archbishops.

Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil, who is president of Catholic Bishops Council of India, says the nuns are humiliated by priests and they live in fear.

The cardinal’s views have appeared in his biography, much like the nun’s own. If Sister Jesmi’s book was called ‘Amen! Autobiography of a nun’, Vithayathil’s book is titled ‘Straight from the heart’. The cardinal tells his biographer Paul Thelakat, the spokesperson of Syro-Malabar Church, that the time has come to free the nuns from the “pitiable situation’’ they are in. “I would say to a great extent our nuns are not emancipated women. They are often kept under submission by the fear of revenge by priests. That’s how the priests get away with whatever humiliation they heap upon them. It is a pitiable situation from which somebody has to liberate them,’’ says the 82-year-old cardinal.

“A big complaint of our nuns is that the diocesan priests are treating them like servants, making them wash their clothes, prepare their food, wash the churches, etc and that too without getting paid. These are all unjust ways of treating the women religious”.

About the criticism against the clergy in the controversial Sister Abhaya murder, the senior priest says he believed that the Church had not tried to hide anything in the case. “The Church does not want to protect anyone.’’

Vithayathil admits that there has been erosion in values in religious life. “I think asceticism has gone out of religious life.’’ He also points to the growing gap between the clergy and laity.

Also, in what would be music to the ears of the Sangh Parivar, the cardinal lends legitimacy to arguments against religious conversion. “I must add that there is some truth in their contention that certain Christian groups are going about making mass conversions without any real conversion of heart.’’

He says the Church believes in admitting to its fold “people who have belief in the Church’’ and not in mass conversion of people “who have no faith and become Christians only nominally’’. He, however, slams anti-conversion laws, which he says, have banned even legitimate conversion.

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Subject: [prohindu] Re: [Hindu] Ghastly mistake : Barbarians were given the wand of magic - who wrote bible

You dumb ass Christian Slave . shut your propaganda.
.Bloody Bible is bed time story book written by many propaganda spreaders.

every para of your email is " hindu fucked other , killed next , sucked the third one "

what the bloody MC , BC murderous mercenaries so called christians
has done over 2000 yrs .
they burned the towns
destroyed the temples
crushed the libraries
poisioned the wells
spill blood in rivers

killed fathers ,
maimed brothers ,
raped daughters ,
Slaved mothers.

then then baptized the borns from the rapes and called

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The incident of the Ganga coming to earth alone is enough to prove the Bible is a historic, reliable book compared to the fables and stories in Hinduism.
Bhageeratha’s effort in bringing the Ganga to the earth is an example of the legendary nature of Hindu scriptures. We are told that Sumathi, wife of King Sagara, gave birth to not two or three but 60, 000 sons. Legends can give incredible numbers. Sagara had another wife, Keshini. Keshini gave birth to Asamanja. Asamanja’s son’s name is Amsuman. King Sagara performed the Aswamedha Yaga. Gods should help and bless Sagara for te Yaga. But a God like Indra stole the horse of Sagara while he was performing the Yaga. Indra made another trick also. He wanted to put the blame on Kapila for stealing the horse. Seeing the horse tethered beside sage Kapila, the 60,000 sons of Sagara accused Kapila for stealing the horse. Kapila burnt Sagara’s 60,000 sons in his anger. Kapila ia also shown as god Narayana. It is a pity Narayana did not know the teft of another god, Indra. Kapila then told Amsuman that only the water of the Ganga can save the souls of Sagara’s 60,000 sons. Amsuman’s attempt to bring the Ganga to the earth from the celestial world was not a success. How did Amsuman enter the celestial world? In which planet did he find water? So Amsuman’s grandson Bhageeratha performed rigorous peance. Another god Brahma was pleased with the penance of Bhageeratha and told him that the earth could not withstand the force of the Ganga if she descended to the earth and advised him to meet another god, Siva, who could bear the force of the Ganga . So Bhageeratha had to continue his penance which brought Siva before him. Siva agreed to bear the Ganga on his head. However, Ganga wanted to knock down Siva on her way to the earth. Siva understood hr wicked intentions, and trapped her in his matted locks. Look at the primitive imagination of storytellers! So Bhageeratha had to make renewed efforts to get the Ganga to the earth. He prayed to Siva and Ganga was released from his matted locks. But the Ganga on her way destroyed the sacrificial fire of the sage Jahnu. Jahnu in his anger swallowed the Ganga . Again look at the primitive fancy of the storyteller. The Ganga was described by Braham as a forceful, torrential and stormy river which could be controlled only by Siva. Now an ordinary sage swallows it as a glass of water! Now Bhageeratha had to pray to sage Jahnu to forgive Ganga and release her from his stomach. Jahnu released poor Ganga from his stomach. Bhageeratha directed Ganga over the ashes of Sagara’s 60,000 sons and they gained salvation.

Even the Arabian fables like Sindbad, Aladdin etc., are more realistic than Bhageeratha's Ganga's arrival to earth.

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http://www.mondovis story.html

Did the Hindus Help Write the Bible
and Give the Ancient Mexicans Their Religious Traditions

By Gene D. Matlock, B.A., M.A.
When I was a child, my parents were, for a while, members of a Fundamentalist Christian sect called The Nazarenes. It was not a fun church. I escaped from it at age twelve, just when puberty and interest in girls set in.
Though they tried to make me stay in that church, Mom and Dad could not weaken my determination to leave it. However, I did enjoy a certain short song that all the Nazarene children had to learn by heart: Jesus Loves Me, This I know, for the Bible Tells Me So! Had I known then what I know now, I would've sung it this way: The Bible Comes From India, This I Know, for the Hindu Vedas and Puranas Tell Me So!
The following account, taken from the Hindu Matsya Purana (Fish Chronicle), describes some of the people who, after a severe flood, left India for other parts of the world:

To Satyavarman, that sovereign of the whole earth, were born three sons: the eldest Shem; then Sham; and thirdly, Jyapeti by name.
They were all men of good morals, excellent invirtue and virtuous deeds, skilled in the use of weapons to strike with, or to be thrown; brave men, eager for victory in battle.
But Satyavarman, being continually delighted with devout meditation, and seeing his sons fit for dominuion, laid upon them the burdens of government.
Whilst he remained honouring and satisfying the gods, and priests, and kine, one day, by the act of destiny, the king, having drunk mead
Became senseless and lay asleep naked. Then, was he seen by Sham, and by him were his two brothers called:
To whom he said, "What now has befallen? In what state is this our sire?" By these two he was hidden with clothes, and called to his senses again and again.
Having recovered his intellect, and perfectly knowing what had passed, he cursed Sham, saying, "Thou shalt be the servant of servants."
And since thou wast a laugher in their presence, from laughter thou shalt acquire a name. Then he gave Sham the wide domain on the south of the snowy mountains.
And to Jyapeti he gave all on the north of the snowy mountains; but he, by the power of religious contemplation, attained supreme bliss...

If you have read the Jewish or Christian bible, can you guess who Satyavarman, Shem, Sham, and Jyapeti were? Were Satyavarman and his sons our Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japhet? The Old Testament tells us that Satyavarman (Noah) got drunk by imbibing wine made from his vines in what is now Armenia, near Mt. Ararat. But I'm absolutely sure that my Hindu readers would know from where this story originated.
In Sanskrit, Satya-Varman means "Protector of Truth; Protector of the Righteous." Varman often occurs at the end of the names of Kshatriyas (Hereditary Hindu Leadership Caste)... Shem/Sem means "An Assembly." According to White racists(s), Ham was turned black as punishment for lacking in respect for his father. The Christian Fundamentalists insist that Sham fathered the Africans. It was this superstition that helped perpetuate the institution of slavery in our antebellum (pre-Civil War) South. Jyapeti became the "God of the Sun" or the Christian, Jewish, Assyrian, Greek and Roman Jupiter and Jahve or Jehovah. For the Hindus, he is Dyaus Pitar, mankind's first known manifestation of God Shiva..
Satyavarman told Sham that he would acquire a name from laughter. Two of the two tribes descended from Sham were the Ha-Ha and Ho-Ho. They later migrated to other parts of the world. Ha-Ha(am)/Ham, meaning "The Ha people," were among the founders of Egypt. Other descendants of Sham, the Hohokam, settled in the American Southwest. Kam derives from the Sanskrit Gana, meaning "Tribe." Hohokam = "The Ho-Ho Tribe." Notice that both groups were desert people. Another tribe that first settled in the American Southwest were the Anazazi, known in ancient India as Anaza-zi (The Undestroyed and Living God Shiva).
The Jewish Noah's Ark legend appears to be a mixture of three Hindu flood myths: Satyavarman, Vaivasvata, and Nahusha. The Mahabharata states:

"The progeny of Adamis and Hevas (Adam and Eve) soon became so wicked that they were no longer able to coexist peacefully. Brahma therefore decided to punish his creatures "Vishnu" [right] ordered Vaivasvata to build a ship for himself and his family. When the ship was ready, and Vaivasvata and his family were inside with the seeds of every plant and a pair of every species of animal, the big rains began and the rivers began to overflow."
Not only are the names of the main players in the Noah story the same as the family of Satyavarman, but, like the Vaivasvata part that the Old Testament authors plagiarized from the Mahabharata, the rains fell for forty days and forty nights.
According to the Vaivasvata story, Shem's name is Manu; Ham or Sham is Nabhanedistha; Japhet is Yayati or Dyaus-Pitar (Jupiter or the Hebrew Jehovah).
The third "Noah" was a deity named Dyaus-Nahusha. We Westerners call him Dionysius or Bacchus. Bacchus derives from the Sanskrit Bagha, meaning "God the Androgynous. " When a great flood destroyed the world, Nahusha left India in order to restore civilization to mankind. He also left India for another reason which I'll relate in another part of this article. One of the places where he stopped was a small island city state called Sancha Dwipa (Sancha Island), where the citizens built their homes out of seashells.
The Hindu historian Paramesh Choudhury wrote in his book, The India We Have Lost, that Sancha Dwipa was an Egyptian island. However, there is a small Mexican island town just off the Pacific coast in Nayarit state, Mexcaltitan, where the preconquest citizens built their homes out of seashells. According to Toltec mythology, Mexcaltitan [right] was the Mexican deity Quetzalcoatl' s port of entry into Mexico. In Hindu mythology, Nahusha and God Vishnu are in close association. Vishnu is often pictured as floating on a raft of snakes [ left]. He also holds a conch hand in his hand. The Mexican deity Quetzalcoatl was also pictured as floating on a raft of snakes. Conch shells adorned his temples. One drawing of Quetzalcoatl shows him wearing a necklace of conch shells.
But the Mexican anomalies don't stop here.
The pre-Aztec Toltecs were also called Nahoa and Nahua. Nahua tribes did, and still do, extend even into South America. Since the Toltecs could not pronounce "V," I ask myself whether the words Nahoa and Nahua derive from the Sanskrit Nava, meaning "Ship; Boat." The word "Toltec" also appears to derive from the Sanskrit word for "Descendant of the Upper World Nation": Tal-Toka. Quetzalcoatl' s original homeland was Tlapallan (See my article about Atlantis). This could derive from the Sanskrit Tala-Pala (The Upper World Land of Pala), another name of the Indian state of Bihar. Even the stories of the lives of Dyaus-Nahusha and Quetzalcoatl are similar. Dyaus-Nahusha was banished from India for getting drunk and raping the wife of the legendary Hindu philosopher Agastya. Quetzalcoatl was banished getting drunk and raping his own daughter. I can provide even more proofs that Nahusha and Quetzalcoatl were the same individual. It's easy to prove that India
once colonized Mexico. The hard part is keeping ourselves brainwashed to remain blind to this fact!
More than twenty years ago, when I first started investigating these matters, some Fundamentalist Christians scolded me: "What can you gain by proving that all the religions and cultures of the world copied their religious traditions from the Hindus?"
I answered, "Well, you're always saying that someone should go to India and save the Hindus' poor lost souls. O.K, you win. I'm doing it!"

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At 7:16 AM, Blogger Isa das said...

Historically Christian and Muslim faiths have their roots in Judaism,
so at their core concepts about the soul, creation and God are all the same.

I would like to address certain linguistic and philosophical similarities common to both Jews and Hindus, which may open up a broader discussion.

1. Names of God,
a. The most holy of all names of God for a Jew is KNA or KANA, Rabbi's have slapped my face when I have said this name out loud.

This is considered to be the most intimate name for God in the Old Testament. Where it is translated, "I am a jealous God, have no other gods before you", the literal Hebrew translation is, "My name is EL KNA, have no other gods before you."

This name expands to KRE ShTN as Rabbi Aryeh Kapln,in Meditation and the Kabbalah explains
"On Monday, you must intertwine the associated name "KRE ShTN""

b, From a Vedic (Hindu) view point, Kana is also an affectionate name of Krishna, The pronunciation used above "KRE ShTN" is very similar to the way south Indians pronounce Krishna.

2. Abraham and Brahma: Very few know that there are two Abrahams in Jewish philosophy
a. There is a description of how the universe was in chaos until Abraham appeared. It is said, "Over the whole, there hovered Tohu (chaos) and as long as Tohu dominated,the whole world was not in being or existence. When did that key open the gates and make the world fruitful?
It was when Abraham appeared." [Genesis II 4] As explained in the introduction to the Zohar The Soncino Press LTD--London New York

There is also this reference one needs to ponder It is said, "Angels are supposed to have no back and four faces, so always to be able to behold God."
[Talmud, cf. Ezek i. 6]

b. In the First Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, there is a long description of how Brahma created the planets, stars etc. It is well known that the Brahma of this universe has 4 heads.

3. DEMIGODS AND ANGELS have the same function in both trations.
a. The Midrash teaches, "There is no blade of grass that does not have a constellation (Mazal) over it, telling it to grow." [Sefer Yetzirah 4.6]
"As commentaries explain, 'God's providence works through the angels, but the angels, in turn, work through the stars and planets. As some authorities put it, the angels are, in a sense, like souls to the stars. Thus, for example, some sources speak of the stars as having intelligence, but the commentaries note that this is actually speaking of the angels that are associated with them.'" [Sefer Yetrzirah 4.6]

b. The Vedic conception is that there are many specially empowered demigods who help manage the affairs of the universe including the planets of our solar system.
The controlling demigods, although not eternal them selves, function within various posts that exist as long as the universe exists. For example, one of the principle demigods is Lord Indra. Indra is the name of the post, but the particular demigod who occupies that post during a given period has his own personal name. Just like President of the United States is a post, but there have been many presidents throughout history.

4. Durga in the Bible?
a. "He summoned to issue from the side of Darkness a kind of female moon, which rules over the night, and is associated with Adonai, the Lord of all the earth. In his days, the moon was magnified and reached her fullness. A thousand mountains rose before her, and she blew them away with a puff. A thousand mighty rivers flowed before her, and she swallowed them at a draught. Her nails reached out in a thousand and seventy directions and her hands in twenty-four thousand, so that nothing could escape her. Thousands of bucklers clung to her hair. From between her feet went forth a youth who stretched from one end of the world to the other with sixty clubs of fire..." [Zohar]

b. The Vedas describe the ghastly form of Goddess Kali, another name for the Goddess Durga. There is a reference of Goddess Kali in the Srimad-Bhagavatam in the history of Jada Bharata, when she manifested herself to protect him. It is stated, "Intolerant of the offenses committed, the infuriated goddess Kali flashed her eyes and displayed her fierce, curved teeth. Her reddish eyes glowed, and she displayed her fearsome features. She assumed a frightening body, as if she were prepared to destroy the entire creation. Leaping violently from the altar, she
immediately decapitated all the rogues and thieves with the very sword with which they had intended to kill Jada Bharata. She then began to drink the hot blood that flowed from the necks of the beheaded rogues and thieves, as if this blood were liquor.

a. "The Most Recondite is beyond cognition, but reveals of Himself a tenuous and veiled brightness shining only along a narrow path which extends from Him, and this is the brightness that irradiates all. This is the starting point of all esoteric mysteries, itself being unknowable." [Zohar IV 146b]

b. The Absolute Truth is expressed as Brahman, Paramatma, and Bhagavän." [Srimad Bhagavatam.1.2.11] Brahman refers to the impersonal all-pervasive spirit.

That is the same as the brahmajyoti, the effulgence of the Lord.

a. It is said that a personality named Metatron cooperates with God to teach the young. While God devotes the last three hours of the day to this work, Metatron is in charge during the remainder of the day. (A.Z. 3b) [Everyman's Talmud, II, III] Regarding the revolving sword or flaming sword that revolves, it is said "the manner in which the sword rotates depends on the readiness of the individual attempting to enter. If he is worthy, it becomes the mirror through which he perceives, while if he is not worthy, he is burned out and cut off by the fire of this sword. The one who oversees the sword, preventing the unworthy from entering, is the angel Metatron." [Meditation and Kabbalah p 80 Chapter 4, Teachings of Rabbi Abraham Abulafia]
"Metatron is therefore not a proper name at all but a designation for the whole category of celestial powers performing a mission."
[Origins of the Kabbalah, III, 6]

b. In the creative process,it is from Maha-Vishnu that all of the universes emanate, Sudarshan Cakra (flaming sword that revolves) controlled by Visnu similarly punishes and grants liberation. "Without illumination,nothing can be seen, especially in this material world.

The illumination in this world emanates from the effulgence of Sudarshan, the original vision of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The illuminating principles of the sun, the moon and fire emanate from Sudarshan.
Similarly, illumination by knowledge also comes from Sudarshan." [Srimad Bhag. 9.5.7, Purport]
Also there is a series of Visnu expansions each with a chakra.

a. When the soul is about to descend to this world, it first goes down to the terrestrial Garden of Eden and sees there the glory of the souls of the righteous, and then goes down to Gehinnom and sees the wicked who cry "Woe, woe", and find no compassion. That holy form (God) stands by him until he emerges into the world, after which it keeps him company and grows up with him." [The Zohar 43b] [KI TAZRIA (LEVITICUS)]

b. In the Bhagavad-gita "Yet in this body there is another, a transcendental enjoyer, who is the Lord, the supreme proprietor, who exists as the overseer and permitter, and who is known as the Supersoul, Paramatma." [Bg. 13.23]

a. In Judaism, knowledge is also passed from the rabbi to his students, but not everyone is qualified to become a student. "As a matter of law, the sages state that these mysteries 'cannot even be taught to a single individual, unless he is wise enough to understand with his own knowledge.' Even in such a case, the complete tradition was only given over to the head of the group, and he would then only instruct those whom he saw fit. Only individuals
possessing the highest qualities of scholarship and piety would be admitted to the circle of initiates." [Introduction to the Bahir, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan]
It is also stated that "One who reaches the highest level cannot reveal it to anyone. All he can do is give over the keys, so that the enlightened individual
can open the gates which are sealed to exclude the unworthy."
[Meditation and Kabbalah, p 79]

b. In Vedic culture, although a guru would speak to whoever wanted to learn the Vedic science, he was traditionally very selective whom he would initiate as his disciple. He would only accept those persons who qualified themselves by humble submission and service. Lord Krishna states in the Bhagavad-gita, "Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master, inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth."

a. The current Hebrew year is 5767. In this calendar, the year in which Adam was created is counted as year one. If we then count the Biblical genealogies from the time of Adam, we find that over 5,000 years have elapsed since the time he was formed. However, the Kabbalists clearly say that other human beings existed before Adam, and this is even supported in scripture [Drush Or HaChaim] The fifth cycle was the one that brought life, and this took
place around two and a half billion years ago. Around 974 generations before Adam, or some 25,000 years ago, man developed all of the physical and mental capabilities that we possess today...but he still lacked the divine soul that would make him a spiritual being. God then created Adam, the first true human being with a soul, 'and He blew in his nostrils a soul of life'. [Genesis 2.7] [Sefer Yetzirah 4.15]

b. The Vedic calendar states that Kali-yuga lasts 432,000 years, out of which we have passed about 5,000 years.

10.The Ecstasy of Chanting The Names Of God
a. People who have dedicated their lives to the service of God may at times feel unlimited joy or ecstasy while engaged in prayer. It is said, "Permute the letters back and forth, and in this manner, you will reach the first level. As a result of the activity and your concentration on the letters, your mind will become bound to them. The hairs on your head will stand on end and tremble. Your lifeblood is in your heart, and regarding this it is written,
"the blood is the soul" [Deuteronomy 12:23]. It is likewise written, "The blood in the soul will atone" [Leviticus 17:11]. This blood within you will begin to vibrate because of the permutations that loosen it. Your entire body will then begin to tremble, and all your limbs will be seized with shuddering. You will experience the terror of God and will be enveloped with fear of Him. You will then feel as if an additional spirit is within you, arousing you and
strengthening you, passing through your entire body and giving you leisure. It will seem as you have been anointed with perfumed oil, from head to foot. You will rejoice and have great pleasure. You will experience ecstasy and trembling--ecstasy for the soul, and trembling for the body.
[Meditation and Kabbalah, Treasury of the Hidden Eden p85-86]

b. The stage of bhava, love of God, is manifested by eight transcendental symptoms, namely inertness, perspiration, standing of hairs on end, failing in the voice, trembling, paleness of the body, tears in the eyes, and finally trance. [Srimad Bhag. 2:3:24 Purport]

a.The Jewish scriptures describe a vision of God. "His head is a treasure of fine gold. His locks are hanging, black like the raven." In both Talmudic and Kabbalistic traditions, one of the interpretations is that it relates to a vision of God; "when He is visualized in battle, He is seen as a young man with black hair." [Sefer Yetzirah Ch 6.1]

b.The Vedas refer to the form of the Lord. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is stated, "the Lord is super excellently beautiful on account of His open and merciful smile and His sidelong glance upon His devotees. His black hair is curly, and His garments, waving in the wind, appear like flying saffron pollen from lotus flowers. His glittering earrings, shining helmet, bangles, garland, ankle bells, waist belt and various other bodily ornaments
combine with the conch shell, disc, club, and lotus flower to increase the natural beauty of the Kaustubha pearl on His chest." [Srimad Bhag. 2.24.47-48]

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