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Raising Your Spiritual Consciousness - III
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj


Another aspect of spiritual consciousness is that of all-consciousness or
wisdom. God is all-knowing, all-aware. The life of every soul is known to God,
whether the soul inhabits a human form, a mammal, a bird, a reptile, or souls
who have transcended the physical plane and inhabit higher planes and heaven
realms, such as deceased beings, angels, deities, or even a tiny ant or a single
blade of grass. God created all creation and is fully aware of everyone and
everything. God is aware of every soul that existed from the far distant past
into the unimaginable future.

If we want to get a small glimpse of how this is possible, we need only look to
our primitive technology today. We think we are very advanced, but it is just a
small beginning for what humanity will develop in the future. If we look at the
internet, we find that all information is available to us by logging onto
different sites. The server that hosts all the sites is a storehouse of all the
information on all the sites. By logging on we access all the information we
want. God is like a giant server that hosts all our individual souls or
websites. Thus, all knowledge about us is known to God. God is also able to
simultaneously know what is happening to each of us at every second at the same
time. When we tap into that spiritual consciousness and merge into the ocean of
God, we too have access to all-consciousness. That is why it is often said that
we become conscious co-workers of the divine plan.

We hear of people who have transcended physical consciousness to tap into the
spiritual consciousness. Many of the saints, prophets, and mystics have been
able to read the past of others, or foresee into the future. They can do this
because they are tapping into the level of consciousness known as
all-consciousness. It is said that some of the rishis and seers of the past
could see their past up to one hundred lives back. While doing so can also be
cumbersome and complicate our already complicated lives with even more
relationships, it is possible.

In a way, it is a blessing from God that when we come into this life we forget
our past lives and start anew. If we were to remember our past lives, we would
then be tied to numerous past husbands and wives, children, and families, and it
would be difficult to focus on the relationships we have in this life with whom
we have entered into bonds to learn certain lessons and work out certain
experiences. While at the level of our physical consciousness we may not be
aware of our past lives, our soul at the level of spiritual consciousness and
God knows all of our past.

When we merge in all-consciousness, we also gain a full understanding of
universal laws. We understand that there are different levels of existence. We
find that the physical plane is not the only level of existence. When we become
all-conscious, we become knowledgeable about the astral, causal, and supracausal
planes as well as the purely spiritual realms in which there are no traces of
matter or illusion. We begin to understand the laws of nature. Many of those who
we respect as great inventors, scientists, and pioneers were those who had a
glimpse into hidden truths and were able to bring them forth on this planet.
Some of the greatest inspirational creations were made by people who tapped into
a higher source to bring out beautiful music, art work, architecture, poetry, or
literature. By tapping into our spiritual consciousness, we open up a whole new
world of discovery for ourselves.


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