Wednesday, February 25, 2009


IndianVoice] Once a Roja, now a slumdog

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setlurbadri to IndianVoice
show details 9:07 PM (8 hours ago) Reply

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Which one is hate and which one is love, Dilip Kumar Mudaliar@A R

S V Badri

25 February 2009

This is not to belittle the genius and success of A R Rahman. This is
just to connect his recent statement at the Oscars to his background,
and to reveal the unknown face Rahman was so clever as to keep under
wraps. This is to bring to surface the second Rahman – one who took to
hating his natal religion the moment he took to Islam.

To the entire world, he is humility personified. He is pious,
religious, genius, the very best. So be it.

His second Oscar acceptance speech gave him away. It allowed us a
sneak preview of the core of Rahman:

"All my life I had a choice of hate or love. I chose love, and I'm

To understand the statement, one must dig into his early life. It
shows deeply hidden hatred for Hindus and Hindu Dharma, ever since he
converted to Islam.Even I, who had seen him work from very close
quarters on two projects in his pre-Roja days, was bowled over by his
simplicity and humility. He nurtured this fine art for years to win
over many of his producers and the public.

The early days of A.S. Dilip Kumar

He was born as A.S. Dilip Kumar to R.K. Sekhar and Kasturi (now
Kareena Begum) in a Tamil Mudaliar family, the second of three
children. His sisters are Kanchana (Rehana after conversion, which
resulted in divorce with her staunch Hindu husband), and Fathima.

Kanchana's son, G.V. Prakash, who has shot to fame as a music director
having already scored music to many films starting with Veyyil and
Rajnikant'sKuchelan, is also a staunch Hindu like his father. G.V.
Prakash was the synthesizer player for Chettinad Vidyashram's music
troupe as a nine-year-old when my son, Aditya Kasyap, then in class
XI, was the music club secretary and lead singer.

R.K. Sekhar (Dilip aka Rehman's father) was an immensely talented
musician, with no real breaks in the film field. He was more a
conductor of orchestra for Salil Chowdhary and Devarajan in Malayalam
filmdom (Mollywood). Yet his father's passion for music was so
embedded in Dilip's genes that when he was just four-years-old, he
started playing the harmonium. Later he learnt piano under the famous
Dhanraj Master. His father gifted him a Synthesizer bought on a trip
to Singapore, and this instrument so fascinated young Dilip that it
became the source of sounds that would change the Indian film music
world later.

In an interview, he says: "My father passed away when I was 9 years
old. My mother used to narrate many tales about my father which used
to make me very happy. My father was regarded to be highly
knowledgeable in music by many people. I still listen to many of the
old songs tuned by him. I think that it's his enormous knowledge of
music that has come down to me by the grace of God."

Sekhar died ironically on the day of the release of his first film.
Young Dilip had tagged along with his mother, hopping from one
hospital to other, including CMC, Vellore, and to Bible-toting pastors
and Sheik Abdul Qadir Jeelani (Pir Qadri), but it was too late…

He became an atheist. When 11 years old, he joined as keyboard player
in Ilayaraja's troupe, struggled hard and slowly made a name with his
popular jingles. His loss of faith in God continued through his teens
when in 1988 one sister fell seriously ill. Medicines, havans and
Bible-reading pastors failed to revive her. The family finally tried
the same Pir Qadri, whom they called very late in the case of Sekhar.
Dilip's sister made a miraculous recovery. This was attributed to the
Pir and Dilip slowly came under his influence. Gradually, the entire
family converted to Islam; Kanchana even accepted divorce as the price
of conversion.

Thus A.S. Dilip Kumar became Allah Rakha Rahman. Today, Rahman says
"Islam has given me peace. As Dilip I had an inferiority complex. As
A.R. Rahman I feel like I have been born again"

Asked what prompted him to convert to Islam, he said: "I remember my
father suffering. He was taken to eight to nine hospitals, including
the CMC hospital in Vellore and the Vijaya hospital in Madras. I saw
him suffering physical pain... I remember the Christian priests who
would read from the Bible beside his hospital bed... I remember the
pujas and the yagnas performed by the pundits... by the time the
Muslim pirs came it was too late. He had already left us. After my
father passed away, for some years when I was a teenager, I believed
there was no God. But there was a feeling of restlessness within me. I
realised that there can be no life without a force governing us...
without one God. And I found what I was looking for in Islam. I would
go with my mother to dargahs. And Pirsaab Karim Mullashah Qadri would
advise us. When we shifted to this house, we resolved to stick to the

The family's penchant to check with astrologers did not desert them
even after converting to Islam; an astrologer chose Dilip's Islamic
name! He gave him the name Abdul Rahman, but insisted that he should
have two initials, so he became Abdul Rahman Rahman. Later, Naushad
turned `A.R.' to Allah Rakha, and Dilip Kumar became Allah Rakha

It is reputed that G. Venkateshwaran of GV Films and his brother Mani
Ratnam had some misunderstanding with Illayaraja, and that is how
Rahman was picked for Roja; the rest is history.

A Roja becomes a slumdog - Hate vs. Love

"All my life I had a choice of hate or love. I chose love, and I'm

Was the Oscar stage was so intoxicating that the truth had to come
out? Dilip alias Rahman must explain what `hate' is and what `love'
is. Does he mean that Hindu Dharma is `hate' and that is why he
deserted it; that Islam is `love' and that is why he embraced it?
Could he achieve these musical heights in any of the known Islamic
paradises now blooming in the neighbourhood? Above all, is not this
music itself the gift of Hindu Bharat?

A colleague and Rahman apologist mumbled that the musical wonder
actually meant `Wahabi Islam' when he spoke about `hate,' and that
`love' referred to Sufi Islam – I am too old for such stories. If that
is indeed what Rahman meant, then that is what he should have said –
that too at a moment when he had the whole world's attention, and

Tail Piece

It is pertinent to recall that in the immediate aftermath of
Partition, the Peshawar-born and immensely talented Yusuf Khan took
the film name Dilip Kumar to deflect possible non-acceptance by a
Hindu audience. In the same era, however, Waheeda Rahman boldly stuck
to her maiden name, and proved that Hindu Bharat was above petty
prejudice and openly nurtured talent.

Certainly Dilip-Rahman deserves his success. But I am disappointed
with his `hate' versus `love' acceptance speech. This was actually the
moment for him to say Vande Mataram.


At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Leslie said...

The guy who initially send out this mail is sick and so is all the people who believe this and post this thing. Get well soon.
Rahman has always flaunted his spiritualism saying that it gave him peace and all that he has achieved. he has never flaunted Islam. Different people find peace in different things. Some in liquor, other drugs, some religion. For him it is religion and he has been open about it.
Do you know what it means for an artist to win that award. In that moment, trying to collect yourself and come up with something to speak is probably the hardest bit and he did a great job. He thanked "God" and not "Allah". If he wanted to he could have done that but he is not someone like you. You are just one of those hatemogers. Get yourself treated before it is too late.

At 4:08 AM, Blogger fredrick said...

the guy who wrote this is trying to get worlds attention by standing against Rahman ji... its easy to critisise someone but its not easy to be like them.... A.R.Rahman is a genious .... jai ho

At 4:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick or not,but after reading it, i too have become curious about what did rehman actually referring to when he spoke about this choice of love over hate.
if it is the same reason as he suspects, i'm willing to respect rehmaan for that reason too.why not? if it is islam that gave him peace?
the neighbouring paradises may be hell.agreed. i'm no patron of islam. just a simple hindu,who feels despair when i see a great religion i was born into ,disintegrating and decaying in the name of brahminism and casteism.
islam may have thousands of flaws. missionary religions must be constantly working towards the fall of hinduism .agreed to all this. but that doesnt mean we turn a blind eye towards all the flaws within hinduism and blame it all on other religions which are better organised and unified.

may be we should take the opportunity to pay better attention towards rehman's words in good faith, and pause to take a good look at hinduism . may be it is high time we updated our ancient heritage to fit to the modern views of equality before it is too late.
instead of outrightly critisising rehman's statement, let us take a sympathetic view of it and ponder about what after all must have prompted such a great soul to make such a statement. nobody understands another's suffering and what he must have gone through until they themselves go through it. i'm sure rehman had sufficient reasons for his choice in life.
the only way we can make amends for what he suffered in life, is to work together to change that what he calls 'hate' once again into 'love'.

may be it is time for the hindus to take a good look at hinduism.

At 11:35 PM, Blogger SathaKarni said...

Rahman had clearly explained this question in lots of interviews the day after he reached Chennai.

The statement is very generic and this conflict comes in everybody's life.

Don't think too much and please try to appreciate the work he has done.

BTW, if Rahman reads this article YOU would become Hate, but he will choose Love against it.

So he Loves you also inspite of this article.

At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave about A R Rahman. The guy posted this story should tell, what actually the term 'Hindu Bharat' means? Is it "Hindu India", kind of meaning. I know 'Bharat' our country which we say as 'India' too. Please guys dont bring or create religious conflict in every chances u get. If you are smart enough in crating stories even about legends, you have no better job to do in your life I think. Do some work, your evil thoughts will go and find peace in loving others.

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If everyone starts thinking like you even about a person like Rahman who simply minds his own business and finds success and fame to our country,......then in that case there wont be Hindu Bharat, but one day its Hindu blood sheds alone. Dont create quarrels and hatred and pl not try to seed them on others heart too. Live N Let Live!!!..havent u studied this anywhere?

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Religion and belief in God is every man's prerogative...nobody has the right to be judgmental on that.

I can understand that you feel Rahman has ditched Hindu religion and embraced another. I am a Hindu too. But can't you see there are so many converts in this country...why should it matter if Rahman converts. Again, its their own wish. But whether he likes it or not he is Hindu by birth...I hope that makes you feel better!

If there really is anything like God, I would hope it is much beyond religion and such ideologies.

When I heard Rahman say whatever he did at Oscars...I thought he probably meant the hatred and jealousy of people versus mother's love, that he chose not to get overcome by the hatred. Becos he loves his mom so much...that's who he must have thought of at that moment..I feel.

Anyways, let's just all be proud that he is Indian and done India proud.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throughout over history Hindus have suffered a lot in the name of blind faith of Islam.They have massacred millions of non Islamic people including Hindus & Christians.If god really exists then he too will not forgive such a cruel person.Hindus have suffered a lot throughout over history in the name of allah .how sick the concept is.So the reaction given by author is nothing wrong.I don't know whether Hindus are ashamed or not but soul of his father must be ashamed for his wrong doing .NOT HE HIMSELF BUT HE HAS CONVERTED THE WIDOW OF HIS FATHER TOO OHH WHAT THE SICK MAN HE IS.But this is kaliyug so sinner is always praised and get success in his life.

At 5:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiyo, get a life lah for goodness sake! Think the writer has inferiority complex! Really stupid write up! Think u r jealous lah! The love/hate is simple rahman chose love and that's that, why complicate matters! Fool!

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the guy who wrote this,

I cant search for words to describe your limited mind.!!


At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who the fucking moron wrote this???
such a retard....
Go get a life u fucking DUMB ASS...

At 3:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all what he did is his personal things....if he find peace in islam he can chose it.but it is also true that he didn't find peace in hinduism because he does not understand hinduism truly.
now let me tell one thing in bharat 87 percent is hindu and about 12 percent muslim,but we give them respect and any one who have talennt got sucess.but if they are in majority then the condition remain same for others..............
go to kashmir and see how the population of kashmiri padit decreases from 15%to 0%.........this is the love of islam that make this decreament

At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm completely with the Author on that. What he is telling is correct. So far I too realized the same many times emanating X-Dilip kumars' interviews. Will see how he (x-dilip kumar) is after 10 yrs from now on.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a sick post! Get a life!

At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is such a useless post!! Admin ji, for God's sake, please delete this post!!!

Thanks in advance..

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