Tuesday, February 24, 2009


[aryayouthgroup] Dr Shastry greets everybody from Varanasi

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prabhu shastry to Londonprabhu
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fromprabhu shastry


dateMon, Feb 23, 2009 at 6:55 AM
subject[aryayouthgroup] Dr Shastry greets everybody from Varanasi
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Priya Shri Nagendra Rao and all our Bandhus abroad, My hearty greetings to you all from Kashi Varanasi Benares who has blessed me in this first ever visit!
I am so lucky along with my wife to be In the holy pilgrimage of Mahadeva Vishvantha Vishweshwara Vishalakshi Devi at the holiest night - NOW.
Luckier we two are, staying in the erstwhile residence of Kashi Raja and saw the present prince come to the Shivalaya (private royal shrine) in his father's erstwhile palace!!
Luckiest we are to be bathing every day in Ganga and visited Prayaga yesterday.
I went around the Mandir to see 4 different queueues - each of them 3 kms long - right since 12 noon and perfectly calm, devoted and lined up patiently for their turn to pour Ganga in the cans on the Shivalinga. Hundreds cam walking from Prayaga (212 kms away) as they do every year. Like the Yatris of Ayyappa's, HaroHaras', these on pledge carry a shoulder stick with specific things and walk barefoot and in groups. Police are only helping retrace the lost children or old people and their guns / lathis are all wasted. The people are popularly law-abiding and self-disciplined. Vol orgns like Shiva Sena also are helping in announcements of the Lost & Found relatives. All shops in the Bazaar (Chowk) near the Mandir are open and help people in need.
Dr Shastry, now in Varanasi Kshetra.