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MY RESPONSE to Kaleem Kawajaâ: Why Hindus are angry at Muslims in I
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Why Hindus are angry at Muslims in India?
From: Narain Kataria, New York
To: The Editor, India Tribune
Here is my response to Kaleem Kawaja€ ¢â’ ’¹s letter titled € ¢â’ ’¼Why Hindus are angry
at Muslims in India,€ ¢â’ ’½ published in the India Tribune of August 2, 2008.
Hindus have not just one but one million reasons to be angry at Muslims in
India. Let me list only a few of them for Mr. Kawaja€ ¢â’ ’¹s kind-hearted
understanding, even though I believe Mr. Kawaja is deliberately acting to be ignorant
of the reasons behind this Hindu mindset and the history € ¢â’ ’³ past and present.
So, I will try to make it as simple and as clear for him as possible€ ¢â’ ¦ and, for
all those € ¢â’ ’¸secularists€ ¢â’ ’¹ and Leftists who pretend to be naive just like Mr.
1. First of all, Hindus hold Muslims responsible for the vivisection of
their country that they consider as their MOTHER. Hindus adorably call it
Bharat-Mata, Matru-Bhoomi, Puniya-Bhoomi, Dharma-Bhoomi, Swarag-Bhoomi, etc.
2. Hindus cannot understand why the Muslims are still living in India.
It is a well-known fact that in 1946 elections, more than 90% of the
Muslims voted for the breakup of the greater India and the creation of a Muslim
land called Pakistan. Despite getting their Muslim land € ¢â’ ’³ believe it or not € ¢â’ ’³
only 15% Muslims left for the Pakistan and 85% of them stayed put in India.
Hindus really want all these Muslims living in India to leave Hindus alone
in their country.
3. Hindus are upset that Muslims are having a cake and want to eat it
too. Thus, Hindus can see that Muslims have opened a separate bank account
for Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh, while they are operating a joint bank
account with Hindus in India. This is not right and absolutely unfair.
Hindus do not want to share the India with Muslims.
4. Again, at the time of Partition of India in 1947, there were 20%
Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. Now there are only 1% or so. In 1947 there were
more than 30% Hindus in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), at this time there
are only 8% Hindus there. Hindus want Muslims to explain what happened to all
those Hindus. Hindus are absolutely unhappy about the ethnic cleansing of
Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
5. Conversely, during the same period the Muslim population in India
has been rising with leaps and bounds. Muslim numbers in India have risen
from 9% in 1951 to 15% now. Hindus abhor this. In the unprecedented rise of
Muslim population in India, Hindus clearly see a mortal threat to their very
existence as Hindus. They see this as a conspiracy to breakup and divide their
country all over again.
6. Hindus simply will never be able to forget the massive scale of
rapes, murders, loot and mayhem let lose by Muslims on the peaceful Hindus in
Kashmir and the vicious ethnic cleansing in their own country.
7. How can Hindus forget massacre of our 35 Sikh brothers at
Chattisinghpora in the State of Jammu and Kashmir in year 2000, an attack on Jammu and
Kashmir State Legislature in October, 2001, another attack on the India€ ¢â’ ’¹s
National Parliament in December 2001, yet another attack on the American
Cultural Center in January 2002, the roasting alive of 56 women and children in
February 2002 at Godhra Railway Station in Gujarat State, the killing of more
than 30 members of families of Army personnel in May 2002, serial bomb attacks
on passenger trains and public places in the country€ ¢â’ ’¹s financial capital
Mumbai on August 2005 that killed 46 people and injured 160, another devilish
attack on the Hindu religious place, the Akshardham Temple in September 2002 € ¢â’ ’³ 29
individuals including 16 women and four children killed, the butchering of
Hindus in Mau in State of Uttar Pradesh, the Delhi bomb blasts in October
2005 € ¢â’ ’³ 70 people killed, massacre of Gujjars in Doda and Udhampur, in State of
Jammu and Kashmir in May 2006, a second series of Mumbai train bomb blasts in
July 2006 € ¢â’ ’³ 200 people dead, a separate series of bomb blasts in Lucknow,
Varanasi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Bangluru € ¢â’ ’³ hundreds killed.
8. While Hindus in Jammu agitating for the legitimate rights of Hindu
pilgrims in Amernath raise the slogan of Bharat Mata ki Jai, the Muslims in
Srinagar, to the great mortification and chagrin of Hindus, wave green flags
of Pakistan and openly raise the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad (long live
Pakistan)! This treacherous behavior of Muslims is unacceptable and outrageous to
Hindus and causes a serious heartburn to them.
9. Recently, in a shocking disclosure, India€ ¢â’ ’¹s National Security
Advisor, M.K. Narayanan while talking to newsmen in Singapore disclosed that 800
terrorist cells are operating in the country. These home grown terrorists are
none other than the Indian Muslims who provide shelter, guidance, financial
assistance and other infrastructure facilities to the terrorists to kill more
and more Hindus and destabilize Indian economy. Hindus have every reason to
express their indignation and angst at this blatant anti-national activity.
10. All Kashmiri Muslims are doing roaring business all over India. There
are Haj Houses all over the country. But the Muslim leaders are openly and
repeatedly declaring that they would not give € ¢â’ ’¼an inch of land€ ¢â’ ’½ in Hindu
India to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board. What an act of ingratitude!
11. Hindus simply cannot erase from their memory the Great Killings of
Calcutta on August 16-17, 1946 in which more than 5,000 Hindus were butchered by
Muslim fanatics supported by the Muslim Chief Minister of Bengal. Hindus
also vividly recall the genocide of 5,000 unarmed Hindus in Noakhali in Bengal
State around the same time. Hindus simply cannot forget the beastly
brutalities perpetrated by the West Pakistani Muslim military establishment on the
East Pakistan Hindus during the Bangladesh uprising in 1971. Events like these
are unparalleled in the history of humanity.
12. Describing the unimaginable capacity of the Muslim mind to conduct the
dance of devil, Mr. A. Ghosh, the celebrated author of book € ¢â’ ’¼Kafir and Quran,€ ¢â’ ’½
writes: € ¢â’ ’¼In many cases a whole community (of Hindus in East Pakistan) was
encircled. Mothers and daughters were raped on a mass scale, in presence of
brothers or fathers. Breasts of elderly ladies were chopped off. Pregnant wo
men were disemboweled; infants€ ¢â’ ’¹ heads were smashed on the floor. Then
followed the chopping off of genitals, gouging out of eyes, and on and on and on.
As a grand finale, everybody was put in a house and the house was set on
fire.€ ¢â’ ’½
13. Hindus also remember very well as to how the Sikh Guru Arjun Dev was
made to sit on a hot plate over the raging fire and the hot sand was poured
over his body€ ¢â’ ¦ until he died. Hindus and Sikhs will never be able to forget as
to how another Sikh Guru, Teg Bahadur Saheb, was murdered in cold blood by the
Muslims because he refused to convert to Islam. Hindus remember the two
young sons of the last Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh, who were bricked alive by the
Muslim ruler, as they refused to embrace the Islam.
14. For the information of Mr. Kawaja, listed here are only a few of the
Muslim militant organizations that preach hatred and violence against the Kafirs
€ ¢â’ ¦ principally the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists€ ¢â’ ¦ and are working
overtime to establish Nizame-Mustafa (the Islamic domination) in India: (1)
Muslim Volunteer Force, (2) Islamic Revolutionary Front, (3) Islamic Liberation
Army of Assam, (4) Jamait-e-Islami, (4) Hurriyat Conference, (5) Jamit-al-Quran
Hadis, (6) Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, (7) Al Ummah, (8) Islamic
Movement of India, (8) Student Islamic Movement of India (the notorious SIMI),
(9) Islamic Youth Center, (10) Jihad Committee, (11) Muslim United Liberation
Tigers of Assam, (12) Muslim Liberation Front of Assam, (13) Al Huda, (14)
Jehad, (15) Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen, (16) National Democratic Front, (17) Mili
Parliament, (18) Indian Muslim Mohammadi Mujahideen, and (19) Indian Mujaheden.
The principal aim of all the above groups is the annihilation of Hindus.
15. Hindus in India and the Indian subcontinent have witnessed an
unprecedented continued chain of barbarism by Muslims in the last 1400 years. In 712
A.D., the then Governor of Iraq sitting two thousand miles away from the
Indian capital Delhi, ordered the Iraqi Muslim ruler in India to bring about the
destruction on unbeliever Hindus (unbeliever: the Hindus that do not believe
in Islam) if they did not accept Islam. The historical chronicles tell us
that in the merciless slaughter that ensued, 26,000 Hindu men were murdered and
20,000 young Hindu girls were enslaved and dispatched to Khalifa in Baghdad.
16. Akbar was the slaughterer of Hindus. Jahangir, in his autobiography
"Tarikh-i-Salim Shahi" wrote that under Akbar and Jahangir "five to six hundred
thousand (over half a million) Hindus were killed." (Tarikh-i-Salim:
Translated By Price, pp. 225-6). In Akbar€ ¢â’ ’¹s military conquest of Chittor in the State
of Rajasthan, Abul Fazl recorded that "on Akbar€ ¢â’ ’¹s orders, eight thousand
Rajput warriors were first disarmed and then slain; along with them forty
thousand peasants also were slain." (The Islamic treatment of PoW, Surah 8, Ayat
67, the Quran) (Akbarnama by Abul Fazl translated into English by H. Beveridge)
We can go on and on and on€ ¢â’ ¦ with the never-ending saga of Muslim misdeeds
against the Hindus. Hindus may not have readily available with them the
specific details of the each one of the above acts of extreme Muslim brutality. The
Hindu € ¢â’ ’¸secular€ ¢â’ ’¹ leadership also takes extreme pains to ensure that the
endless tails of Muslim atrocities€ ¢â’ ¦ against the Hindus€ ¢â’ ¦ do not get recalled,
remembered, written, memorialized, entered in history books, or spoken from the
public platforms.
But the naked truth is that the painful wounds of Muslim savagery,
treachery, betrayal, deceit, dishonesty, disloyalty, duplicity€ ¢â’ ¦ on the na€ ¢Ã¯ve Hindu
psyche€ ¢â’ ¦ are too numerous to count and too deep to heal.
These painful sores of history € ¢â’ ’³ the distant past and still ongoing € ¢â’ ’³ have
traumatized the Hindus so much and for so long that they just cannot be
healed, nor can their memory be completely erased from the Hindu subconscious
mind. Hindu mind will continue to be haunted and tortured at the slightest
glimpse of the classic pattern of Muslim dishonesty and betrayal.
Does Mr. Kawaja need any more reasons, any more examples, to explain why
Hindus don€ ¢â’ ’¹t trust Muslims and why they appear to be angry at Muslims?

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