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In the Koran it says, when you see an Infidel or a Kefir, kill him. With this attitude it seems Muslims do not want to live with anybody. They want countries with a 100% Muslim population. In 1947, when India was divided into a Muslim Country and a Hindu Country, Pakistan had a 20% Hindu population. They kicked them out or killed them and now they have a 1% Hindu population. In Bangladesh they had a 40% Hindu population, now they have 10% left.

In India, Kashmir had many Hindus but most have been kicked out or killed in recent times. Recently the Government wanted to give Hindus a few acres of land near Amarnath pilgrimage in the Himalaya Mountains, and the Muslims of Kashmir rioted because they believe that the Hindus will make a colony of Hindus in Kashmir. This is absurd, who wants to live on the top of the mountains. The Hindu society only wanted to construct a building for people to stay in when they came for darshan on their pilgrimage. The big riots by the Muslims in Kashmir and Jammu which is part of Kashmir where Hindus are in the majority, have also rioted in protest as the Indian Government decided not to give the land to the Hindus. The Indian Government gives money to the Muslims to go to the Haj which they like, but they do not want give anything to the Hindus. Now the Kashmir Muslims are saying, “We don’t want any Hindus coming to live in Kashmir, but told the Muslims in Jammu that Muslims who are the minority should not leave Jammu. I would like to say, “If the Muslims of Kashmir do not want Hindus to come live among them then the Hindus should tell the Muslims to go home and live with Muslims.” The VHP have told the Muslims of India that if the Indian Government does not give the land to the Hindus in Amarnath then we will not let Muslims go from Mumbai for Haj. So this thing has become stuck. The congress party that is ruling India has created this mess and they do not know how to resolve it.

Muslims think they are pure and they do not want to live with anybody. I’m from Ahmedabad and was once visiting my hometown and I decided to go into the city. By mistake I entered into the Muslim area and I realized that I was there, and I got a lot of dirty looks which said, “Why have you, a Hindu come here.” I heard in France, there are Muslim ghettos, where only Muslims live. Apparently they do not like to live among Christians either. Now I understand that the Kashmir’s of India want Independence from India. I recommend that if they don’t like a secular country where all of us have to live lovingly and peacefully together that they should leave India (Hindustan) and go live in one of the already established Muslim countries. There are many failed Muslim countries available for them where they are fed by American dollars. The US gives Pakistan two Billion Dollars a year. May God Bless America. They borrow money from China and give it to Muslim countries as a pacifier.

Here is a strong leader, the Prime Minister of Australia John Howard, said, the following:

“Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.”

So, are we going to live in this world together peacefully, or are we going to have a Muslim world where there is no room for anybody else and no one left to take care of them.
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