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Sex and sexuality in Pakistan By Amar Khan
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By: Amar Khan

This article is dedicated to Muslims living in the west.

Writing something about the society of Pakistan, I categorized the Pakistani people into:

* Elite class

This class includes government machinery, industrialists, Ministers and armed personals.

These guys haven't any thing to do with Islam. They usually eat, drink and remain happy.

There is no different between this class and westerners socially. They live in Pakistan but adopt customs of the west. So all the "evil" that are common in the west are also found in this class of Pakistanis.

* Mediocre class

This class includes mostly religious people because they always have need of God to remove their problems and for improving their life standard. About 2% of the people who say Islamic prayers fall into this category.

* Poor class

This class includes people who don't know about Islam and Mohammed. Their day starts in a quest for filling their bellies and ends with searching for a place to sleep. These people mostly are students of Islamic Madrassa. Most of the Taliban were among them. They are illiterate and can not even recite Islamic prayers.

I noticed that Muslims living in infidel countries, enjoying equal rights and facilities, looks at Islam differently than Muslims living in Islamic countries. This is because they thought that whether Islam has something that changes society and social life of people. But sadly, Islam destroys family systems, allows polygamy and supports dictatorship.

Many Muslims in the west thinks that in Islamic countries wine, gays, pre martial sex, abortion, porn, lesbians doesn't exist. But in reality, I will say these things are more common in Pakistan than in the West. I haven't seen the West yet but I know about Pakistan well. I toured a lot and having friends in different provinces I know a lot about this.


It is very common and easily accessible. I can have a bottle while writing this article just pressing some numbers at my cell phone. For the elite class, wine is like mineral water supplied to their homes. About all the hotels have a special supply of champagne. For the middle class, being drunk seems a "sin" and people use it usually during celebrations and festivals. As shown in Indian films, it is common in parties. Wine of every type is available in Pakistan. Even villagers produce their indigenous wine to suffice the need of local people.

Pre martial sex:

Quest of fulfilling sexual desires starts quickly after the age of puberty reaches.

I think it is natural because same behavior is found in animals. But I am not here to write whether pre martial sex is good or bad, but I will only describe how it exists in Pakistan.

Due to honor killings, girls are basically bound to abstinence that is; the existence of pre martial sex in girls is comparatively a smaller ratio than the sodomy among boys.

Sodomy is very common in Pakistan. It is more common in areas of NWFP where Islamization is stronger then other provinces. Actually, every one needs to be sexually satisfied by wet dreams, masturbation or pre martial sex. But in Islam masturbation can cause pregnancy of fingers therefore only way left is pre martial sex with any girl, boy or animal. Girls are bound due to honor killing and other Islamic rulings so the only way left for any Muslim youngster to satisfy himself sexually is sodomy. In Pakistan, people feel ashamed to masturbate or tell about it. On the other hand, they feel proud of telling about their sodomy. I think I am writing very openly but it is a fact. Despite all these activities whore business is still flourishing. For whores, every hour is rush hour. And due to new technological advancements you can call a "call girl" to your apartment via cell phone. These cell numbers are very common due to advertisement.

The most common term in Pakistan is "heera mandi" (sex market). Every Pakistani reading this knows very well about it. This market is flourishing in every town and village of country. Police and other law enforcement agencies take their "share" in this business.

Last week, friends of mine were talking that how much % of people exist who don't have sex before marriage. We asked this question to 100 boys from different regions of Pakistan in our university, being frank with us, reply was maximum between 3-5%. In clear words, among the Muslims of Pakistan only 7% can fight their lust and don't commit "zinah". You may think that I am exaggerating but it is fact. If you are Pakistani then ask yourself and ponder over all around you.

Being a boy, I can not ask any girl about this. Because, I don't want to be involved in an honor killing. Honor killing is very common and is very boast able thing in Pakistan. Every day I read in local newspapers about honor killings. But the interesting thing is that those who honorary killed any girl are always indulged in pre martial sex. This is the double standard.

It is a man's monopoly in Pakistan. Muslims want to have all kinds of relations with any other girls but when they conclude that any of their women are doing such a "sin" then only one cure is for her .That is being honorary killed.

While having this sex rate in Pakistani, even I used to boast that western people are shameless and there are no moral values. But, now, I think it is the same everywhere. I wrote this because many Muslims living in western countries think that Islamic lands are pure and such kind of "evils" don't exist here.

So dear Muslim reader don't think that Islamic countries are free from these "evils". And never think that Islamic societies are morally better than other societies.

So if you are looking for any son in law or daughter in law from Pakistan just remember that no one guarantees his/her chastity.


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