Thursday, June 05, 2008


JUNE 5 08, NO.2

1. I heard some European say that eating white bread is like eating a blotting paper.

2. Nowadays there seems to be enough jagrati to realize that one must eat brown bread.

3. Of course if one can get whole wheat atta chapattis, then how lucky you are. After a certain age, do not use any ghee or oil on the chapatti; avoid all paranthas or puris or for that matter any fried food must be avoided. Samosas, which are so tasty and we all love them, are the worst culprit as they are full of alu and tel and your system will have to work very hard to process them without getting much of use to your body or system.

4. Use olive oil on your salads; for cooking use grape seed oil or canola oil only sparingly. According to earlier and modern research these oils are good for you if taken in limited quantity.

5. Recently, I found soya and kala chana flour in the Indian groceries in California and you may mix it with the whole wheat atta and make chapattis which will be quite healthy.

6. For the toast bread, you can buy SPROUTED grain bread, it is available in Costco and also everywhere. Expensive but quite healthy as you can imagine. However, in Coscto it may be slightly cheaper than outside.

7. Eat Ghiya subzi (in Chinese it is called Opu) often.


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