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From: Dilip Mehta <>
Date: Feb 3, 2008 6:25 AM

More dangrous than muslims are our secular bastards. They encouraged Islamic terrorists. For them muslim is seating in their heart like god.
Dilip Mehta

Babu Suseelan <> wrote:
Dr. Babu Suseelan
The detection of Pakistan ISI Jihadi terrorism training camp in the deep forest of Karnataka is nothing new. It is as old as Islamic invasion of India. The irrational obsession of Muslims to take over India by the Islamic sword is nothing new .For centuries; Muslims have shown obsessive ferocity to destroy Hindu civilization and India by ideological, military and other violent means. The fact is that Jihad war is endemic and Muslims have been waging war against infidel Hindus for centuries. The real cause of the never-ending Jihadi terrorism is the unremitting desire of Muslims to annihilate infidel Hindus. The hatred and intolerance are fueled by fanaticism and intransigence and unwillingness to accept diversity in religion. Muslim extremists interpret Jihad primarily in terms of the use of force to impose Islam on others and to fight "infidels" to conquer the world. Muslims are united in their hatred against "infidel Hindus".
Since 1947, Pakistan has built vast war machines for the ultimate Jihad to take over India. Pakistan invokes Jihad to help Kashmir Muslims and support Muslims in different parts of India. In their view, homicide bombing, killing of innocent Hindus, destruction of temples, research institutions, burning passenger trains, hijacking airplanes and assassination in the name of Allah is justified.
The mushrooming of Jihadi terrorist organization in India is the direct result of appeasement policies and special privileges accorded to Muslims by the Congress government. Realizing that Jihadi terrorism is a profitable business for Pakistan, Pakistan has now established Jihadi terrorism training camps deep inside India. Pakistan is training Jihadis in the use of explosives, rifles, selecting target for bombing, hand to hand combat and hijacking. Pakistan provides funding and training instructors to achieve its political and military goals-by destabilizing the country. These ISI trained Jihadis are quite unafraid to kill civilians and bomb centers of higher learning in pursuit of their Islamic goals. More than anything else, various Jihadi terrorist groups in India are united by their unvarying commitment to establish Dar-Ul-Islam in India. They have motivation, dedication and direction from Pakistan ISI. Pakistan provides direct funding, logistical support for Jihadi terrorist training camps.
Islamic madrasa networks in India provide the most essential support base for the Jihadi terrorist groups. They establish close links with Marxists, subversive groups, so called human rights organizations, corrupt political leaders, phony secularists, and bogus intellectuals. The anti-Hindu media continue to support Jihadi terrorist groups. The mainstream media continues to assault virtually every Hindu organization and blame Hindus for Jihadi bombing. As a result, these Jihadi groups have grown increasingly brazen, bombing civilian targets with impunity.
Muslims are united in their greater hatred against "infidel Hindus" and India. Muslims in India have built vast war machines for the ultimate Jihad to kill Hindus. Indian citizens have wondered why many secular and human rights organizations and the Marxists in India did not strongly condemn the outrageous Jihadi terrorist attacks in different parts of India. One of the more direct and honest answers to this is that Muslims, Marxists and bogus secularists perceive Hindus are the instigators of Jihadi hatred. Others wonder aloud: Why do Muslims hate Hindus? Except some nationalist leaders and few Hindu organizations, none in India had taken this issue seriously.
For decades, vested interest groups have compelled political parties to implement exclusive benevolent programs for Muslims. A clean example is Hajj subsidy, job reservation and Islamic budget earmarked for Muslims, and quota system. Muslims in India enjoy more privileges and political and religious freedom than in any Islamic nations. In spite of their special status, political right and privileges, Muslims hate infidel Hindus. By extension, they hate India that had treated them with special status and more rights than Hindus. Islamic Pakistan harbors resentment and hostility against the people of India. For the past few years, Pakistan has been recruiting, training and deploying Islamic terrorists throughout India for subversive activities. Many Hindus were burned to death, temples were bombed and commercial as well as research institutions were bombed.
According to Intelligence agencies, Jihadi Terrorist groups are guided by Pakistan ISI and they are active in many states. Pakistan would continue Jihad until the independence of Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Hyderabad, Utter Pradesh, Kashmir, and Junagarh-with significant Muslim population. The pro Pakistan Muslims and Al-Qaeda sympathizers in Kashmir, Kerala, Karnataka and West Bengal have revived themselves and reorganized their organizations with funding from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The madrasa industry and Jihadi factories scattered around India produce thousands of Islamic terrorists for subversive activities. Criminal incompetence of the police, corruption and inefficiency of law enforcement agencies, as well as political interference further strain India's capacity to prevent Jihadi terrorism. Marxist state government in Kerala and West Bengal has sidelined efficient police officers who have known ample courage in fighting Jihadi terrorism. The congress government at the centre has many sympathisizers and supporters of Islamic terrorists.
To tackle Pakistan inspired and managed Jihadi terrorist camps deep inside India, the government must devise strong and effective strategies to reduce the power and influence of extremist Islamic organizations like SIMI, NDF, Lashkar-i-Taiba, and Jama-et- Islami.
One of the maddening realities of modern India is that the pseudo secular politicians and Marxists are not worrying about safety and security of the country. They are worrying about appeasement and special privileges for Muslims. The greatest threat is from the selfish opportunism from politicians who are ideologically inclined toward appeasement and surrender. They invariably dismiss or underestimate the Islamic terrorist threat, as well as Pakistan involvement. Rather than confronting Jihadi terrorists, they prefer appeasement and unconditional positive regard and non-judgmental attitude towards Pakistan trained Jihadi terrorists. This special treatment for Muslims has forced Hindus to face pure Jihadi wickedness in a way we had not in generations.
Bogus secularists and the Marxists have been scorning Hindus for their tolerant, spiritual faith. It is fashionable for them to mock Hindus, but have a blind spot about Jihadi terrorists. Bleeding-heart Human Rights activists and phony liberals could accomplish for more if they are willing to battle against Islamic terrorists.
It is tough time for Hindus in India. The majority are largely indifferent and uncertain how to shape sound social policy and gain political power. They pay little attention to Islamic terrorism and believe that Hindus could reduce Islamic hatred, vulnerability and terrorism if we would be more tolerant. Such thinking is irrational and would not remove our vulnerability. Muslims will always hate us because of our values of openness and tolerance. We will have no choice but to deal with Islamic rigidity, intransigence, hostility and jihad war through more effective counter terrorism policies. Our Central government has forgotten that government's primary purpose is to defend the country. Sooner or later the silent majority must wake up and must realize deadly danger of sleeping with Jihadi terrorists.


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