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Bhai Shri Sher Singhji ,
Saadar Namastey !

I sincerely thank you for all your precious Time & the pains you have so kindly taken in advising various remedies for my wife as yrself being a Natropath & an experienced in this field. My wife is also grateful & thankful for your such a wonderful email advices , however, I have doubts , if she will follow those Precious advices , reasons, an arthritis patient tends to get lethargic , refuses to practice any excercise, walks or take natural herbs as medicines , instead they normally prefer to take a pill & swallow it with water & that's it.

As you are a Great Naturopath, I have been a student of Yoga from the age of Seven & my actual last Yoga Guru was late Shri Dhirendra Brahamchari with whom I had the opportunity to spend my 40 precious days, learning & perfecting Yoga myself, when hardly any one knew him.

In India , if any other Great Yogi has emerged thereafter, he is None other than , Swami Ram Dev. ( I have learnt Yoga from various Yoga Acharyas & Gurus & I had achieved a reasonable expertise in it. The real Yoga benefit, which I had learnt , is to impart this knowledge Selflessly to others without any Monetary benefits , which None of the Modern Yoga Acharyas follow & hence they lose their Yogic Charismatic Powers in course ).

Though I have been maintaining absolute healthy life practising Yogic Excercises, particularly breathing excercises, but Unfortunately, I have undergone many accidents :

Once my aircraft was totally crashed & had fallen at Heathrow Airport, another time, some one was wanting to kill me & my left leg was broken in 18 pieces & the surgeons at Mumbai wanted to chop off my leg, but I managed to save it & I was on crutches for about 2-1/2 years & I was Not allowed to put my Left foot down, yet another time , I had broken my Three Ribs and so on ; still I keep moving almost with the same vigour & vitality, believing that the function of Pain is to give pain , but we must continue our duties & responsibilities, forgetting it altogether. However, all above episodes have very recently effected my right knee which continues to pain throughout.

As you have very kindly suggested various curative & preventive Natural treatment for my wife, I have told her & she promises to try on your suggested lines.

In this regard, allow me to state a fact that she acquired her arthritis owing to some wrong medicines & their side effects else she was once considered as a "Laughing Machine ",who used to be exceedingly beautiful & charming in her young age, to the extent that Raj Kapoors & Devanand had at one time offered her roles in movies which she had bluntly refused on their faces for my sake.

Now , She has No pains at all from her arthritis but her hands have gone crooked & lost strength as a result she can not roll chapaties or roties etc & she has lost strength in her hands, else she is just fine. At one time her arthritis was so severe that she was Not able to put her feet on the ground as her soles used to pain ; in the same way, her arthritis had penetrated in her teeth also which had become quite brittle then. But now everything is alright but whatever damage was to be done to her body, can not be reversed : all happened owing to wrong medications.

Since we both are rigidly Vegetarians, so is our entire extended families , we both avoid Intake of Sugar & Salt, specially , I take bare minimum of Salt , almost like "NO Salt " in our Food preprations nor in Salads , nor in Mooli-kas, Fruit Salads etc. But It would be unfair incorrect if I say that we do NOT take salt & Sugar, we certainly take but in very- very reduced qtys incl our food preparations are almost bland as we Never take Red Chillies at all Nor keep in our house except for our Maid Servants.

Your advices on herbal medicines are fantastic as I do know a little bit of this science , hence I seldom fall sick nor I have to go to a doctor: Instead of regular morning & evening Tea, we both have stopped taking any tea in the evenings for last 2-3 years & in the morning we take herbal teas containing the following WHOLE Herbs , thouroughly washed by me personally, which is more like a kadha, rather than the Tea :

2 nos. Cloves , 2 nos of Bl. Pepper, a little of DaalChini, Saunth( Dry Ginger ) , 4-5 Tulsi leaves, Safed Moosli ( twice the size of a matchstick ), Paudina ( Mint ), a touch of Haldi, Methi Seeds, Kalounji Seeds, Giloy, Punarnava, Awala , Harr, Baheda, Ashwagandha, Nirgundi , Nagarmotha, Small Cardamom- 2 nos,, sometimes added with Ginsing , Gokhuru & Satawari : I personally every morning I was these whole herbs myself in running tap water before boiling them in about SEVEN Cups of normal teacup size , not of US mug size, & I allow it to boil well before I take above Kadha from the Fire , strain it in a Tea pot which has already some JASMINE TEA & ZAFFRAAN : about three cups for myself & about 2-1/2 cups I leave for my wife to drink it whenever she gets up. ( I never disturb our maid to this ritual for me.

As per my own experience, by drinking above Kadha in the morning slowly and simultaneously eating a lot of Soaked Almonds , & Dry nuts, particularly, Wall NUTs, Cashews, & Pistas, I remain all the time alert, smart, never the slightest feelings of Tiredness nor of lethargybut active throughout & my pain of the knee disappears for about four hours and normally I never have even the cold nor cough ever.

There has been time, when I had to get up FOUR times in the night for Urination but after I added Gokhuru , I sleep soundly & pass urine just in the morning when I get up.This result came just in 10 days of its usage.

I have written above just for yr infmn as I am using above herbal tea in the above manner for last 7-8 years ,just ne time in the morning, & my wife is taking it for past three years & she insists that I must give her similar tea , same qtys every morning. While I do NOT any sugar at all, she adds 1-1/2 spoon of sugar to her tea .

I seek yr expert opinion on one more aspect, after straining above herbs, I keep them in Fridge for their usage again for next three days , ebut each next three days, I keep adding Awala, Tulsi, Poudina, & few other herbs afresh. Is it in order please ?

For Breakfast, I normally take just Papayia & or any ther fruits, while my wife takes sometimes one no. only fresh Paratha with min of oil, or dalia or corn flakes & we both take a glass of skimmed milk every morning & evening before retiring to bed.
At night, in my milk, I normally add two nos. Figs ( Anjeers ), 2 nos. dates, some almonds or wall nuts, whereas she likes to drink plain again with 1-1/2 spoon of sugar but my milk is without sugar.

During evening, we eat fruits & regularly drink fresh Fruit Juice.

In our Lunch & dinner , we take just two chapatties each without Butter or ghee, one daal, one Dry Vegetable, Dahi , green freshly prepared Dhaniya -Poudina Chutney with two awalas & Anardaana whenever it is possible,Green salads, Beetroot duly boiled, Mooli & once a while one small papad I alone take, she does NOT.

We do Not eat in between nor in mid of the night nor we take snacks etc as normally take with evening teas which we completely stopped .

But we both do love Sweet dish or Ice cream and normally after our lunch & dinner , we do take some sweet dish or Ice Cream in small qtys only.

Re Rice, only during day time , we do take just a little, very-very less qtys only.

We avoid any outside food Nor buy any eatables from outside except Fresh Fruits : all kinds as per the season, bananas & Apple are normally in the house all the 365 days , so is the case with Oranges, Anaar, grapes & Chikoo & Mangoes as & when available in the season.

Aloe Vera Gel, I have been taking for over two years, now I have discontinued as it is quite expensive moreover I did Not fuind any visible changes by adding it to our diet. Isabgol, YES we both take often, but NOT regularly.

We both are otherwise maintaining reasonably good health & I personally believe & am confident that I shall Continue to enjoy a heathy Youthful life till then end comes to me which should remain quite a distance from me at present , but my wife feels , she may die in next Five years or so. I am NOT afarid of it & I take life sportingly.

We do watch Swami RamDevji's program & he had come to Our Arya Samaj Mandir at Mumbai where instead of asking any money, he had donated Rs.50,000/- & similarly to our one Ashram In AAMSENA in Orissa, touching Chattisgarh borders , he had donated For Rs2,50,000/- for Brahamcharies where we are reconverting our lost Hindu brothers back into Hindu -fold discreetly. Basically he is Arya Samaji & Has Great faith In the Teachings of Maharishi Dayanand, Vedas & Upnishads which he had studied & learnt in a Gurukul in Haryana from Swami Baldevji . I have known him personally but he may NOT be remembering me at all. We are running one of his a franchise in one of our Arya Sam,aj Mandirs at Chembur , Mumbai.

As Maharishi Dayanand had revived Vedas & Upnishads, Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has revived Patanjali Yog all over the world with similar intensity of Nationalist Dedication & Feelings what Maharishi Dayanand had the vision to awaken the nationalistic feelings amongst all Hindus in partiucular.

I Once again thank U so much for all the pains yopu have so kindly taken in writing to me & for my wife & JAI SHRI RAM , JAI SHRI HANUMAN, JAI SHRI KRISHNA & VANDE MATRAM , VANDE MATRAM , VANDE MATRAM,


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