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Nuke Deal overtakes the crime of terror attack on parliament

Why is Indo US Nuke Deal stated as "reserved" or "best dealt with" by PM and Super PM with forign hands? Are parliamentarians incapable of taking decision of this Deal?? "Assuredly not" they will say, it's just that "Mummy knows best, children". Fake secularist, Fake PM & Ministers f bodies and minds are singing (with joy). They have lost control over their heart and mind. Who is playing this flute?

PM Manmohan Singh and his leader Sonia Gandhi are happy to make parliament powerless. Does this political crime not overtake the crime of parliament attacker Afzal Guru and the crime to initiate save Afzal Guru move by the leaders of Congress, its allies and communists including former and present CMs of J & K.

Big B, Big Brother and now Boss of Big 5
The Iraqi Ambassador to the UN, while participating in the on-going NTP review conference, had made a valid point in 2000 when he said that we must say to the nuclear States that try to teach the peoples of the world lessons in democracy and human rights, that the first principle of democracy and human rights is the equality of all human beings h. Even after tremendous pressure, India never signs on the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Boss of Big 5 United States now tryies to get the signature on Indo US Nuke Deal which is equiqnat to the signing on the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Increase of Rubber Stamps of Sonia Gandhi

I am not a powerless prime minister, Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz insisted, adding: I take 50 to 60 decisions daily and President Musharraf does not interfere in my affairs. The Indian PM Manmohan Singh, President Pratibha Patil and and Election Cpommisioner Navin Chawla are few of the rubber stamps in the foreign hands explanations are also on the Aziz line. But Fact is fact and truth is tuth because 2x2=4.

Dr Singh is an appointed prime minister
His leader Sonia Gandhi under special circumstances appointed him. In various public stages he calls Sonia Gandhi as his leader. So both make the parliament powerless.

Once Congress President wanted to become Prime Minister. President Kalam asked her a few questions, which she could not answer, resulting in....A rubber stamp Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. It seems efforts are going on in the country to lower the dignity of President, Prime Minister and the Election Commission.

We live in such an innovative democracy where neither parliaments is accountable to their electorates nor the Government is accountable to the parliament.

Sonia endorses Indo-US nuke deal to kill Democracy in Parliament

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday endorsed the Indo-US nuclear deal in an address to a general body meet of the Congress Parliamentary Party, the first after the rift between the UPA and the Left broke out over the deal. She also appreciated Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his efforts in getting the deal through.

History of Powerless Parliaments in England (UK)

The English Civil Wars erupted in 1642 as a result of several political and religious factors. Under Charles I, who came into power in 1625, Parliament declined Charles' requests for money for wars with France and Spain. Twice, Charles shut down Parliament: once, in 1625, and once, in 1628, after which England functioned without a Parliament for 11 years.

In 1653, Cromwell dissolved the Parliament that carried out Charles' execution and established a new, essentially Powerless Parliament, and declared himself Lord Protector of England, Ireland, and Scotland. Milton worked as a respected advisor for the Cromwellian government.

There is a flood of Fake Parliaments

In Singapore ruling party and in Pakistan dictator Musharraf don ft want real opposition. So they create dummy opposition as in India communist parties are the dummies. In Ukarine election of 2004 was without contesting the opposition parties. The Election Commission of Singapore excludes all opposition candidates. The President of Armenia on December 28, 1994, banned nation's leading opposition party. Over 40 members of the Armenian parliament have suspended their activity in the parliament in the protest. A single party and a single dynasty except premiership of N. Rao dominated in parliament. It has accumulated for itself not to allow opposition to perform its constitutional duty.

There were parliaments in Hitler fs Germany and Mussolini fs Italy. Sonia is the daughter of a fascist follower of Mussolini and Pope.

Sam Hamod said in Al-Jazeerah, August 14, 2004, gThe American puppet, the Vichy/Nazi style pseudo prime minister of Iraq, Iyad Allawi, is a traitor to Islam, to the Shi fa, to Iraq and to the Arab and Muslim worlds. h
Mr Mehmet Ali Talat, is pseudo prime minister of Turkey's regime in occupied Cyprus.
Then Ukrainians, Croatia, Belarus and most Gulf countries such as Bahrain would have to live with a pseudo-parliament under pseudo-democracy
In Nicaragua government operates according to pseudo-parliamentary rules.

China fs powerless parliament
tackles wealth gap issue China on Saturday began its annual parliamentary session with the widening wealth gap and environmental degradation topping the agenda of the world fs most populous country.

Though powerless, the 2,200-member CPPCC is expected to underline key concerns of the government ahead of Monday fs full kick-off of the upper house and main legislative body, the National People fs Congress (NPC).

China fs government is struggling to maintain what it calls a gharmonious h society amid an economic boom that has brought income disparities, corruption and severe pollution that is affecting the health of millions.

Although neither body has ever opposed a single Communist Party nor government-backed proposal since the People fs Republic was founded in 1949, the annual session provides a forum for the government to lay out its aims for the following year.

Neither Leninists nor Liberals believe in real free speech, the biggest difference between them is that the Marxist-Leninist are honest about suppressing opposition while the Liberals pretend to implement free speech while actually destroying it via corporate control of the media. The 60 members of the Legislative Council (Legco), Hong Kong f pseudo-parliament, have little real power. Soviets had degenerated from a quasi-parliament into a pseudo-parliament.

Money in to drain vs sovereignty goes through the Deal

Ruling party of Georgia called opposition as the enemy of the nation in the parliament. Zambia is facing the same problem. These incidents are being repeated in India? People money goes in to drain due to adjournments in Parliament on Q-issue, is said by intellectuals . Have secular English media remind ruling party to follow ethics of parliamentary democracy and should place the Inso US Nuke Deal on the table of Lok Sabha for voting? Speaker comrade Somnath refused to say a single word to PM and Super PM. They are mum in the process of making powerless parliament.

By Premendra Agrawal

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