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Long Live Nehruvian Secularism!!
8/12/2007 11:37:32 AM H.Balakrishnan



Warm and well deserved compliments to Vasu for his 'courageous and politically incorrect'- "Taslima case exposes AP cops' double standards"-(TNSE-12 AUG).

It is not just a case of double standards of the AP cops only. How about the deafening 'silence of the lambs'-THE SO-CALLED 'SECULARS', 'LIBERALS' et al who were recently part of the 'cacophony brigade' in the MS University, Baroda,art controversy? Where are the voices of protest from those 'liberals' who wrote,"Are we a Nation of hypocrites" (TNSE-13 May), "Artists raise protest banner" (TNIE-16 May), "Neutral piece of art" (TNIE-17 May) etc?

Yet,their silence runs true to form!! Have we not seen it before in the Shah Bano case as also the banning of Salman Rushdie's book-'The Satanic Verses'? Again,this very tribe wanted the movie Parzania screened and M.F. Hussain’s paintings exhibited in the interests of freedom of expression. However, they realised the virtues of silence when many a 'secular State government' banned the film Da Vinci Code!! And,lest we forget, roundly condemned the publication of the 'CARTOONS' by a Danish newspaper!! HYPOCRICY UNLIMITED!!The list is "endless"!!

Our present UPA government, with its left allies has constantly shoved ‘secularism’ down our throats. Dr. Singh and his colleagues have repeatedly reminded us about how the Congress has been the biggest and perhaps the only bulwark against majority communalism and Hindu fundamentalism. There is also a need to refresh our memories of the great escapades of the Congress Party and its left allies who have in their over zealous efforts to promote secularism often sought support from fundamentalist and communal elements within the minority communities. They perhaps agree with what Akbaruddin Owaisi, the leader of the MIM’s legislature party has said in the past, "How can an independent articulation of minority interests and aspirations be termed communal?”

Taslima has no hope of getting justice in this 'secular land'. The day is not far off when the Government of the Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India will legitimise sharia'h - Islamic banking is already a virtual reality. Before that happens, Taslima would be well-advised to seek refuge in some corner of Europe which is yet to become a part of Eurabia. If she doesn't, she will be stoned to death and that act of fealty to Islam will be termed a "democratic right to protest". And nobody will lose 'sleep' over such 'minor infarctions' in a 'secular land'!!

Long Live Nehruvian Secularism!!



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