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The book titled “The Art of War on Terror: Triumphing over Political Islam and the Axis of Jihad” is written by Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy, an American-trained nuclear physicist that outlines an alternate war-on-terror policy response. The book is available at

In this book, Dr. Muthuswamy logically argues that war on terror is no longer containable by America and its allies. Hence, he brings to the attention of the world leaders the need to leverage 850 million Indians to fight radical Islamists and Jihadists – and pave the way to win the war on-terror swiftly.

The author of this book grew up in India, where he had firsthand experience with political Islam and jihad.

The author identifies conquest-oriented political Islam as the swamp responsible for creating Muslim radicals. The main backers of political Islam are three Islamic nations Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. The author calls these nations the Axis of Jihad. Articulated in this book is a science-based ideological warfare that is directed at discrediting the theological roots of political Islam as a means of drying up the swamp. Under this approach, the author advises against occupation of Muslim nations.

A never-before seen view of the ongoing Jihad in India is described in this book. This insightful data and analysis is used to develop right of preemption policy measures America could use.

Among others the issues discussed in this book: discrediting ideological basis used for Jihadi recruitment, neutralizing power structures of political Islam, getting educated Muslims to actively shun Jihadi movement, aiding allies, the issue of American military deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan, deterring Iran, the issue of building functional democracies and the scope for nuclear retaliation.

In my opinion, this book could also be used as a reference book in colleges and universities for the understanding of Political Islam.

I suggest that almost all the law enforcement agencies, editors of newspapers, political commentators, political leaders, who take part in decision making at the highest level of Government, should take a look at this eminently readable, insightful and resourceful book.


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