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date Aug 2, 2007 11:05 AM
subject God made Universe: Monkeys made Ram Setu

God made Universe: Monkeys made Ram Setu

By the order of Rama the monkeys, led by Nal and Nil, built a bridge to Sri Lanka, even child of India knows this. Some one may ask Ambika Soni, Balu and other Anti-Indian-ness: Did they see their parents at the time of their birth? Were they dropped from the sky as raindrops? Why did they name their parents at the time of contesting election and elsewhere? Did Sun, moon and see create by NASA, Bush, Manmohan, Sonia, Balu or others? If not then why should they not ruin them?

Saving of Ram Setu (Adam's bridge) is not limited up to Hindus or Indians only. There are so many signs on the petition. These are also of Christians and civilians of the different countries of the world:

Does secularism mean to ruin the symbol of Indian Culture?
It will be crime to burn the effigies but when? We burnt the effigies of British when they ruled India as an imperialist. On Mahatma Gandhi's call, we burnt the foreign made cloths and goods. Don't force the citizens of Independent India to repeat those incidents. This is warning bell to Ramanians.

It will be crime to hammer any such statue as the Buddha's largest statue of the world was hammered by Taliban. Don't tear the photos of any true religious or community head.
Is India governed by Talibani dynasty to ruin Ram Sethu as Buddha - Statue?

United Hindu United India can finish Ravan-ism
If some one burn the effigy of Sonia Gandhi, Advani or others then why that person is sent to jail? Some one ask, If Ambika Soni, Balu, Karunanidhi and others want to burn Ram Setu then why should not these be sent to jail?

There is freely burning of Ravan every year in Dashaharaa. Why does government not ban this? Truth is that Ram Setu is a symbol of victory on evils and Ravan is a symbol of evils. Ram Chandra is considered the symbol of good and the positive things and Ravan represents the evils. Therefore Diwali is considered the festival, which establishes the victory of good over the evil spirits. On the night of Diwali people light diyas, which is again an icon of positive energy to conquer the darkness, which is symbol of negative energy.
Ram Setu is still, Greek and Roman came and disappeared.

Media is mum! Leaders are mum!!
Non-Hindu Ambika Soni?, loyalist of Italian born is made cultural minister. Due to this, Christian Cross is marked on the newly circulated coin of 'Rs 2/- by omitting the map of India. Media is mum! Leaders are mum!! Is that media a voice of India? Do these leaders represent the people of India?

NASA and Indian Govt should not play politics on Ram Setu
Space images taken by NASA reveal a mysterious ancient bridge in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. The recently discovered bridge, clearly visible in the NASA photos, is made of a chain of underwater shoals 18 miles long. World praise NASA for its that discovery which was in its jurisdiction.

Has NASA jurisdiction to misguide people by sending controversial email without investigating the facts? Has NASA investigated the facts of its said email? What are the details of those investigations? When NASA got order from its US Govt to do so? What are the contents of US government's order to NASA on that direction? Further why is Indian government getting order from NASA as it follows of Pope's fatwa for allowing the forceful conversion?

Conspiracy to make India a slave on cultural field as nuclear field
I myself am asking these questions to the NASA and its Earthweb division's authority by email and fax. Every loving people of Indian culture should get clarification from NASA and Indian Govt on this subject. There must be more PILs on this point. Is there any conspiracy of Italian influenced Indian government and US government to make India a slave on cultural field also through NASA as they are trying to make India a slave of US on Nuclear field?

Contact details of NASA
Public Communications and
Inquiries Management Office
NASA Headquarters
Suite 5K39
Washington, DC 20546-0001
(202) 358-0001 (Office)
(202) 358-3469 (Fax)


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