Sunday, March 25, 2007

good luck to cricket fans next time or next century!

Mrs Gandhi plotted India's exit from WC!
By Manish Chand |

New Delhi: It was Indira Gandhi who plotted the exit of India from the World Cup. How? By creating Bangladesh!

The national calamity - runner-up India bowing out of the tournament meekly - has brought out the streak of black humour in a billion people sold on World Cup dreams.

After mourning over the shameful loss to greenhorn Bangladesh and then to the smaller neighbour Sri Lanka, Indians are trying to laugh their way out. Impromptu jokes are aplenty.

What is Sehwag's favourite movie? Gone in Sixty Seconds!

Why is Greg Chappell not opening his room? He does not want to become a whodunit thriller like Bob Woolmer!

If nothing, the World Cup defeat has sharpened the wit of diehard cricket fans in India. Some are tired of pampering their icons with lavish affection and want them to try something more mundane.

One FM radio channel is running a contest asking listeners to suggest alternative professions for their beloved deities, now found to have mere feet of clay.

Sachin Tendulkar should be better off serving food in his restaurant in Mumbai than dishing out such heartbreaking performances, quipped one fan.

The grapevine has it that some of the legendary team members have sent in their resumes to, a job search engine.

This sudden outbreak of black humour is not all that innocent.

One joke bristling with pent up violence: "Someone has kidnapped the Indian cricket team and demanded a ransom of Rs 50 million. Or they will burn them with kerosene. Please contribute generously. I have already contributed 15 litre!"



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