Monday, December 25, 2006

The infamous moslem painter hussain

SHekhar GUPTA: • But, if you were a painter working in Paris or New York, or even London, you would not have faced what you are facing right now in India?
Husain - What am I facing? Nothing! The cases and all are just minor things. After all, we are a democratic country. And whatever I have depicted is not realistic, I have painted in the idiom of modern art, the contemporary way! So that’s very difficult to understand. Where there is a figure of a woman I paint, it is nude but that figure is not realistic. I am not painting every part of the body in detail. Which is even there in our temples. The nudity is a metaphor for purity and strength!

& on the other, when asked if he would paint the Prophet :-

SG • No wonder you have grown up to be such a symbol of composite syncretic culture! So, the question that people would like to throw at you is — if you can paint Hindu gods and godesses like this, why don’t you paint the Prophet?
Husain - I don’t want to say anything!


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