Sunday, December 24, 2006


2. "The Elephant Starts To Dance"

INDIA, December 23, 2006: This interesting site offers an audio slide show based on several recent articles about India published in the Mercury News. It's not religious in content, but the presentation is slick and the information useful. The "elephant" is India itself.

The subjects are Venture capitalists--Investing in India's Future, Infosys--tens of thousands of employees work at the 80 acre Infosys campus in Bangalore, American Indian Foundation--providing assistance in education, livelihood and HIV/Aids for India's poor, and Unlimited Food for Life--feeding 460,000 children a day on 18 cents per child. There is also a separate slide show, India Today, showing street scenes around India. You can view the audio slide shows and connect to the published newspaper articles.


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