Sunday, September 17, 2006

Letter to PM and others concerning Bankey Bihari temple at Vrindavan

Respected PMJI,
I am writing to you concerning the Bankey Bihar Temple in Vrindavan which generates income in billions of rupees. However, in spite of government's establishment of some sort of trust etc. with govt. participation, the income is pocketted by greedy pandas and others who are in charge there.

I suggest that the management of this temple must be given to the managing committee or trust of Shri Balaji's temple in south of India who is running the famous and highly reverred temple in the south of India most efficiently and utilizing its income for national good.

This may allow the huge income from Shri Bankey Bihari's temple to be utilized for development of Vrindaban which is badly needed and perhaps for the establishment of some great universitites or colleges in the area which are non-existent.

Thank you.

Yours truly,



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