Friday, August 25, 2006


The Seattle Metaphysical Library Presents

Danica d’Hondt

Searching Further for the Holy Grail

Modern Science Confirms Ancient Wisdom

Twelve Planets were known by the ancient Sumerians!

Sunday, September 10

5:00 pm – doors open

5:30 – Presentation begins

2203 NW 60th Street, Ballard (Lodge of AMORC (The Ancient & Mystical Order of the Rose Cross)

$15 suggested donation – This is a fund-raiser for the Seattle Metaphysical Library

Danica d’Hondt, journalist and author, shares the results of over 45 years of research in this compelling slide show. Ancient documents suggest alternate interpretations of the events described in the first books of the Bible – most notably Genesis.

In this exciting sequel to her Cracking The Da Vinci Code class, Danica d’Hondt demonstrates how certain stories of ancient mythology, as viewed from the perspective of modern science, are leading us to a new understanding of the true events of ancient history and of the actual origin of the human race.

* Old Testament misinterpretations
* The Enuma Elish
* Who were the Nephilim of the Old Testament? (as described by Zecharia Sitchin in his book The Twelfth Planet)
* Who were Adam and Eve and the Snake?
* What was the Dragon Race?
* The secret hidden in the Human Genetic Code.
* The connections between ancient Judaism & the Druidic religion of the British Isles
* The Lost Tribes of Israel (and the origin of the Irish race)
* The two men who were Moses
* The secret of the White Powder of Gold
* The Phenomenon of the Dogon Tribe of Africa (The mystery of the star system Sirius, as described in Robert Temple’s book The Sirius Mystery)

* Sacred Geometry in the European landscape
* The Crop Circle phenomenon.

We expect this to sell out. Tickets may be purchased ahead of time, either by mail or by stopping by the Library during open hours. If buying by mail, you may mail a check in, and have us mail you the tickets, if you also enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope, or you may pick up your ticket the night of the presentation. If you want the tickets mailed, please put your check and SASE in the mail by Monday, September 4th. For will-call, please have your check in the mail by Thursday, September 7.


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