Tuesday, August 22, 2006



Rajya Sabha has at last cleared 3-decade old desire of Pondicherry Assembly to rename Pondicherry as Puducherry. Union government should also abolish British legacy of distorted spellings for Indian cities and states in one go in a manner Bangladesh and China have done to respell Dacca as Dhaka and Peking as Beijing respectively. Indian capital should be spelt as DEHLI as per its actual pronunciation. Already rest of three metro-cities Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai have since been renamed. Bareilly and Meerut should also be respelt like was done in case of Jalandher and Shimla.

Names of states should also be changed to make them one-worded like Karnatak, Maharashtra etc so that distortion by abbreviation may not be possible as has been like UP for Uttar Pradesh or WB for West Bengal. Otherwise also, it is senseless to name state as West Bengal because erstwhile East Bengal is now Bangladesh. Rather it creates confusion because incidentally West Bengal is in eastern part of the country!

Even country should be known as BHARAT only abolishing British given name of India for which an unanimous resolution passed by UP assembly is already pending. However


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