Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mother's portion

>A Mother's Portion
>When I was growing up, my mother was a single mom with two
>children at home trying so hard to make ends meet.
>I would notice over and over that she would work so hard to
>prepare us a good hot meal. When it was time to eat, Mother was
>never hungry and therefore, only got a spoonful if she got
>anything at all. I never ever gave it a second thought.
>Back in January, I fell down my steps doing laundry and broke my
>arm in eight different places and my collarbone in two.
>The very next week my husband was laid off his job. My husband
>is over fifty so you can all understand how hard it has been for
>him to find employment. We have been living off the small
>amount of money my job brings in and boy oh boy things get hard.
>Recently I have been serving hot meals and getting a real small
>portion or saying I just am not hungry and allowing my family to
>get their meal and fill. I now call this, "A Mother's Portion."
>Thinking back in life I can tell that my mother took only A
>Mother's Portion on a lot of things. How I wish now that I
>could tell her how much she is appreciated and maybe give her
>A Daughter's Portion back.
>If you can still talk with your Mother or Father, please check
>out their portions in life and thank them.


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Zane Chapman Way

December 29, 1953-July 12, 2009


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