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From: Deepak Agrawal
Date: Jun 6, 2006 4:13 PM
Subject: FW: Homemade Chapatis Prep
To: AGRASEN@gmail.com

This might of interest to you and aunty, for homemade food.

From: Arunasree Swapna
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 2:36 PM
To: MS Social Group - Ask, Refer, Recommend.
Cc: MS Indians; DAC Indian Organization
Subject: RE: Homemade Chapatis Prep

Thanks a lot for all the replies. Got a lot of them.

Many more wanted the compile, so here it is.


If she needs it in bulk I am sure some of the Indian restaurants around would work something out with your friend. A few are:


8440 160th Ave NE

Redmond, WA 98052

(425) 867-9400

Namasthe Cuisine of India

16650, Redmond Way

Redmond, Washington

Phone : (425) 558-7858


16101 Redmond Way

Redmond, WA 98052

(425) 869-9182

Udupi Palace

15600 NE 8th St

Bellevue, Washington

Phone : (425) 649-0355

think mayuri foods in bellevue provides chapattis in evening. If she wants regularly just order it ahead of time and she should be able to get it.

Other option may be namasthe cuisine who provide lunches, contact them if they can only provide chapattis 425-558-7858 (mamta)

Let me refer you to my mom J She lives with us and does homemade chapattis to keep her busy! She has been doing this for past 5 months. She lives with us so no she is not visiting. How many time in a month does she need it? I think she charges $2 for 5 chapattis. Her contact details is as follows

Kiran Shah- 425-822-8700

Lakshmi Kumar

Central Park East

15205, NE 16 PL

Bellevue, WA 98007

Email: lakshmisk70@hotmail.com

Phone: 425-378-2781 or 425-830-8505

Try Archana at 425-922-5005

Highly recommend Poonam Singh (lives in the Plateau area) at 425-391-8235 or 425-246-1584….

Mayuri (Issaquah store)has homemade chapatis

Following is a compile on lunch box/catering.

I think Lakshami would be your best bet for getting chappatis in bulk.


From my first hand experiences…

1. Lakshami (r:425-3782781) (m:425-8308505)

Caters in bulk. Generally 3 curries (each ~48Oz @ 15$) suffice for a week for lunch & dinner both. The quantity (48 Oz) is just a guesstimate from the size of box I used to take my curries in. Food quality (taste & prepration) is good. She is a south Indian & hence the curries have a bit of southindian touch to it.

She does not deliver.

Location: Central Park (on 156th Ave)

2. Neena (r:425-8854035)

Caters in bulk & also on daily basis. Shez a nutritionist (I think only by education), a north Indian, and her cooking style is quite north Indian. Food quality is pretty good but is a bit expensive as compared to Laxami, atleast on per day basis. I haven’t tried in bulk (weekly basis) but she promised she will offer competitive rates.

She does not deliver.

Location: Very close to Mayuri Videos & Mayuri Indian Groceries store

3. Sridevi (425-4012055)

She delivers only to bldg 40 and around. @ 7 per lunch box, the quantity and quality is pretty good. I am currently ordering from here and am very satisfied. I don’t think she takes bulk orders and if she is willing to deliver to bldg 2 now.

4. Namasthe India (425-5587858) (namasthecuisine@yahoo.com) (The restaurant that delivered their buffets as lunch box)

They used to deliver to all bldgs (I think) @ $6

I wasn’t very happy with their food quality. Very restaurant buffet quality food. And they delivered at around 1 PM.

Previous Compile

1. Home-made Indian food service for Microsoft employees:

• 100% pure Indian vegetarian with highest quality/taste

• Monday-Friday Service

• On-campus delivery

• Quantity served will be sufficient for both lunch and dinner

• Menu:

o 2 vegetables (or 1 vegetable and 1 dal/sambar),

o 4 rotis (big size) or 6 puris.

o Rice or Biryani.

o Pappad or Raita(curd) or fried pakora.

o Extra: Special desserts on Friday.

• Rich variety of items served throughout the month:

Chole, Rajma, Palak paneer, Aloo matar, methi aloo,cabbage, Soyabean vegetable, macroni simla mirch, capsicum tomato, urad dal, Masoor dal, idli sambar, curd curry, moong dal, Sodhi (Malaysian speciality), Chavli, Tofu curry, noodles, Spring roll, Samosa, Batata wada, Pakoda, Dahi wada, Baigan barta, Chutni, Pasta, spagetti, mixed vegetable, green curry(thai speciality), Sindhi curry, and many more.

• Very personal and friendly service

• All these for just $150 per month (includes lunch+dinner)

• No obligations or hassles

If you are interested or would like more details, please call Hiya at (425) 770-1395


Redmond Area:

Name: Vijaya's (for Lunch Tiffin and catering)
Phone: 425 883 3459

Cost: $5.00

Meal Type: Vegetarian Meal includes two curries + rice + (sambhar or chutney) + delivery!!
Delivery: Included

Portions: No Data

Weekly Service: No Data

Ordering Details: Need to call only an hour in advance


Name: Masala Enterprises (Shoba)
Phone: 425 453 1445; 425 736-0255 cellular

Cost: $5.00

Meal Type: Indian Gujarathi style meals (Vegetarian??)

Portions: Good enough for two meals

Weekly Service: Yes

Delivery: No Data

Ordering Details: Call


Name: Govardhan
Phone: 425 883 3459

Cost: $5.00 (Vegetarian); $6.00 (Non-Vegetarian)

Meal Type: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

Portions: Enormous

Weekly Service: No Data

Delivery: No Data

Ordering Details: Call


Name: Neena
Phone: 425 885 4035

Cost: $6.00/Box

Meal Type: Vegetarian

Portions: Dal, Sabzi, 4 Chapatis, Rice and Achaar

Weekly Service: No Data

Delivery: No Data

Ordering Details: Call.


Name: Poonam Kalra
Phone: 425 394 0279

Cost: $15/Hour

Meal Type: In house Catering

Portions: Not relevant

Weekly Service: No Data

Delivery: No Data

Ordering Details: Call.


If you are interested in trying traditional homemade Gujarati lunch/dinner (made with authentic gujarati masalas) please contact Mrs Ela Shah at 425 836 9942. Mrs Shah also customizes the food taste to accommodate minor regional variances in Gujurati food (e.g. Surati style, Patani style etc.). She also accepts orders for snacks like theplas, puris etc.

From: Arunasree Swapna
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 1:05 PM
To: MS Social Group - Ask, Refer, Recommend.
Cc: MS Indians; DAC Indian Organization
Subject: Homemade Chapatis Prep


A friend of mine would like to know if there is someone who makes Indian style chapattis (in bulk like 100-200 at a time).

She would like to buy on a regular basis so someone who can guarantee availability regularly would be preferable.

Any recommendations on this?

Please reply to me directly, if there is any interest in the group…would go in for a compile later.




At 11:39 PM, Anonymous A Microsoft Vice President said...


Do U Know?

Poonam Kalra is providing the cooking services at your home, cook your native style food as per your taste, spice level with least oil- caring of your health in Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Woodenville and Seattle too.

She and her husband comes to your home and cook for you on weekly basis. She is providing this services from last 6 Years - Wow

More than 300 Microsoft families has a great experience of Taste of her cooked food.

Charges are : $ 35/hour for 2 person and min 2 hours (Total $70).

Call her for more details at

Home Ph : 425-255-9424
Cell Ph : 425-503-4553

Or Email her at


At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shubha in Kirkland cooks wonderful north and south indian food and delivers in redmond, bellevue, bothell, kirkland areas. She cooks as per your taste tooo. Leave her message if you are interested and she send you the price and the list.

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