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Namaskar. Chopra is trying to get himself famous and get laurels by criticizing Hindus and turning a blind eye to the basic fault of Moslem religion which is inherent in it and due to which so much terrorism is going on in the world as their aim remains to expand, destroy all other religions and gain world domination which is quite likely to happen in the not too distant future if things continue in the way they are nowadays worldwide. Chopra is not the first HIndu, who got all his training, education and fundamentals from Hinduism and is situated where he is due to Hinduism but he has no regard for the Hindu religion just like Gandhi and some others who did the same and became famous and acceptable to Islamis and others by turning a blind eye to the faults of Islam and by ignoring the atrocities on Hindus and others by Islam, etc. Because if he did look at things impartially perhaps he would be on the FATWA list of the Moslems to be punished., But by critizing Hindus he gets no punishment as Hindus are very docile and compacent. If all other religions had the same basic philosophy or disrespect for other religions like Islam has, there would be no world left any more by now!

Please be so kind as to forward these comments to Mr. Chopra. Thanks.

Jai Shri Sitaramjiki, Jai Shri Radhakrishnjiki, Jai veer Hanuman


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From: Babu Suseelan
Subject: [Shakti-L: 5054] Deepak Chopra's Delusion


In his interview with CNN on November 26 (Larry King Live), Deepak Chopra presented his naïve view that "real" Muslims would never carry out terrorism in the name of "Allah." Deepak Chopra is, I think, entirely wrong when he attempts to expose the "root cause" of Jihadi terrorism. The discombobulating force of his views is compounded by the inaccuracy of his false arguments. It is absurd that Deepak Chopra's ire is primarily directed against Hindus, the main targeted victims in the most recent Mumbai terrorism. Is such topsyturvy blame game necessary? In his interview, Chopra was condescending towards the Hindus, the victims of Jihadi terrorism. He misses something rather important in his blanket accusation of Hindus. In his delusion, Deepak Chopra forgot the fact: If Muslims were more pluralistic, accepting, tolerant, and nurturing like Hindus, terrorism might indeed have been a thing of the past or would never have taken birth.
Chopra's delusional thinking that Muslims will never carry out terrorism in the name of Allah simply flounders on the cruel facts of present and historically recorded reality. Chopra is simply in total denial about the dark side of Islam, and hence he is a less than credible commentator on Islamic fundamentalism. He has a fervent, unquestioning faith in Islamic fascism, which he refuses to subject to critical examination.
Suppose, for a moment, Chopra's delusional dream was to come true and Islamic fascists, in the name of establishing global peace, were to dominate the world, would that end Jihadi terrorism? Certainly not. Chopra has totally ignored the fact that Jihadi terrorists can and have inflicted terroristic violence on other Muslims as evidenced in the recent political history of Pakistan. There is no evidence that Chopra has shown any interests in preserving, protecting and promoting peace, freedom, tolerance and coexistence among mutually distrusting world communities. His assertions of how educated moderate Muslims function in democratic societies cast serious doubt on his arguments that their commitment to peace is to be taken for granted when they promote Islam as a religion of peace. It is well established that prejudice, discrimination, and murderous hostility against non-believers are shaped by age-old Islamic education. Gross simplifications about Islam, its brutal past, exclusion of Jihadi violence and terrorism from the history of Islam will simply misguide the ill informed gullible public. It will simply misdirect and confound those seeking pragmatic solution for Islamic terrorism.
The question of the future role of Islam in democratic nations, and even in China, is far too important and complex to leave it only to the Islamic fanatics or to their cohorts. There is a real need to deal with the ultimate cause of global Jihadi terrorism: "Islam and its reliance on scripturally justified and rewardable violence against the non-believers. "
Chopra's pro-Jihadi arguments reveal his fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of Islam and Islamic terrorism. His highly selective discussion of Hinduism in particular is peppered with outrage and indignation which many of the Islamo- fascists will probably share and be delighted to quote with glee. Of course, most Hindus find many parts of his discussion puzzling, perhaps appalling. Chopra seems to think that criticizing Hindus more loudly, while ignoring and condoning Jihadi terrorists will persuade Muslims to be more tolerant and, of course, appease them. Sadly, Chopra is wrong in his assumptions. For the gullible and credulous, it is the confidence with which something is said that persuades them rather than the logic and evidence offered in its support. Yet, the fact that Chopra relies so extensively on rhetoric rather than the evidence that would otherwise be his natural stock in his "medical trade" clearly indicates that something is wrong with his arguments. He needs to take "Logic 101" course in a junior college to understand the meaning of the word "fallacy."
Chopra, and other paid or corrupted Islamic agents outside the fold of Islam will never address these basic questions: How come Jihadi terrorism continues in India for more than a millennium? Why Hindus and Jews are targeted for Jihadi slaughter for more than a millennium? Who were the Jihadi terrorists' accomplices? Who manufactures and supplies the high-tech arms and devices that they carry and who finances them? How could Jihadis commit such heinous crime? Who are their inside informers and guides and who provides them with the maps and transportation besides "google"? Who harbors them, trains them, and provides them the safe haven? What could have been done by the educated moderate responsible conscientious Muslims themselves since or before 9/11 to prevent such barbaric Islamic terrorism? Could such brutal Islamic terrorism happen again in India? What can such Jihadi terrorism tell us about the type of Islam that they, the terrorists, believe in? What is the role and responsibility of the Indian politicians, intellectuals, and the media to maintain a balance and objectivity in the present climate without instigating more discontent and adding fuel to fire, in any conflict, like some other media are systematically doing outside India? How come the Pakistani flags went up in some neighborhoods of Mumbai during the 60 hours of terrorists' rampage? Where do these unpatriotic people in India draw their strength from to get by with such treason? Where are the gunmen that now cannot be accounted for, hiding? Who hides them and where do they disappear and how? Which countries do they communicate with on their cell phones? Are their leaders outside Pakistan and may be strung out as far as even on the East or West Coast of Africa? Do they have a globally spread out network in addition to cells all over the world, including India? Is the forensic evidence securely guarded by the Indian government once the terrorists and their equipment is captured from the crime scene, or does it fall into the hands of unscrupulous people and what kind? How is it that explosives are found days after the attack on the crime scene? Who are the insider helpers of the terrorists?
In seeking resolution to find an answer to Jihadi terrorism, it seems necessary for concerned citizens to collect as much realistic information as possible from such diverse fields of knowledge as philosophy, religious literature, forensics, sociology, economics, history, cultural geography, psychology, government, intelligence agencies, banking industry, etc., that has bearing on the subject from different sections of the world population including honest and sincere educated Muslims who are more loyal to their country than to Jihadi Islam, of course, after ensuring their security clearance. This will enable the public to link together historic information to a coherent foundation for answering the question "How Islamic terrorism could continue in India? And, how one could put a stop to it? Is there a true pragmatic peaceful solution to put an end to this evil? Or, is there a need to have a strategy to deal firmly with terrorism sooner than later?

Let us skip the rhetoric of bogus intellectuals like Chopra and cut to the reality slicing through his romantic fallacies. It is much less simple than Chopra's psychobabble –but it might actually help us address the real issues of Jihadi terrorism we face every day. Chopra's failure to distinguish between the closed, rigid, non compromising, imperialistic war mongering, divisive, and intolerant Islamic paradigm in contrast to the tolerant, all inclusive, systemic, pluralistic and open-ended, open-minded Vedic paradigm makes it difficult for him to understand one of the most dangerous pressing problems of today: Jihadi terrorism. This problem, if not resolved, may lead to more destruction than water-shortage, global warming, AIDS, "surgical wars," Bird Flue, or other epidemics as well as other major threats to life perceived by the world population.

People like Chopra who suffer from "Hyper Compulsive Secular Disorder" ("HCSD") suffer from denial, cognitive disorder and delusional thinking. They call Hindus "communalists. " The reality is that the intolerant, imposing, aggressive, imperialism of mostly cohesive Islamic world population covertly and sometimes openly condoning and pampering Jihadi terrorists even when convicted of crime is indicative of a viciously stronger "communal" instinct among the Islamists compared to one ever manifested among the divided multifaceted fragmented Hindus. Another interesting phenomenon to watch among the Islamists is their propensity to organize themselves to promptly scream that they are the victims and distort the facts to show "how", after they inflict untold misery and massacres on others. People like Chopra are in the wrong. These wrongheaded secular addicts like Chopra are showing the obvious and predictable result of "addiction." And, things aren't going to get any better until they stop clinging to their Hyper Compulsive Addiction to their own form of idiosyncratic blinded "secularism" and start addressing the source of their problems. They are contributing to the problem of Jihadi terrorism rather than attempting to provide a pragmatic solution to eradicate it.