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india became independent

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We read this all over again and again: "In 1947 India became free and her people became really happy. They hailed Pandit Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi who bravely fought the British in order to secure the finest hour in Bharat's history."

Everyone seems to accept this LIE as the truth. To prove the point Nehru and his offspring are seen enjoying the highest trust and respect of the entire nation. Everywhere we see only Nehru and Gandhi names on schools, roads, stadiums, airports, towns, tournaments and even games.

As soon as you land in India you become aware of a politically dead nation. You feel disgusted and totally disappointed if you wished to see RANI JHANSI UNIVERSITY, NETAJI INSTITUTE, SRI KRISHNA MARG, SRI RAMA MARG, MILKHA SINGH STADIUM, GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, SWAMI VIVEKANANDA TOURNAMENTS, and so on. No scholars, warriors, writers, poets, teachers, scientists, singers, inventors and genuinely patriotic leaders are honoured.

India is full of illustrious sons and daughters who shone like stars in the literary, spiritual and scientific worlds. But none of them appears on these public buildings. Nor do we see their statues and monuments in town centres. A subdued and suppressed nation living in the climate of corruption, forced to look up to leaders like the "BOFORS CHOR" and their FOREIGN wives. ever fearful of a sudden terrorist attack, moves about their daily chores listlessly.

Times have changed. Across the world ignorance has given way to KNOWLEDGE, cowardice to courage, and slavery to freedom. But here in India, alas, the clock of the once great and sovereign HINDU nation that stopped in 1192 AD has NOT yet begun to move on. Japan and China, too, are Asian countries but not whipped, bashed and battered by European masters nor split, bled and torn by the Muslims. But we like to think that their Independence is just like ours!

Such MONUMENTAL ignorance!

Are we Indians IGNORANT through the terror of rulers, or due to our own cowardice or on account of the intensive BRAINWASHING by Dynasty or because of dishonest collaboration of the Indian "coolie" media who "tow the line" like the scum of their profession and regularly feed us all falsehood?

Is our ignorance due to our own free choice? In that case are we really free or the slaves of Dynasty instead of the British? But what is the Truth?

It will shock some to read what an old man, then a teenager, a penniless refugee from Lahore, who lost everything at Partition, including many relatives and friends, said about 1947, trying to hold back his tears. Until only a few months earlier he had been comparing his Punjab to (Rose) "Gulaab" and singing, "Mera Desh Mahan!"

Out of school and without a square meal for some time, he was astute enough to say, "Good account by any politically correct Sarkari stooge," and came out with his own remarkably down to earth version, "But in 1947 India was mauled, wounded, mutilated and amputated by a vicious enemy. He did not come from abroad. He was home-grown bastard. You can still see the bleeding wounds in Kashmir that are for the whole world to see."

We heard the truth for the first time and asked him to carry on.
"In 1947 a traitor with a degree in Law from London gave away one third of India to the Indigenous Muslims to have the Sikhs slaughtered in Lahore & Rawalpindi and the Hindus enslaved, divided, bashed and demoralised all over.

"He asked the British to leave at midnight so no one could see the parting gift of gold and diamonds that the British were to give him for his collaboration.

"When people came to know of his 'commission' they came to kill him but Gandhi, a self sacrificing idiot, looking for martyrdom, stepped forward and received three bullets in his chest. He fell on the spot.

"Before dying he looked in the direction of Nehru who was hiding in the dark and uttered, "Son of a Bitch," and expired."

"Sweepers and cleaners can sweep away the filth and dirt from the Commonwealth games villages but who can repair the broken map of India and restore our cherished "Akhand Bharat"?"

He went his way and we stood a while fixed on the spot for reflection. Nehru's one second of 'glow of freedom' has become eternity of darkness for his bitterly divided insecure, ignorant, subservient and confused people who must cross bogus borders to meet relatives and visit holy shrines on the other side. For a Hindu entering Ayodhya can mean death like entering Mecca. That, for the people of Hindusthan, praising Nehru for their freedom from the British, is Independence!

We have yet to see a new NETAJI emerging in our Bharat who will take the frontiers back to KHYBER and CHITTAGONG, and smash everything that reminds one of "Bast*rd" NEHRU like the Germans' bold deed of courage to obliterate the word "Hitler" from their vocabulary.

Those who assassinated Gandhi, Indira and Rajiv were hanged to death promptly. Lives of all these Gandhis put together were not worth a handful of DUST as compared to our precious and prosperous cities like Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Dhaka. But who will hang to death those who directly "killed" FIVE provinces of our Motherland through criminal betrayal, and indirectly killed TWO MILLION innocent citizens who never saw even that 'glow'. Our Hindu nation has not dared to erect a single Memorial to their memory due to TERROR OF DYNASTY.

WARNING to drowning Pakistanis and starving Bangladeshis (Bogusdeshis): "Despatch the KORAN to Mecca or put it in your homes where nobody can see it and live under ONE LAW FOR ALL as you did during the British rule.

"Give peace to the Kashmiris and the Waziris who are being shot and bombed, perishing in vain, and heading for Hell for a lost cause."

24 Sep 10

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