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[sadhaka] The Five Golden Principles (Panchaamrt) - 4 (Aug 14, 2010)

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|| Shree Hari ||

Ram Ram

14th August 2010, Saturday, Shravan Shukla Shashthi, Shanivar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

The Five Golden Principles (Panchaamrt) - 4

How much work did Hanumanji do? When Ramji went to Lanka, he created a bridge and then crossed the bridge. But Hanumanji simply flew over to the other side. Whose strength does he have? The strength that Hanumanji has comes from Thakurji (the Lord). "Baar baar raghubeer sambhaari." "prabisi nagar keeje sab kaaja. Hrdey raakhee kosalpur raja." It comes in Valmiki Ramayan that Hanumanji roared - "Even if thousand Ravans come they cannot spoil anything of mine, I am servant of the Lord (Thakurji)."

The world is suffering due to pride. Therefore have mercy and leave the pride, offer it to God, that I am God's. All our strength has to be applied in doing God's work. "Tvadeeya vastu Govind tubhyameva samarpaye", "Sarvabhaaven bhajati maam" - with complete feelings and sentiments , they worship and adore the Lord. Divine Name recitation is adoration, chanting holy name is adoration, reciting various scriptures is worship and adoration, to listen, to share is all worship. By "Sarvabhaavena bhajati", getting up, sitting, eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up, all work is God's work that we are doing. What an elevated thing this is. We have taken refuge in the Lord and we will do only His work. The work is not ours at all. This is not our house, therefore it is not our work. All work is Lord's work.

I have heard from saints, he who cannot regard anything as his own, neither the mind, nor the intellect, nor the body, nor the life breath, nor the senses, nor the house, nor the wealth, i.e. When all things belong to Thakurji (Lord), then wherever they live there is nothing but joy! Everything is given to the Lord. Therefore they remain ever blissful.

We have heard one thing about a Saint. Saints are very unique. When they go to the market and see the various different sweet dishes that are displayed, fruits that are kept and stores that are well decorated, wherever they see some great things, there they stand for a while in their mind say, Lord (Thakurji), please partake in this offering. Please take these sweets as an offering. Simply standing they blissfully offer it to the Lord. Similarly, you too offer everything to Thakurji, please accept this offering, then it all becomes an offering. You tell me, what is the difficulty in doing this? Then you too do this. Who is preventing you from doing so? Wherever you see anything wonderful, offer it to the Lord (Thakurji).

Everything belongs to Thakurji. What should we do? We will simply rejoice. Now we have no work remaining. Now it is only Lord's work, Lord's Name, Lord's contemplation, listening to Lord's divine stories. What work is remaining for you to do? You are doing the Lord's work. Lord is the master of all the work in this universe. By offering everything that belongs to the master at His Lotus Feet, how much do you have to exert, tell me? You tell me that this is mine, but for how many days? How many years will you continue to say that it is mine? As such it will eventually remain the Lord's. Therefore while living, turn it over to Him from the heart, then it will be joyful! What an easy and what a deep well grounded point this is!

Saints have said -

"Ram naam ki sampada do anter tak dhoon |

Yaa to gupatee baat hai kaho bataave koon||

Who will tell such a great point? And how easy it is! What a high class point this is ! What a worry-free, fear-free, blissful point this is ! neither worry, nor fear, nor be dejected, nor desire to live, nor desire to die. We have no desire whatsoever. May our desire be blended (one) with the Lord. Now whatever the Lord does, however he keeps us -

"Jaahi vidhi raakhe Ram, taahi vidhi rahiye |

SitaRaam, SitaRaam, SitaRaam kahiye ||

We have no demand, nor any wish. By this our troubles will be wiped out, and God will become pleased with us. By considering it as ours, there will be worries. It is my room. Certain things are lying there. Clothes are drying there. Someone will take them, then there will be worries. Now when it is all offered (turned over) to God, then what bliss! If it goes away it is the Lord's, if it remains it is the Lord's !

Narayana! Narayana! Narayana!

From book in Hindi "Jeevan Upyogi Pravachan" by Swami Ramsukhdasji


Titled "Panchaamrt - 4"

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