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[aryayouthgroup] Fw: [Branded Indian] Bogey of "superbug"


Please circulate this message. AMA and North American hospitals do not want patients to go to India for treatment.

R. Singh

--- On Thu, 8/12/10, sreekumar menon wrote:

From: sreekumar menon
Subject: [Branded Indian] Bogey of "superbug"
Date: Thursday, August 12, 2010, 1:02 AM

The bogey of "superbug" is doing the rounds everywhere. This appears to be a calculated mischief to control the flow of patients coming to India for medical treatment. As is well known, medical treatment costs a fortune in Europe & America. It is a well organised racket involving hospitals/doctors and insurance companies, and it is a billion dollar industry. By coming to India these racketeers get deprived of millions of dollars. Now that the Whiteman is getting reduced to beggary and penury because of their capitalist policies, the poor and average whites are unable to afford a reasonable medical treatment. India was seen as a viable option giving quality medical treatment at a fraction of the cost of what is given in Europe & America. This has endangered the medical profession there. The flow of patients can be stopped only if a fear psychosis is created about superbugs. SOME WHITE SUPER FRAUDSTER HAS CREATED THE SUPERBUG. The timing of the arrival of the superbug is absolutely suspicious. How and on what basis have these Whites ruled out that there are no superbugs in their country ? On what basis are they concluding that superbugs are the residents of Indian hospitals only ? How to believe such crap ?
GSK Menon

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