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Islamic Hatred Is Permanent

agrasen Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:02 AM
To: Babu Suseelan

Dear Babuji,

Referring to my earlier email to you, I wish to put my views as a staunch Hindu for your consideration and any action you are able to take in this matter:

1. Hindu religion is the most non-violent religion, it says even forgive your worst enemy and that's what we are doing always! Look at Prithviraj as a starter, how many times he forgave Mod Gauri nine times, then the latter was just coming for a football match and he knew one day he will defeat him.

2. The Hindu religion says that this world is just a mirage and we have to work for our moksha and for the other world, for an eternal life and therfefore we must have compassion towards everyone and somehow pass our time on this planet praying.

3. Afghanistan was first Hindu, then Buddhist and look what happend with the onslaught of Islam; now it is the worst Islamic country. China also swallowed Tibet, another Buddhist country.

4. Even today Hindus are cooperating with all the anti-national anti-Hindu elements for money and power and are having a hell of a time while we are indulging in BUDDHI VILAS only and nothing else. We have no power and I see Bharat becoming a Moslem country before long by hook or by crook; already the central government and state governments are moslem dominated who are a preferred lot!

5. So, Mahoday, please tell me what is the solution and how long we will keep blaming Moslems and their cruelty and the conversions, etc. while we are prepared to forgive everyone and Hindus are only fighting among themselves and voting for pro-Moslem congress party, if they VOTE AT ALL.




On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 4:59 AM, Babu Suseelan wrote:

The proof is in the pudding. Since Islam was created by the pedophile Mohamad who was a slave trader and robber, Muslims have slaughtered more than 80 million Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. Since 9/11, Jihadis have killed more than 37890 innocent infidels. More than 15000 Jihadi terrorist incidents have occurred since 9/11. Muslims are even killing their own men, women and Children. all in the name of their fictitious Allah. News and TVs are replete with daily murder in all Islamic countries. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan Jihadis are killing their own men. What a cruel tragedy for converted Muslims. The world is changing daily. But Islam is a permanent fixture and Mohammedans refuse to change their hatred, brutality and inhuman crimes. What a shame!

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 09:25:28 +0000



you have no worth to prove any one of the accusations against muslims and islam. u r the illegitimate product of alisina.
ayub mohammed

--- On Sun, 13/6/10, Babu Suseelan wrote:

From: Babu Suseelan


Date: Sunday, 13 June, 2010, 10:00 PM

Ayyub Mohammad, please come back to the roots of your roots. You or your ancestors were forcefully converted to the desert Islamic dogma by the sword. Imagine the pain your parents or grandparents have gone through? Come back to your original roots. Why are you carrying the Islamic (Arabic) burden on your shoulder. Come back to humanity, live freely and enjoy transcendental journey.

I have read the entire Kuran, Sira, and the Hadith, the Trilogy of Islam. I have not seen the word "LOVE" in the entire Trilogy. A religion is supposed to be a guidance for love, compassion, spiritual growth, human development and harmony. Islam is 14% Allah and 86% Mohamad. The larger part of the Kuran, Sira and Hadith is devoted to infidels. The Kuran devotes 64% of its total words to subjugate, harass, and terrorize infidels. The Trilogy as a whole, devotes 60% of its texts how to deal with infidels.

As a converted Muslim, Ayyub, you ought to know that Islam is not a religion. It is closed, rigid Arabian political dogma for invasion, plunder, looting and mass murder. Mohamad preached his Islam for 13 years in Mecca and got only 150 Arabs to convert to Islam. He went to Medina and became a war-lord. Every Jew living in Medina was murdered, enslaved or exiled. Mohamed was involved in an event of war, mass murder and violence on the average of every six weeks for the last 13 years of his life. Mohamed was a pedophile, sex crazy war-lord. Mohamed died without a single enemy left standing.

His Mohammedan followers are still continuing violence and terrorism initiated by Mohamad. Is it not time for you to come back and enjoy freedom and spiritual development. Live in peace and tranquility not in eternal Islamic war.

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 10:20:16 +0000

From: mdayyub@yahoo.

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babu su sheelan
u r machine of hate only. if u know any thing about it, u must produce your good of the same contemporary periods of islam and hinduism comparitively. i am not sure u would do it.
ayub mohammed

--- On Sun, 13/6/10, Babu Suseelan wrote:

From: Babu Suseelan

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Date: Sunday, 13 June, 2010, 3:34 PM

As a Mohammedan, Ayub Mohamed has to defend brutal past and present Jihadi terrorism of Muslims. In fact, Islam is not a religion. It is a 6th century, out dated, dangerous, closed, reductionist Arab political ideology fit only for invasion, plunder, looting, oppression and sexual exploitation of Women. Islam has no spiritual directives, guidelines for human development, intellectual or emotional maturity. Any religion must provide guidance for human right, coexistence, love for humanity, peaceful living, tolerance and development of human knowledge.

The main pillars of Islam are the Koran, and Hadith. sixty percent of the Koran versus contains how to subjugate, oppress, harass, terrorize infidels. The rest narrates how to urinate, how to have sex with too many wives, stoning, beheading, and honor killing. Those who refuses to convert shall be put to the Islamic sword. There is no spiritual guidance in these Islamic scriptures. Muslims consider Islam as a perfect and perfected religion and needs no revision, reformation or renaissance. Muslims are indoctrinated at an early age through rot learning of the unholy Koran. As a result, critical thinking, logical analysis and problem solving strategies are not imparted. Those who question the false and dangerous teaching of the Koran are beheaded. Muslims grow up with cognitive dysfunction and exhibit intermittent explosive disorder. Any problem shall be solved through terrorism and violence. Is Islam a religion or an evil political dogma?

Muslims are increasing their demography through breeding, polygamy and forceful conversion. Increasing number is not a sign of spiritual progress. Plague producing killer bacteria, flue viruses, cockroaches are breeding fast. Are they good for humanity, increasing peace, progress and human existence?

Muslims shout five times at their hate spreading Mosques that there is no God. In the reductionist political worldview of Islam, there is no place for Dharma, spirituality and human development. Although, Islam has spread through the sword, it has become a straight-jacket, seriously impeding further evolution of human knowledge, peace and tolerance. How many scientists, philosophers, poets, and artists of repute among 1.5 billion Muslims in the world? Islam forbids democracy, secularism, tolerance, pluralism and coexistence with infidels. we can read about its manifestations every day in newspapers. There is a rising wave of terrorism, violence, and conflicts in all Islamic countries. Is there any peace in any Islamic countries?. Islam offers peace of the desert. Do we need such Islamic peace in the desert?



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