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[aryayouthgroup] FW: KASHMIR IS THE DEFINING ISSUE OF INDIAN IDENTITY -by Dr. Subramanian Swamy

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From: - VHP INT'L HQs DELHI(Goutam Chatterjee)


by Subramanian Swamy

I believe that the Kashmir "issue"[1] can no more be solved by dialogue either with the Pakistanis or the Hurriyat[2] This is because the Pakistan army has now a majority of captains and colonels owing allegiance to the Taliban. In another five years, they will reach, by promotions, the corp commander level. We know that the government in Pakistan is controlled by the seven corp commanders of the army. Therefore a Taliban government in Pakistan is inevitable and a jehad against India the logical consequence of the same. In turn the Hurriyat is an organization that cannot go against Pakistan.

Hence India has about five years to prepare for a decisive and defining war with Pakistan and we must prepare to win it. For the survival of the ancient civilization of India we have to win that inevitable war and recover the whole of Kashmir.

I will not blame the jehadis for the coming war. They are after all programmed that way by Islamic theology. I will blame ourselves for not understanding the fundamentals of Islam as propounded in the Sira and the Hadith. It teaches that if Muslims are in a majority, they must rule [Darul Islam], and then everyone else is a dhimmi and a kafir who do not have equal rights of worship. Thus in Saudi Arabia, you cannot even display a picture of a Hindu god inside your own home! When Muslims are in a hopeless minority, then Sira and Hadith urges Muslims to make a deal with the majority and make no demands [Darul Ahad]. In US and Australia for example, Muslims will therefore never ask for separate shariat personal law. If Muslims are not hopelessly in a minority, then Islam directs that true Muslims conduct subversions and act against all human values to leverage their position [Darul Harab] to become of defining influence in the polity and ultimately rulers. We saw this in Kashmir recently when the government was made to cave in on the most humane gesture of allotting land to make Hindu pilgrims feel comfortable while on arduous journey to Amarnath caves. And we have it on the authority of the Chief Minister of the state that the agitation against the allotment was financed by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

It is foolish therefore in the face of this reality to expound the banal sentiment that "all Muslims are not terrorists or fanatics". Of course that is true. Or that Koran is a message of peace. May be it is. However, the Islam of the cutting edge of Muslim thought propounded by leaders such as Osama Bin Laden is in Sira and Hadith, which calls on the faithful to wage war against the infidels who cannot strike back effectively and crush them.

The struggle for Kashmir by the jehadis thus is not just for independence. They instead want a Darul Islam there and for the state to become a part of the Caliphate. Hindus are a special target because despite Iran, Iraq, Egypt and other countries becoming majority Muslim after less than two decades of conquest and brutalization, India after a thousand years of massacres, mayhem and rape remained dominantly Hindu. This is a living affront for the fundamentalist Muslim, and in their seminaries and madrassas in Iran and Saudi Arabia, they even today debate and agonize over it.

Contrary to the British imperialist propaganda, Hindus did not just lie down and be conquered by foreign invaders. Hindu fighting spirit had never dimmed even if weakened by traitors within. Periodically Hindus rose in revolt symbolized by the Vijayanagaram empire [which lasted 300 years] or in Shivaji's bravery, or Guru Gobind Singh's campaigns or the Mahratta national onslaught.

Most of us thus remained Hindus, defiant, even if in poverty and misery singing Vande Mataram.[3] This is the true history of India which the fundamentalist Muslim and the British imperialist historians cannot bear to acknowledge.

Accommodation and compromise with Islamic terrorists is self-defeating and suicidal. We have instead to fight back, for which Kashmir is the starting point. Hindu renaissance, long overdue, will be nurtured if we look for an opportunity to seize back the occupied areas of Kashmir, and make the jehadis feel that in India there can only be Darul Ahad for Muslims. We had opportunities earlier to demonstrate that: e.g.,in 1948, 1971, 1999, and 2001. But we let it go.

Hence, let there be no more intellectual confusion about the identity of India as a Hindu Rashtra [Nation], which means a land of Hindus and those others who acknowledge proudly that their ancestors are Hindus. If Muslims acknowledge this truth, then they are welcome as a part of our family. And those who do not so acknowledge cannot be equal citizens in India. Hence, we shall not agree to any more truncation of Indian territory

We have to therefore disown UN Resolutions and India-Pakistan treaties such as signed in Simla [1972] as unauthorized Nehruvian policy blunders. The legality of the Instrument of Accession signed in favour of India by the then Maharaja of J&K on October 26, 1947 has to prevail. Otherwise it will create a plethora of legal issues including what will become the status of the Maharaja if we abrogate this Instrument. Will Dr. Karan Singh, the son of Maharaja Hari Singh, have then a claim to be regarded again as an independent and sovereign King of J&K? In the Junagadh issue, Pakistan had held the Instrument once signed is "final, irrevocable, and not requiring the wishes of the people to be ascertained". That is the correct position. But the Junagadh Nawab after signing the Instrument in favour of Pakistan, invaded the neighbouring princely states, states which had acceded to India. So when the Indian Army was moved by Patel to defend these areas, the Nawab ran away to Pakistan. His subjects were mostly Hindu who then welcomed the Indian army.

Furthermore, on what legal basis can we de novo seek to ascertain the wishes of the people of J&K when the Indian Independence Act [1947] passed by the British Parliament makes no provision for the same? After all it was this same Act which created a legal entity called Pakistan, carved out from the united India. India under the Act was a settled and continuing entity out which the British Parliament made a new entity called Pakistan. Never in previous history there was ever a country called Pakistan. The concept itself was formulated only in 1947.

By what mechanism can then Pakistan today seek to amend or even de-recognise the Act without unwittingly undermining the legal status of Pakistan itself? That is, if the Instrument of Accession is called into question, will not Partition itself be subject to challenge as without legal basis on the same consideration? I raise this question also because in the case of Beruberi in Eastern India, the transfer of that area to Bangla Desh although agreed to, has been enmeshed in prolonged litigation in the Indian Supreme Court because of Article 1 of the Indian Constitution which bars de-merger of any Indian territory after 1950.

Indian army jawans[4] created Bangla Desh out of Pakistan. But despite that, and drunk with their Darul Islam status, the Bengali Muslims have not only driven out the Hindus or butchered them or forcibly converted them but millions of Bengali Muslims have sneaked into India and are happily working with Hindus in India. Partition was agreed to by Hindus only for those Muslims who could not bear to live under Hindu hegemony. And now after getting their territory, they cannot now say that they are happy to live in India with Hindus.

Hence, a virat Hindu Rashtra [nation] should tell Bangla Desh to take back their Muslims or hand over one-third of Bangla Desh territory as compensation. If they do not agree, then we must send two divisions of Indian army from Sylhet to Khulna and annex one third of north Bangla Desh as our due for bearing the economic and political burden of Bangla Deshis in our country. This will make our access to Assam and Northeast much easier too.But most of all it will send a powerful and salutary signal to Pakistani terrorists that Hindus will no more be passive.

These actions are possible if we gear up diplomatically for it. Today the world is sick of the terrorism and the greed of Muslims nations to make money out the sale of oil which they have got by sheer accident of geology. Hence, we must make strong allies. Israel is one such country. We must find ways to make China see our interests. It can be done if we know how to come to an understanding with them. This is essential for isolating Pakistan. At present China has begun to see the tinder box that Pakistan has become. Uighurs from Xinjiang have been to madrassas of Pakistan for training in subversion in Urumuchi and to sabotage the Beijing Olympics This worries China. It should concern us too.

Hence to lay the foundation for the liberation of Kashmir, we must have President's Rule for some time. India should refuse to engage in any dialogue on Kashmir in which the other side does not accept the whole of Kashmir as an integral and inalienable part of India. The people of Kashmir should be left in no doubt in their minds where the citizens of Hindu Rashtra stand on the future of the state: that it lies with us. Every Hindu has a claim on Kashmir. I for one claim it because my gotra [lineage, clan] is Kashyapa. It was Rishi Kashyapa who invented Kashmir out the Dal lake. Hence my claim.

We should undo the "cleansing" of the state of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits by sending 1 million ex-servicemen and families into the Kashmir valley for re-settlement. Article 370 of the Constitution will have to be removed for that purpose, but according to the Constitution itself, it is supposed to be a "temporary provision" not requiring a Parliamentary two-thirds majority for amendment. It can be erased by a Presidential Notification on the recommendation of the Union Cabinet.

Then we await a war. We do not have to go to war with Pakistan on Kashmir because a Talibanised Pakistan will provide us with the opportunity. What I am advocating here is that we prepare mentally and militarily for that eventuality, and having been provided that opportunity, go for the jackpot -- to use an American slang.

Editor's End Notes (Not part of the Original article)

[1] Kashmir Issue. Because of agitation by Indian Muslims, India was partitioned in 1947 into two independent states: India and Pakistan. This was accompanied by a large population exchange. When the dust settled, Pakistan was mostly Muslim, India was Hindu with a sizable Muslim population. To read the excellent analysis by Jeffrey Weiss, "India and Pakistan -- a Cautionary Tale for Israel and Palestine," click here. Muslims have continued to agitate for more territory.

[2] The Hurriyat is an umbrella group of Muslim political, business and religious organizations, which have banded together to promote Kashmir separatism. As noted on "Since the international community frowned upon the resort to violence by non-state actors, the Hurriyat was an ideal platform to promote the Kashmiri secessionist cause." The Hurriyat views Kashmir as the 'unfinished agenda of Partition.'

[3] Vande Mataram ("Hail to the Mother(land") is India's especially beloved song, its nationalist song, which since the late 1800s conveyed the Indian desire to be free of British rule. It visualizes the nation as Mother Durga, a Hindu goddess. It was rejected as the national anthem because its imagery was considered offensive to Muslims.

[4] Young man. Private soldier.

Subramanian Swamy is an economist, who has taught on the university level both in India and U.S.A. He was a founding member of the Janata Party in India and has served as a cabinet minister. He has promoted normalizing relations with China and Israel. Contact him by email at

This article was submitted july 16, 2008. It was a lecture delivered on July 9, 2008 to Indian students and American scholars at MIT.

Gurnath Prakash
Q. How do we counter terrorism? A. Eighty per cent by strengthening your own internal security and 20 per cent by causing pain to those who would cause pain to us.
Union home secretary G.K. PILLAI is known for straight talk. In an interview to SANJAY BASAK and NAMRATA BIJI AHUJA, he speaks about the state of the police force, terrorism and the Maoists.
Q. If not Maoists, then it's terrorists. The internal security scenario in the country never looked so bleak.
A. The internal security situation is a cause for concern. But I think one has to look at the larger picture of transition that we are in. Huge economic growth, regional imbalances, not-soinclusive growth in certain pockets -- all create a certain social upheaval which leads to internal security problems. I am quite confident that India will be out of this by the end of the decade.
Q. Terrorism threats have started affecting virtually every event. The Indian Premier League (IPL) had to be taken out of Hyderabad, the hockey tournament is under threat.
A. I think it was not a correct decision to shift IPL. The Joint Action Committee had given a categorical assurance that they would not disrupt the event.
There was no terror threat there, only the Telangana issue. So my assessment is that IPL took a hasty decision. And hockey (the World Hockey Cup) is going ahead as per schedule. The world shooting championship is also going on. We'll provide adequate security to all sporting events.
Q. We blame Pakistan for terror attacks and then hold peace talks with them.
A. I don't think so. I think we have to talk even if elements in Pakistan are hostile to us. We would still have to talk to understand and to move forward. If you don't talk how do you resolve the differences?
Q. Maoists are increasing their visibility rapidly.
A. They have been doing so for the past six or seven years. I have restored or strengthened civil administration in an area of about 1,000 square kilometres which was under complete Maoist control. Getting the civil administration back means schools, medical services, public distribution system, roads, police stations etc. The Maoists had been blocking all development and social work. This is a part of their strategy. Demolishing school buildings and such activities. They go for soft targets all over. It is a long haul, but in three years' time the tide will turn against the Maoists.
Q. Why have they been expanding?
A. I think part of the problem is very poor administrative machinery, and sometimes lack of it. Remote areas have been left exposed because teachers, doctors, refuse to go, claiming the security situation is bad.
These were also regarded as punishment posting. Also, we are a highly under-policed state.
If you see the police-population ratio, it should be 220 per lakh according to United Nations' standards, but we are 148 on average. In Bihar, it's only 56, that is one-fourth of the policemen needed. There is a concentration of policemen in the urban areas.
Q. Any political compulsions behind our failure to tackle subversive activities in the country?
A. We don't have a professional police force. You have subverted the police by using it for political ends rather than as a professional body. Exceptions are there in some cases like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka. But overall, the effectiveness has gone.
Q. Is politicisation of police force in Marxist-ruled West Bengal a major hindrance to tackling law and order problems and the Naxalites?
A. You can call it politicisation, I would call it non-professionalism because the force was never allowed to function as a police force. The party (the Left Front) took over police functions. Because of that the policemen did not have anything to do except to listen to what the party had to say. And that is why in the Silda incident, the Gorkhas of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR), who you might expect would take out their khukris and go after the attackers, were jumping over the wall and fleeing. EFR is one of the best forces we have.
Q. How many terror modules are operating in India? Do we have any figures?
A. If we knew, we would have caught them. We can only tell you the ones we have disrupted -- and that's 14 last year.
Q. How are the jihadis able to recruit with impunity in the country? Is it on account of the failure of the government? A. There are a variety of reasons. You find terrorists from the middle class, the upper middle class, even businessmen.
Somebody says can you help me in this and you start getting sucked into the system of terror, thinking you are helping somebody. You do not realise that you are being used. We have seen this in many companies -when we did security audits for a series of companies last year.
It was shocking. There were some 30 people who were sending messages to militants all over the world from within the company. They just spent halfan-hour a day doing this. The rest of the time they worked for their company.
Q. Were these people arrested?
A. No. Some of them were not arrested, they were kept under watch.
Q. Has infiltration from across the border gone up?
A. Yes, this year there has been an increase.
Q. How cooperative has the US been on terrorism front?
A. They've been quite cooperative. We've had sharing of intelligence. It's improving. Shortly, we would be signing a Memorandum of Understanding on counter-terrorism initiatives. Q. Tell us about the visa policy for foreign nationals after the Headley case and the Chinese workers episode. There were reports that some Chinese people came on employment visas though they were ineligible.
A. We've been tightening up existing regulations. We found that a large number of Chinese people who came for employment were actually coming on business visas. Which is why you saw some 20,000-30,000 Chinese were on business visas.
We have made it clear that if you want to come on employment visa, you have to meet a particular criteria.
Q. What is the Chinese government's response to our protest on the issue of stapled visas for people from Jammu and Kashmir travelling to China?
A. There hasn't been any response. I hope that the Chinese understand that it is a game that two can play and that it can backfire on them.
Q. United Liberation Front of Asom leader Paresh Baruah has reportedly taken shelter somewhere on the BurmaChina border. Any help from the Chinese side on this?
A. We have taken up the matter with the Chinese. They have denied that Paresh Baruah is there. We have provided very specific details, including particulars of airlines and the passports on which he travelled to China. We will continue to press the Chinese because he is wanted and the Interpol Red Corner Notice is out.
Q. What's happening with the Naga talks?
A. We have invited the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah) for talks. Muivah is coming here on March 1. We hope there will be sustained, continuous talks over a period of time to try and find lasting peace.
Q. The Batla House encounter became a political issue. Does votebank politics often come in the way?
A. That is always there. After all, every five years you have elections. Bihar is heading for polls in October-November. I just hope the chief minister does not advance it.

Obama writes and Paki-Hindusthan talks begin. Bomb blasts can go on...? Is this how Hindusthan sends a message to Paki after the Pune jihadi terror attack of 13/2?
Hon'ble Manmohan ji, who is running the foreign policy of the nation?And, who is taking action to counter the jihadi bomb blasts even after the Mumbai terror strike of 26/11?

U.S.-Pakistan cooperation has led to capture of Afghan Taliban insurgents
By Karin Brulliard and Karen DeYoung
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, February 19, 2010
...Pakistan's decision to go after the Afghan Taliban leadership reflects a quiet shift underway since last fall, said officials from both countries, who cited a November letter from President Obama to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari as a turning point.
The letter, which was hand-delivered by U.S. national security adviser James L. Jones, offered additional military and economic assistance and help easing tensions with India, a bitter enemy of Pakistan. With U.S. facilitation, the Indian and Pakistani foreign ministers have agreed to meet next week, the first high-level talks between the two countries since terrorist attacks in Mumbai in late 2008.
The letter also included an unusually blunt warning that Pakistan's use of insurgent groups to pursue its policy goals would no longer be tolerated. The letter's delivery followed the completion of a White House strategy review in which the administration concluded that stepped-up efforts in Afghanistan would not succeed without improved cooperation from Pakistan.
In explaining Pakistan's shift, sources also cited regular visits to Pakistan by U.S. officials, a boost in intelligence-sharing and assurances by Washington that a military push in southern Afghanistan would not spill into Pakistan. The United States also promised Pakistani officials that it has no intention of abandoning the region once that offensive ends.

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