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From: Ramesh Chitnis
Date: Mon, May 18, 2009 at 11:24 AM

From the realm of High Spiritual World:

The logic expressed, is beyond worldly concept.

Unless one is inclined toward Spiritualism, he can not comprehend the Truth in the article.

To the sceptic- Please, refrain from ridiculing the thoughts expressed. There exist things that are beyond your intellect.


Benefits of Congress winning more seats in Elections!
May 17, 2009

Vaishakh Krushna Ashtami

The benefits of Congress winning more seats than BJP in the Loksabha elections!

His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale
A. ‘ Had BJP won more seats than Congress the Hindus would have lived on false hope. They would have left the efforts for the defence of Nation and Dharma. Thus the defeat of BJP would make the Hindus to continue with their efforts.( BJP however will not realise that ‘ we lost because we left Hinduism’.)

B. The benefits of Congress winning more seats are as follows

B1. The thought that ‘whatever we do the people elect us only’ will become firmly embedded in the minds of Congress people which will make their state like the arrogant demons. This will prompt them to do many anti- National and anti- Dharma actions and they will torture the Nation and Dharma loving people more and more. This will further create anger in the minds of Nation and Dharma loving people and which will lead to increase in their number till 2012 and they will become strong enough to work towards the establishment of Hindu nation replacing the democracy which has taken nation to a very low level.

B2. When a ball is thrown up above it comes down and down , hits the ground and then bounces up again. Similarly in the reign of Congress the state of Nation and Dharma will rapidly deteriorate and after 2012 it will be on the way to improvement. After 2018 the dream of Nation and Dharma loving people will be realised and there will be establishment of Divine Kingdom that is Hindu Nation. ( In the mean time there will be Third World War leading to decrease in the population of world as well as that of Bharat by 30%)’

- His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale , Founder, Sanatan Sanstha ( Vaishakh Krushna 7, Kaliyug Year 5111( 16th May 2009) )


The victory of Congress in the elections is going to take Hindus towards Righteous evolution!

A. Since the Congress rule is full of demonic tyranny its leaders will not be able to revive democracy

In a destructive period the demons become arrogant and put in powerful efforts to take Nation and Dharma downhill. The current situation is exactly same. . Since the Congress rule is full of demonic tyranny its leaders will never be able to revive democracy

B. The present condition of Congress is according to the saying ‘ Intellect deteriorates before destruction’

1.As per the saying ‘Intellect deteriorates before destruction’ the intellect of evil-doers become corrupt as a result of sharp increase in tama component.
2. The corrupt intellect causes mind to indulge in enjoyment and dalliance.
3. The indulging attitude leads to exacerbation of such demonic actions as rape, dalliance, sensual enjoyment, gathering of wealth, liquor parties, lewd dances etc and the fountains of tama components are spread all over the atmosphere.
4. The spread of such fountains in the atmosphere badly disturbs the life of good people, seekers, devotees, saints , temples and various sects.
5. A common man (Jiva) is affected little late by such actions; because since such Jivas do not perform any sadhana the demons use all their might to fight against the saints; but once the demons start their wanton play even the common man feels the brunt. Since these people possess no spiritual strength they are easily crushed like insects during this battle.
6. Even if devotees die during this battle they enter the superior cosmic region of Mahalok after death.

C . Some examples to show that the vessels of sin committed by Congress are reaching the brim and proportion of the sin

1. Currently the sin committed by Congress has reached 50%.
2. The victory in this election will lead to aggravation of sinful activities by Congress and the percentage of sin will reach 60% by year 2010.
3. When its severity reaches beyond 70% in unfavourable period , the manifest incarnate mission of God becomes active in the atmosphere to check the balance of the creation. During such period many of the evil-doers who have killed innocent jivas are destroyed by seekers.
4. During the destructive period if the death is due to sinful actions then one has to endure hell. The mantriks from sixth and seventh hell also enter into fray through subtle which transforms revolution into a world war. Currently the similar signs are visible.

D. The victory of congress is vey important for evolution of Hindus and the stages in this process of evolution

1. The victory of congress is vey important for evolution of Hindus.
2. The Hindus who are inactive will have to retaliate for survival when they will be jolted to find that the death is staring in their eyes in the form of Congress.
3. Thus the Hindu people will be spontaneously drawn into battle and will attack the most dangerous demonic evil-doers in the form fo Congress.
4. The Apatkal ( unfavourable period ) is a Sandhikal ( the junction of two time periods) and hence there is lot of help from God. When the Dharma is eclipsed through the medium of demons in the form of Congress,then the power consisting of chaitanya which is inherent in Dharma does not remain silent but compels the Dharmabhimani Hindus to take up their sharp swords of Kshatratej and Brhamatej. Thus a cyclone is precipitated and the wild fire does not get cooled down unless the reinstatement of Dharma with the help of Dharmakranti( righteous revolution). The Congress people are soon going to have such experience.

E. The present state of Congress

E1. Though the Congress is currently on the path to its destruction ,its members have become blind due to activities predominant in Tama component. Thus their present state is such that they do not see their future at all.
E2. H.H. Dr Athavale’s prophetic expressions about Congress: It is undoubtedly true that arrogant Congress is leading to its doom; that is why H.H.Dr. Athavale has commented that if the rule of Congress is returned on Bharat , it will benefit Bharat byway of revitalisation of Dharma. The arrogant Congress people should remember that this expression of Saint will never become false.
( Through the medium of Sanatan Sanstha's seeker, Vaishakh Krushna 7, Kaliyug Year 5111( 15th May 2009), 2.42 p.m.)



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