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By P Eng Suraj Singh-2009 Elected UPA Second Time Despite Requirement Of A Change- Lack Of Voting In Post Your
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By P Eng Suraj Singh-2009 Elected UPA Second Time Despite Requirement Of A Change- Lack Of Voting Interest By Hindus Is Responsible For NDA Debacle- Islamisation Of Bharat Is In The Offing – Alas! Hindus Did Not Go For Voting- Opportunity Era Has Been Lost- No One Can Help The Public.

Election 2009 has resulted in the revival of the UPA government with the corrupt Congress on the dynamic lead. All happened unexpectedly. The public who were expected to go for polls more than 75% did not consider its duty for voting. The people of Bharat India particularly Hindus it looks that they are not interested in the future of the nation.

The Muslims & Christians suo moto took initiatives to vote en mass for Congress & other allies. The Congress is back to the power with more strength & Sonia & Man Mohan with Rahul are the kings of Bharat now. The time has been wasted for at least future five years unless some miracle happens. Hindus have to keep on sufferings for times to come as there is no one in the government who can talk about the Hindus. The Muslims & the Christians shall decide everything.

The Hindus must face for what they are not worth. If Hindus do not find time just for a few hours to vote for the politics, they have no morale right to blame the system. It is regretful that the educated class is educated for nothing but just to think of its own pleasure. It is more significant for them to go for a ride during the election day & not to think for the nation that generated them. The people cannot blame the government now for anything. They have no right to blame whether or not, Afzal is hanged or Kasab is punished. They have no right to speak to stop when the Ramsetu is demolished.

The people have lost their rights when there are no jobs in the offing. They have no rights to go against the government when there shall be any terrorist attacks anywhere. There was seen millions of people with the candle lights in Mumbai at Gate Way of India but that was not demonstrated at the polling day when only 45% thought for the nation. It is the analytical approach that more than 15 crores Muslims with the Bangla desh illegal citizens voted en mass for the Congress. The others were schedule people while the devoted party workers. The others all slept with pleasure of dreaming. With the exception of West Bengal, all other states did very small % of polling. What a shame on the part of educated Hindus! Only 35 crores decided the future of the nation.

No one can help this nation from going to hell of turmoil.
The need of the day is that one new political party with no political background should be generated by the common persons in the name of Common Citizen of Bharat. Bharat Samanya Jan but who would do that at the national level. The dirty existing politics must go for ever but it seems now as distant dream.

The defeat of the NDA for the time being is the defeat of the majority community.

Jai Bharat Vandematram
P Eng Suraj Singh