Sunday, May 17, 2009


Nehru Dynasty &christian vatican mafia won this election using all sorts of frauds including bribing the print and electronic media and intellectuals using the loote money of of trillions of dollars deposited as black money in swiss and german banks.This shows that our democarcy is a pure farce&that we are no better than a mafia republic &a pure banana republic.Just hollow slogans and false propaganda has fooled a billion indians once again. The sad truth is that the intellectual class& media have been made powerless by the crooked nehru dynasty by bribing them heavily.Time to reform the electoral system &make it more logical like the american or european system has arrived so that the mafia or crooks are not able to fool a billion people for so many years, using emptry slogans and false propaganda&using a hand ful of slaves including intellectuals.What a Shame for this great country of ours.
By V.Mehta
5/17/2009 7:51:00 PM BJP was sleeping for 5 years and did nothing to project welfare of hindus and to expose the anti-hindu pro-miority policies of crooked congress.BJP and Shiv Sena did not call for a national bandh when jehadi painter MF Hussain roamed around all over the country with nude paintings of Hindu godesses and hurting sentiments deeply of more than 800 crore hindus.BJP and allies kept silent when robotc PM Singh announced that muslims will have first right of national resources. BJP did not campaign aggressively for uniform civil code and for making hindus first class citizens fearing the pseudo-secular allies and crooked media.Errors made by BJP were far too many and did not do orper home wrok to get the right allies to capture votes and power.BJP must go for aggressive hinduvta now by making Narendra modi or Varun Gandhi as the President and tell all other pseduo-secular allies to go to dogs.
By V.Mehta
5/17/2009 7:50:00 PM


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