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[gita-talk] A Question about Karmic Debt

sadhak_insight Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 12:04 PM
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Dear sadhaks,

I have been reading the posts on this forum with interest and gratitude. They remind me of my beacon light every morning when I open my mailbox. Thank you to all of you for making this forum what it is.

My question is about Karmic debt, which first came to my mind when I saw my maternal grand-parents suffering at the hands of their sons and the doubt is reinforced after reading a chain of posts initiated by Sophia ji (I hope she is feeling better now ) where some of you gave a peek into your own personal difficult times. Time and again, I have seen people refer to their earthly problems as Karmic debt, which if I understand correctly is the accumulation of negative points (lay woman's language) that we have earned by doing actions that have violated somebody's domain in some way in the previous births. Assuming that my premise is correct, I want to know:

-Going up the Karmic chain is it logically possible that all of us have a wrong doing at our hands (in past lives) to explain our difficulties?

-There has to be somebody long ago who was the first sufferer (with no Karmic debt) at hands of the first wrong doer? Why did that somebody (soul) choose to undergo hardship in the physical world even without any Karmic debt?

- I want to know what my grand-parents got (by way of treatment), was it what they deserved and my uncles are faultless? Are the so many new born babies who get dumped in the dustbins/toilets paying for their wrong-doings and their mother's are settling some old karmic scores? What about the girl who got flogged? N the ones beheaded n stoned?

-If yes, why does it make me feel that if I really believe in this Karmic debt theory then I will become uncompassionate and everything horrible will seem to be fair?

-What should I tell my heart the next time I hear/see something very, very unjust happening to somebody?

Much thanks,


PS: Please excuse the imperfections in my question. If there is such thing as a spiritual path/journey then I am one of those who have just begun looking in the right direction not having taken a single baby step yet.

Shree Hari Ram Ram
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