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From: Babu Suseelan
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Dr. Babu Suseelan

The Catholic Pope Benedict has issued a statement requesting Catholics around the world to pray for Catholics against persecution of Christians in India. As usual, the Pope loves to claim falsely that Christians are persecuted. Catholics generally suffer from "Martyrdom Complex" and persecution complex. Phobia of Christians is an irrational and persistent fear of non Christians and their pluralistic way of life. Since Catholicism is a closed, totalitarian, rigid and reductionist dogma, the persistent irrational phobia almost invariably provokes an immediate anxiety response. Pope Benedict's statement against Hindus and prayer services for Christians to highlight perceived irrational fear of persecution is a futile attempt to invigorate Catholics around the world. Catholics are under severe pressure around the world due to Nun Running, atrocious news about coercive religious conversion, and Clergy sex abuse. In the west, Catholics are abandoning the Church. Several Catholics diocese in the US were forced to declare bankruptcy. The Church was forced to pay millions of dollar as compensation for sex abuse victims by Catholics priests. Pope's statement is quite obviously an attempt to boost morale during this trying times. During the day of Via Crucis, the Pope was trying to make too many biased statements as a diversionary tactic.

In fact, Christians in India have been colluding with foreign Christian colonialists to obtain undue advantages for hundreds of years. Christians in India have more constitutional privileges, quota system and financial incentives than the majority Hindus. Most of the educational institutions, Banks and political institutions are managed and controlled by Christians. India, in fact is ruled by the Italian Catholic Sonia and her Vatican gang. Keep in mind, Christianity in India represents totalitarianism, tyranny, and autocratic tendencies. The Pope's false statement of Christian persecution in India is part of Christian psychological warfare to mentally misguide and misdirect gullible Hindus.

The Vatican and the Catholic Church has, over the past several decades, played an important role in promoting conversion, subversive activities, terrorism, psychological warfare and social crisis in non Christian nations. It would be correct to paint the Catholic Church as a negative influence on world events. The Vatican promotes "Martyrdom Complex" and "Persecution Complex" as a defense mechanism to divert attention from Christian subversive activities in Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Timur, and South America. The Pope's deliberate ignorance on Vatican's complicity on Holocaust, Witch hunt, slaughter of the Native Indians and Africans is part of the Vatican's anti Hindu political strategy.

Vatican's Good Friday to focus on Christian persecutions in India
VATICAN CITY: The faithful will be invited to reflect on the persecution of Christians in India in prayers at this year's traditional Good Friday Way of the Cross ceremony at Rome's Colosseum, the Vatican said Tuesday.
Pope Benedict XVI is set to preside the evening ceremony - also known as Via Crucis - which commemorates Jesus' final hours, including his crucifixion.
Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil of Guwahati, India, has been given the task of writing the meditations for this year's Via Crucis which will focus on 'evil in the world, on pain and on the various forms of suffering,' the Vatican said.
'In this context, he (Menamparampil) will also refer to Christians who suffer persecution in India and in other countries, as well as to the violence that destroys ethnic and religious groups, and to conflicts fuelled by economic interests,' the Vatican said.
Violence aimed at Christians have increased in India in recent years including in the eastern state of Orissa, which witnessed widespread anti-Christian violence after the Aug 23, 2008 murder of Hindu leader Laxmananda Saraswati an attack police blamed on
Maoist rebels.
Nearly 40 people, mostly Christians, were killed in the Hindu-Christian violence in the state that continued over two months.
The Vatican notes how for the 'second consecutive year, the Pope wishes to draw attention to the continent of Asia' given that last year the Way of the Cross prayers then penned by Hong Kong's Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun also focused on the 'persecutions the Catholic Church faces in various part of the world.'


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