Tuesday, April 07, 2009


[prohindu] FW: [hc] I would have crushed Varun under a roller: Lalu

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Ramesh Chitnis
show details Apr 6 (1 day ago) Reply

"I would have crushed Varun Gandhi under a roller and destroyed him"- brave words of a brave man!

And this without trial?

Has Lalu taken lessons from Taliban?

Atta Boy! With friends like Lalu, Muslims don't need any enemies!!

As a Home Minister, he would have turned against his own son-like Varun, rather than against a son-like Terrorist!

THis man could not crush, even, Afzal Guru, where he could have forced HM Shivraj Patil to carry on the hanging of Afzal Guru.

'Biharians! Blame yourselves for electing such madmen as your representatives on the National stage. They have made you a laughing stock in the Nation. The Great sons of Bihar like, Jai Praksh Narayan, Rajendra Prasad, have been dwarfed by your Lalus and Pappus'.

EC should take note of this.

If, at all, Varun Gandhi had said of chopping off hands of Muslims(?) in general, this Pagal has nearly done so, by naming a specific person.

A right qualification to be our future "Prime Minister'!

Of course, second in line.

First is Dr. man Mohan Singh, who says, "Muslims have the priority- first right, in India".

'Mother India' ki jai!


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