Sunday, April 12, 2009


aryayouthgroup] Indian Election: Hindus Can Change the Landscape

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Indian Election: HINDUS CAN Change the Landscape

Dr. Babu Suseelan


Indian citizens are facing another election. In the election scene there are several newly defined issues that have lately captured the public’s attention. Concerns such as Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, looting of Hindu temples, corruption, preferential treatment for Muslims and Christians, pseudo secularism, discrimination against Hindus, crisis in finance, subversive activities, cultural destruction, and psychological warfare against Hindus are some of the issues that are now part of our social and political vocabulary. The political lexicon has also expanded to include the unholy nexus among Jihadi terrorists, missionary mafia, Marxist anarchists, Macaulayists, and the mindless media. These occurrences, and their latent and manifest effects, are viewed not only as significant indices of the crisis that have occurred in the last five years but also as a backdrop for our major interest in this election.
At the center and in several states, the government is controlled by a classically constructed ruling elite that are completely alienated from Hindu culture and deeply absorbed into a rootless and self-serving clique of Muslims, Christians, and mafia gang that seeks power for its own sake. The ruling elite controls the Indian economy, all the institutions of power and influence including the banks, educational and cultural institutions, the media, the courts, military, the police and the criminal justice system. This is why the anti-Hindu policy remains unchanged. That is why the media serve the anti Hindu establishment agenda and follow the directives of its foreign masters. The powerful elite want to destroy our sacred Hindu culture receive generous help from the Islamic and Christian world. The spiritual collapse of the elite has brought us the virulent self-hatred and other spiritual depredations.
Before Hindus exercise their vote, they should come together and discuss these dangerous phenomena of our time. The Congress party headed by the Italian Catholic Sonia Maino has brought the deepest possible misery to untold millions of Hindus. Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, corruption, bureau-pathology, violence, subversive activities, and Islamic infiltration have overshadowed every other source of Hindu woe in our times. For Hindus, Jihadi terrorism, missionary violence, cultural destruction and discrimination have come to appear as the greatest of all problems.
In this context, Hindus should come out of their indifference, apathy, tolerance, and denial and discuss-how such a thing could have come into our world, what are the prospects for changing it, what we can do to keep it from spreading and completing the total destruction of Hindus in India. Psychopathic political leaders have a seemingly incurable tendency to provide concessions, privileges and economic assistance for organized Muslims and Christians as a way of appeasement and creating an anti-Hindu vote bank.
Obviously, corrupt political leader’s pro-Islamic and anti-Hindu programs reflect the political and social climate; they are often good indicators of the extent to which Hindus are disorganized and indifferent. The anti national Congress party, Marxist miscreants, Jihadi terrorists, mischievous media and the missionary conversion gang have been enjoying the passive tolerance of Hindus because of the lack of organized protest. Yet if concerned Hindus are protesting or if enlightened Hindus are speaking, they are called communalists or penalized. It is as if we were all waiting. But for what, or for whom? The most dedicated Hindu nationalists have been vilified and marginalized as “communalists” and “fanatics”. There is still time for to revert our fortunes and embrace our new destiny. In this election time, there is no ground for complacency. If Hindus are not to fall into the illusions of phony secularism, they should study the great apocalyptic disaster or of our society and horror created by Jihadi terrorists, missionary mafia, Marxist anarchists, mindless media and phony intellectuals. If we fail in our mission, we are forcing Hindus to seek refuge in the purgatory of anti-national forces.
Resistance to discrimination and fighting against oppression, as well as alien dogmas and anti-national psychopathic political leaders is preferable to the present servitude from which the sense of Hindu community is absent and in which freedom means only the sense of being lost, lonely and helpless. Hindus need to wake up from the neurotic sense of tidiness in the present political arrangement and must realize that passivism, tolerance, apathy, denial and indifference are all things that can grease our path by which our nation slide into tyrannies. Hindus must be aware of the morbid and despairing delusions of the bogus secular Congress party, the brutal nature of Islam, psychological warfare of the Missionary gang, and the evil nature of subversive Marxists. Hindus must organize, unite, and fight for freedom, dignity, and for the country, if we want to avoid excruciating experiences from our nemeses.
An important question raised in this context is: how this election process can be used for retaking our country for Hindus? As we are aware that the result of the Congress government was increasing chaos, corruption, Islamic terrorism, subjugation of Hindus, cultural destruction, Islamic terrorism and coercive religious conversion. Hindus are deeply troubled by the moral corruption, discrimination, and oppression and aware of the evil system created by India’s misguided political parties through violence and fraud. If not prevented, the present anti Hindu policies will destroy our culture, dismantle our temples, distort of Dharma and the future of our country will be bleak.
It is a great opportunity for Hindus to restore our dignity, preserve our culture, establish social order and halt the career of anti-national, unscrupulous and ruthless politicians. Our noble thoughts and wisdom should not preclude us from our creative effort. We should not be indifferent to evil and criminal acts. As Hindus, we should assert our freedom. Our ideal of universal harmony, tolerance and ahimsa should not prevent us from taking bold action from misfortunes created by vulgar and barbarian hordes. We need to wake up from the slumber, break the wall of denial, join together and vote BJP into power to preserve, practice, protect and promote our Dharma.
We are engaged in a battle to preserve our freedom, practice our culture, protect our dignity and promote our universal ideal. We are aware that our collective work is not without risk. There is a dangerous alliance among Marxist anarchists, pro-Islamic groups, missionary mafia, mindless Congress party, mischievous media and the anti national regional parties. The goal of the unholy alliance is to destroy our country, disrupt Hindu religious practices and promote hard core evil and totalitarian alien dogmas. The nexus between these deadly forces is to shutdown nationalist BJP party and Hindu leaders who oppose them. We cannot let these alien forces take over our country. It is time for Hindus to take back our country, our religion, temples and cultural institutions, and wipe out Jihadi terrorism coercive religious conversion, corruption and discrimination. We have to push back corrupt politicians who are all too often enablers of Jihadi terrorists and missionary conversion gangs. We cannot allow valueless values and alien ideologies of anti-Hindu leaders.

The present Sonia government offers our citizens the illusion of safety and security. The grandiose illusion is worsening. People have lost hope, solace and dignity and it is surely a pathological-abnormal state, a sick state, devoid of any dignity and freedom for Hindus. The recovery is possible. One is Hindus should rally behind BJP, RSS and VHP. Election of BJP can open up many possibilities. Discrimination, prejudice, physical violence and oppression of Hindus are built often wittingly, into the very structure and form in our constitution, in our policies and judicial processes. Hindu unity and power can force our psychopathic political leaders to recognize their defective thinking, thinking errors and criminal thinking.
To ensure safety, security, social development, and good government as well as to ensure freedom for our children, we have to join together and vote for BJP.
The coming election presents Hindus a choice. Our choice has meaning only when one faces normal, better, acceptable alternatives. BJP provides us a good alternative. Hindus must choose BJP. Through this process, Hindus can rise up and tell their own needs. By electing BJP, Hindus can empower themselves and avoid participating in their oppression.
It is time for Hindus to discard our irrational tolerance, ineffective passivism, apathy, our accumulated denial and indifference. While upholding our “Vasudeiva Kudumbakam” and our noble virtues, Hindus should not tolerate intolerant ideologies and psychopathic political leaders promoting hatred and intolerance. Hindus must not hear information from our distracters that would demoralize us. We have been oppressed, subjugated and manipulated before.
BJP offers a well reasoned affirmation of our liberty and Dharma in contemporary India and points the way toward more relevant and challenging directions for Hindus in the years ahead.

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